Revenge on the Sociopath is a waste of energy!

Dating a Sociopath

If Sociopath’s focused their energy into positive constructive pastimes they could be very successful. However, the majority of the time, due to poor impulse control, lack of long term planning and their desire to be in control and to win, things usually go awry within a short space of time.

One common feeling for victims of sociopaths, is a sense of betrayal and injustice. Inside there is a need to get ‘even’ or to seek revenge. The desire to make the sociopath ‘pay’ or understand how it ‘feels’.


Usually this approach towards the Sociopath will backfire (although admittedly sometimes fate or karma can come into play, and you might be lucky enough to watch). The majority of the time, if you try to get revenge on the Sociopath it will backfire on you spectacularly.

It can feel very unfair that somebody has treated you in this way can get away…

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10 Reasons why eBay can make you CRAZY!!!


As an addition to this article written about a year ago, I have the ultimate topper for all of you that love to read about weird eBay stories.  So a lady purchases a vacuum from me.  Has a major case of buyer’s remorse and tries to claim that the vacuum is, yes you guessed it – NOT AS DESCRIBED!  Yawn…

Just as I am figuring out how to prove this lying bottom feeder for what she is, plus take that dreaded gamble where the odds are 99% in favor of the buyer I noticed something odd. Upon looking closer at her photographs, I notice that Ms. Serial Returner had uploaded a photo to the Resolution Center that exactly matched the one in my ad, but had a little something extra in hers!

Meth Pipe

Now, what is that in her hand?  She did not seriously just upload a photo of herself without cropping out the meth pipe in her hand, did she?  I have seen it all now.  Well, there went her credibility.  Case closed!

 Okay, so they didn’t really put me in a mental ward.  But, came damn near close!

Fashion Photography of Woman Holding Smartphone in Blue Denim Dress Shirtr

1. Time Wasted on the Phone!

Do you realize the time of a customer call on the phone to eBay could absolutely be cut in half if the representative did not have to stop what they were doing every two minutes to come back and tell us that they needed to place us on hold for another two minutes!  Not a problem, I know you are still there.  The tin like elevator music playing reassures me of that.

2. The Hold Music

As much as I have enjoyed jamming to the same tune on eBay for the last ten years. I kindly request that you use my seller fees for some variation in the elevator music.  I will take anything!  Barry Manilow, Englebert Humperdinck, Gary Glitter…

3. Horrible Seller Photos

I can’t stand it when people take pictures of their clothes lying on their dirty smoke stained carpet and tell to convince you they are ” new without tags!.   They lose that straight out of  Nordstrom look when they are sloppily cast aside next to some cigarette butts, dirty shoes, an old can of malt liquor and a dog that looks like he has an itchy behind.

From New Jersey?  Please don't beat me up in a dark alley :(

Worse is when they are wearing the item and have totally mismatched it with something hideous that they think nobody will notice in the photograph.  Invest in a mannequin, and make the CDC’S job a little easier.  If it has squished into intimate crevices of your body, it is not new because you left the tag attached.


Who’s in the market for a new bra now???

4. Seller Secrets

Did somebody sell some used Tupperware for $11,000?   I can’t sell new Tupperware for $11.00!  I can’t figure out how or why people pull this off but it smells fishier to me than rotting food residue trapped in the dishwasher of a sushi restaurant.

And, China, how do you sell anything for an auction that starts at one penny, and offers free shipping?  Where can I find this shipping company?

5. Wanna be Supermodels

52-year-old housewife, you are not a Victoria’s Secret Model.  Are you trying to actually sell the clothing here or just enjoy the excuse to post selfies?  And for those who have to hold a cell phone up to themselves in the bathroom, you do realize that you can press reverse so that the phone doesn’t show!

Or in this case an actual camera.  Is she selling the camera or the dress?  Or is a package deal.  If she has enough money for her own personal studio, you think she would invest in a tripod!

6. Item not as Described

Every eBay seller’s worst nightmare.  We wake up in cold sweats over this one at just the thought.  Getting the dreaded “I am so horrified, please refund my money, it was damaged in shipping and now useless” type case.  Yet, the buyer does not offer to return the item.  Take effect immediately.  Before you even answer them,  file a Fed Ex claim and send them to the door to pick up the “damaged” item”!   Game over!

