Just a compilation of random miscellaneous stuff that you may or may not find extraordinarily fascinating.  When you think about it, internet traffic is an ingenious way of telling you if you if the world finds you to be somewhat weird, plain boring, or overly fascinating.  Interesting and humorous I think would be a great way to be perceived.  If I could choose how people perceive me of course, they either love you, hate you or are plain indifferent to you!

Anyway, what’s most important is how entertaining and amusing you find yourself.  After all, you are the one stuck listening 24/7 to those sometimes unwelcome intrusive thoughts in your head that you find necessary to share with others.  Just slightly awkward when you notice they are not really listening.  It’s not necessarily because you are boring, it’s because the voices in their head are drowning out your own.  I find this is a great way to overcome shyness in social situations.  To understand that people generally are focused upon they way they are coming across to others, and not focused upon the way you are coming across to them!

And what was my point?   Not sure if I had one…