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  1. Anonymous

    I agree with the facts on men don’t want to hear us and they get through that honey moon stage fast. Some men I should say not all. We as women must realize that most are looking for sex and don’t want to commit until their old and don’t have the energy to chase women anymore and they want someone to do for them and not grow old alone. We must not allow ourselves to be used unless we want to be used. In relationships two people must compromise and everyone can have it their way all the time., their has to be a mutual understanding and agreement. Or why not be honest ( men) and just I want to rent you our or lease you for a little while. This way we won’t look fr the alter wearing white.

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  2. lucysrules

    It is too bad in that case that more of them don’t read up on their contracts a little more carefully! No we should not be used like disposable blow up dolls until they tire of us, generally the moment we open our mouths and ask their favorite question. “Is this going anywhere?” People should keep it real. Some women don’t mind being used if they are compensated, other women are looking for true love and a lasting relationship. It’s when the woman looking for love meets the man looking to lease problems occur. Especially when neither admit their true intentions! We end up wasting each others time. It happens all the time and the leasers when they figure that out quickly put away their pocket books, lie and use the woman. They generally are not Mr. Right. And the woman ends up abruptly dumped and with a broken heart. I hope women will smarten up and recognize this sort of creep faster. Stay away from free dating sites, go on match.com or eharmony and weed out the players who should be looking for companions on backpage!

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