Haha, no free seller items for you, Mister.  Not running a charity for thieving scammers!

7. The New Buyer

No, no, no!!!  Not the one with 0 percent feedback who suddenly orders the most expensive item in your inventory.  We already know what is going to happen, but we are forced to ship.   I just tried to block you but all of a sudden you have no account!  I  am just relieved we could work this out, I don’t mind the negative feedback at all, the free product you got and so sorry your terrible buyer experience scared you away from eBay. You might want to close down all those multiple accounts you have then since it all went so bad for you!

Man in White Mask in Black Crew Neck Shirt and Blue Zip Up Jacket Infront Graffiti Wall

8. The Charge Backer

You, sir, are just the very definition of a snake! And karma will catch up with you if I don’t!  You bypass eBay, then you cowardly lion (without a case), bypass Paypal and call your credit company (if that card even belongs to you) and have the charge reversed? Why can’t you pay like everybody else?  Oh right, because you are a snake!  Sorry that I put a lock on that iPhone you “purchased”, reported it stolen, reported the fraud with your name on it to the FTC and called your local police department.  Now you have a very fancy looking paperweight 🙂

Shallow Focus Photography of Gray Snake With Black Tongue

 9. The Best Offer Guy

If I wanted to sell a $100 item for $10 with no best offer as an option, I would have listed it that way! Plus you would like free shipping?  How about I hand deliver it to you on a silver platter with a cocktail and some caviar!   I am not in this for philanthropic reasons.  Why do so many buyers think the average seller from home has a huge warehouse full of goods and we can afford to sell it to them at a price where the shipping would far exceed the cost of the item!  And these are the types that normally leave crappy feedback anyway.

 10. Indefinite Suspension

So indefinite means ” not definite; without fixed or specified limit;”   And suspension means “to come to a stop, usually temporarily; cease from operation for a time. 

Those dreaded words you never want to hear, that you are indefinitely suspended.  Normally caused by some a**hole bitching over something ridiculous and pissed off because he doesn’t get it for free.  You put your foot down, but of course in the world of eBay, there are limited circumstances in which a seller can just say NO to a buyer without repercussions.   

Image result for ebay logo

So back to this indefinite suspension notice.  You call and say okay fine, what can I do to fix this and when will I be reinstated?  ” Nothing and Never” they reply.  “Customers are dissatisfied”.  Why, because they had to pay for their item? But surely there must be something I can do, reduce my selling limit, please give me a second chance, I have 99% feedback and only two defects! “Nothing we can do the system won’t let us override it” Call your IT department then!  Click.

Damn eBay! So how long does this indefinite period of time go on for again?”  Are we talking about our future lives as well? Do we hand this curse down from generation to generation?  Moral of the story,  it’s totally possible so just don’t get suspended from eBay!  People say there is life selling on the internet after eBay.  It’s just a lie to make you and themselves feel better.

Check out my growing eBay’s Worst Models Collection!

AA, You’re Not My Way!

For me going to an AA meeting is like going to like going to church and discussing the devil while briefly mentioning God!


Miserable, dying for a drink and feeling resentful that Bill W’s method is the only effective cure for alcohol abuse syndrome.  All the brainwashing chanting cult-like mentality getting on your last nerves?  You are not alone.  AA has worked for many people and has changed many lives.  However, every individual is different and what works for some, does not work for all.

Image result for AA MEETING

I was court-ordered to attend AA for a DUI and I was about to ask the judge if I could have jail instead! For me, sitting in a room full of bitter dry drunks complaining about everything under the sun while constantly reliving all the awful things they did under the influence, just irritated me. Seriously,  25 years since your last beer and now you are going to spend the next 25 years talking about it!  So now why are you addicted to meetings?

Swapping one addiction for another addiction does not cure addiction!

Why not work your steps, then go focus on something else like all the things you couldn’t do when you were chained to that bottle.

I guess if you can’t drink alcohol, the next best thing to do is talk about it.


