10 BAYWATCH BEAUTIES – How do they deal with being 50?

I don’t know the answer to this question and I am curious to know what others think? Do the majority of “normal” people just accept it or do they secretly inward obsess over how they looked in the past? Do they perhaps no longer care and have found other things to fulfill themselves aside from their looks! Do they have jealousy over upcoming young and actresses that were as hot as they were? It almost seems like the prettier they were, the harder they fell!

This is quite a drastic change from an extremely beautiful girl to well somebody who did not hold it is as gracefully as she could. Actress Nicole Eggert, pictured above is only 47 years old! It’s a scary sounding age but these days, 47 for a woman is not the end of your life or your sexuality.

Other Baywatch babes have not aged so gracefully either, perhaps it is all the time spent baking their skin in that sun. Remember this is the early nineties, a good 25 years ago! Again, how does time fly so ridiculously fast? I feel like I was watching them all in a Lifetime movie just yesterday! Check out some other former graduates – age range 40 – 55!

Pamela Anderson (51)

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Nobody can deny she was stunning!
Pamela Anderson: Attends the 2018 Paris Manga Sci-Fi Show in Paris-03
In 2018!  Not looking too bad!

Carmen Electra (46)

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Not see any guy kicking her out of bed back in 1997!

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And probably not seeing any guy kicking her out of bed today!!!

Yasmine Bleeth (50)

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Yasmine lets the 1990’s know that it’s okay to be a brunette!
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Gosh forbid, she dared to eat!  Shame on this girl!

Erika Eleniak (49)

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Okay, whatever deep meaning that caption holds!  
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Did she somehow manage to find the world’s ugliest clothing catalog and just splurge?
That outfit does not yell “World’s Hottest Supermom”!

Brooke Burns (40)

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Wow, she is super pretty. Though I just don’t remember her name or her on the show!
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Go Brooke!  Now, this is a fine example of aging gracefully!

Gena Lee Nolin (47)

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I dunno.  Never thought she was one of the better-looking girls on the show.  
I would rank her the third least attractive of the entire cast over the years!
Remember this is Baywatch world not real people world!

Gena Lee Nolin
Oh, gross, meet the newest castmate of the Housewives of Orange County!  Beauty tip for Gena.  The less caked on foundation, the
more moisture your skin will retain. That equals less cracks in your face!  Did any of them use sunscreen on Baywatch?

Kelly Packard (43)

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And here would be the second least attractive. Her face reminds me of Skeletor.
In case you are desperately dying to know who made number one – no it wasn’t
David Hasselhoff in a one piece. It was Alexandra Paul. So mousy and boring looking
I didn’t bother adding her. She can go on the list of who cares!

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Actually, not too bad.  Thank goodness, some flesh on the face!  She looks much better!

Donna D’Errico (50)

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Is that natural?  Don’t you have to have a stomach to hold one in?  
They didn’t even bother finishing her bathing suit! That must be some camel toe.

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Looks healthier!

Alexandra Paul (55)

Gosh, darn it, my OCD. So annoying! So now I feel since I brought her up, yawn, I have to include her. Frankly, I’d rather go check to make sure the stove is off 20 times before I leave the house today! What this chick ever actually hot? Or just Mitch’s lesbian sidekick…

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The matriarch of the group!
Image result for alexandra paul
Image result for alexandra paul
Well, it looks like she could easily kick my ass these days – so I shall say no more…
 Interesting eyes looks like one could follow you anywhere!