Image result for anti aa

The atmosphere of that meeting was just negative judgemental and non-inspiring to me.  I have no problem admitting that I drink beer, and haven’t been able to stop just yet.  But once I do, I don’t want to spend my recovery, (which in AA terms I think means until death) talking about my vice.  It is just going to make me crave it again, and think that that is the sole purpose of what my life is centered around.

Alcohol is still so much a part of your life, that even though you are not drinking, it has still found a way to steal as much time from you before you were free of it!

As I look around at the faces in the room to pass the time and I imagine what they are thinking. The lady who is sitting there comparing herself to success stories while so consumed with guilt and failure that she slipped after five years of sobriety, she has to start all over again.  From a five year chip back to 90 meetings in 90 days!  Really where is the deterrent to not have one more drink to at this point?   You might as have a few more drinks before you sadly get up again in front of everyone to (how can you not be depressed) accept your one day chip.  The past five years, just feel like they were all for nothing!


Now, there is break time and as I attempt to flee and temporarily relieve my claustrophobia, my exit is inevitably prevented by somebody who feels it’s their moral duty to welcome me and try and get my story.  Well, the conversation didn’t go so well and I sat through the rest of the meeting with an even more intense glare of hostility towards the members of the room.

I have always been curious as to exactly what medical school, AA members have attended?  They all seemed to have earned a degree in hypocrisy and ignorance. The conversation starter ended up attracting more people in the room to circle me.  I made the mistake of reaching for a Klonopin from my purse before I had a panic attack.  They tried to stop me!  Had the nerve tell me I need to go cold turkey off an anxiety medication that could cause my body to have a fatal seizure!  But hey, at least I would have died sober!

I love it!  Sure I will suffer without a doctor prescribed medication that I have been told to take daily,  as they step outside and smoke themselves to death, infecting others with their nasty second-hand toxins exhaling that poison like choking dragons!   An addiction that causes sickness and death to those who don’t even indulge in that filthy habit. Along with the cigarettes, they drown themselves in caffeine and stuff their faces with snacks that couldn’t be any higher in sugar.  Because those things aren’t remotely addictive!  And still, with a straight face, they lecture me.

Fuming in annoyance, I forget to prepare myself to run out to the bathroom.  It’s time to form a circle.  No, no, no, please!   You are going to make me hold hands with some dirty looking people who don’t look like they have had any contact with the soap dispenser after how many visits to that bathroom during the hour?  I have Germophobia!  Can’t they at least bring in some hand sanitizer for everyone!  But darn it, that contains alcohol and somebody might drink it!

Image result for AA MEETING

Chant, chant, chant. We can all recite the same words over and over but not listen to a  damn word we are actually saying.  Keep coming back, it works if you work it -work what?

As Mr. Anti-Klonopin makes his way over again, I thus this time escape.  I was tempted to ask him exactly who is higher power was?  Satan or that rock on the ground I nearly tripped over trying to get out of the parking lot.

I would have appreciated some useful information from that hour of my life.  How about they update that Big Book a little, add some other important information.  Nutrition, exercise, vitamins, lessons on how not to judge others would be good.  And really, it was just plain rude not to clap for that guy who made it to the front of the table to collect his one day chip without actually falling his ass.  That was a first for him I heard.  He may have ate it big time on the way back to his seat, but hey he made a little progress in his journey.   Now stop your whispering and help him up, humanitarians that you all are.


I clearly don’t care very much for AA myself, however, I am genuinely happy for those it has helped!


Alcohol is a poison and a demon that kills!  An estimated 88,000 people (approximately 62,000 men and 26,000 women) die from alcohol-related causes annually, making alcohol the fourth leading preventable cause of death in the United States according to the NIH (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism).

 I cannot recall one pleasant experience I have ever had with AA and I am so happy that the combination of counseling, good nutrition, and the Sinclair Method is what I have found to have been beneficial for me!

The Sinclair method has an 80% success rate compared to AA which only has 5-10 percent.

Whatever method you choose, please get any kind of help that will work for you (despite my bashing of AA).   The one AA thing I do LOVE is the Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time;
enjoying one moment at a time;
accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
that I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
forever in the next.

Open your mind to the best solution that works for you!

Pretty Ugly Love

 Read for free on Amazon Kindle!

Jane is an unattractive girl with low self-esteem and secretly hides the pure envy and resentment she feels towards her two stunningly beautiful best friends. She feels no that man will ever want her and has given up. But all of that changes when a handsome charming English man enters the bar one night and has his eyes set on Jane alone. Is he too good to be true or a real man who can see beyond fleeting beauty and flashy good looks?



10 Women way HOTTER than Angelina!

With the name Angelina Jolie flying out of everybody’s mouths for the past decade, one might forget that others even more beautiful have existed!  Don’t get me wrong, she is stunning and I wouldn’t be yelling at my parents if I was born that gorgeous!

Image result for angelina jolie

Nonetheless, physical beauty is all about taste and is, of course, subject to the eye of the beholder.  Some women considered to be currently the most beautiful in the world right now, I just don’t get.  For example, Giselle Bundchen, Blake Lively, Emma Watson, Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman.  All, very attractive women, don’t get me wrong.  But nothing that eye-catching to me.

 Anyway here is a list of timeless beauties who I, personally, think have surpassed Mrs. Pitt!


1. Madchen Amick

She has a very sultry beauty and has starred in Twin Peaks and several other movies.

Related image

2. Vanessa Williams

Talented singer and actress.  Who can forget that song Saved the Best for Last!  Hello, how is one woman both that exotically beautiful and talented?


3. Bridget Bardot

How many actresses, singers, models etc… have tried to emulate her classic look.  Being an animal rights activist only adds to her glamor and class! Contempt was one of her all- time best movies!   Thank you, Ms. Bardot!

Image result for bridget bardot

4.  Beyonce

Okay, so outside of those few unflattering SuperBowl facial expressions that one time,       she is drop dead gorgeous and her ever-changing fashion trends have made her a huge icon.  I’m not really a fan of those leotards she wears on stage though.

Related image


5.   Drew Barrymore

Drew does cute as well as beautiful and in my personal opinion, she is one of the most beautiful ever.  Something about her unique look goes beyond the simple pretty blonde    (when she is blonde).  I especially loved her in Once upon a Time and I pity the fool who had to deal with her in Poison Ivy!

Image result for drew barrymore.

6.  Adriana Lima

Her picture speaks for itself!

Image result for Adriana Lima

7. Cybill Shephard

 As a Film major, I watched more than my share of old movies in college, which I ended up actually appreciating.  Cybill Shepard was seriously breathtaking in her time!

Bohemian Cybil Shepard, Vogue 1968 late 60s to 70s looks vintage cut off shorts peasant crop top red ethnic boho

Watch The Last Picture Show and The Heartbreak Kid.  This is one elegant woman!  I remember seeing her on Oprah or Montel -don’t quote me, but pretty sure I recall her bragging about how good looking she used to be.  And she wasn’t lying!

8.  Alicia Silverstone

Such an enticing starlet in the 90’s. Super pretty whether she is clueless or trying to entice a 40-year-old man at age 15.  Definitely a memorable beauty.

Related image

9. Brooke Shields

A child model/actress that turned continued into a fresh-faced beauty complete with bushy eyebrows.  Her career was legendary. Amongst everything else,  let’s never forget The Blue Lagoon!  Plus, Suddenly Susan was actually not a bad show!


10.  Elizabeth Montgomery


Elizabeth Montgomery colour photograph

In her day she was bewitchingly beautiful.  I was kind of disappointed at the Nicole Kidman remake.  They didn’t even make her look similar!

Anyhow, nothing personal, Angelina.  I just wanted to throw a few other names out there.  You know your radiance has captivated Hollywood!




10 Things to Remember about Prince Charming!

1.  A Man is an Accessory, not a Necessity!

We really don’t need them! They are often just really great additions to the outfit we happen to be wearing that day.  Just like that dress, you have that looks super plain without the pearls, but add that necklace to liven up your look.  Best thing is that you can take it off at the end of the day!man-1962611_1920

2.  Men are like Bloodhounds!

They can smell desperation a mile away!  Well, we all knew they were dogs, no surprise there…

3.  Mr “Not that Bad” can quickly turn into “Mr. I Have to Have”!

So weird how that happens!  When he gives up and stops paying you attention he suddenly turns from Danny Devito to Bradley Cooper!

4.  Emotional Baggage + Low Self Esteem+ Being Victim = Scaring off  Mr.  Right!

I’m not so great at math, but my theory to getting what you want from men can always be broken down into various formulas, not getting much more complicated than simple addition and subtraction.

5. Stay away from Mr. Might!

Um, yeah you are in control.  You deserve way better than to deal with Mr. Wishy Washy, “Maybe, Tonight, We’ll  See”,  It’s all about my time, selfish, egotistical jerk!.

Image result for commitment phobe guy

6.  Stop any date if he ignores your cat or doesn’t bother to ask their names!

This is undesirable behavior.  If you notice even so much as a raised eyebrow when you tell him over dinner that you have seven cats, the date is over!  Stand up, push the table at him and throw that expensive glass of wine in his face.  Obviously, he has some serious issues Also report him to the ASPCA as you Uber home.

7. Wake up next to Mr. I Must Do, not I Mr. Don’t Trust You!

If after a few too many Long Island Ice Teas, you end up waking up alone and naked in a sleazy motel room with a missing wallet it, might be time to go to AA.  Especially, after you remember you were on a perfectly great date with a gorgeous guy, who was considerate enough to go get the car so you wouldn’t have to walk, but your drunken behind accidentally got into the wrong car with the twin of that creepy little man off “Human Centipede II”…  a disaster like that could cure the hardest of alcoholics of drinking for life!

Image result for HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2

8. Don’t waste your time with a man who won’t apologize!

So lame, when they come back pretending like nothing went wrong and everything is the same.  They won’t talk about the problem and you get so frustrated because it is never solved AND IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN!  Lose this loser!

9. Never Feel Sorry for a Sociopath!

No Mercy!  Finish Him! (NOT SEXUALLY!).  Have you not seen the “Karate Kid”?

10. Commitment Phobe = Pain Premeditator + User + Coward

Again with the math!  Let’s hope he doesn’t break a toe as he runs away from you wearing his little girl dress and tap dancing shoes.  So sexy.  Find a man with some balls!


10 Awkward Online Dating Disasters!

It happens, but try to avoid these scenarios or get out as soon as you can.  It just going to get more awkward!

1.  The Date You Didn’t Want

boy, handsome, hoodie

Oops!  You got a name and a number confused with your online dating prospects.  Think you are talking to one guy but actually to another!  Plan C guy knocks at the door.  He barely made it on the list and was right at the bottom.  You are even less attracted to him in person.  He seems like a nice person, but better to just be honest with him than give him false hope. It’s the hardest thing to say, but far less cruel than ghosting him later.

2. The Super Hot Guy Trying to Get Laid

Okay so you open the door and this guy stands before you who is just drop dead gorgeous. You are like OMG!  Try to compose yourself as he not just devastatingly handsome, but he is charming too.   He doesn’t wait very long to make his move,  your brain, and common sense are in the off mode and it’s been so long you forgot!

adult, attractive, beard

After the deed is done, you hear the famous line “I’ll call ya”.  And he disappears off into the night never to be seen again! Now come on, you this was coming and if you are okay with it, more power to you.  But, if you are not- JUST SAY NO!  Because he is after one thing and if he sees he’s not going to get it – the date is going to end very soon with some lame excuse about how he is super tired at 9pm.

3. The Creepy Texter

Admit it, you were lazy and only barely checked out his profile. One cute profile picture along with a message that said”Hi beautiful, I would love to get know you “was enough to impulsively send him your number

He sounds really nice and then all of a sudden his texts turn weird.  He is all about conspiracy theory, survivalists, hiding in bushes, thinks he has a problem with werewolves in his trees.

black-and-white, cross, guy

The messages get more and more bizarre and at this point, you are freaked out. After actually reading his profile, you consider either changing states or countries!  READ PROFILES before you give out your phone number.  It’s way too easy for weirdos to track you down these days!

4. The Constant Texter

So you did read his profile this time, saw pictures of him with his arm around his sister, and he seems so sweet and normal.  You text back and forth for a bit, he is very attentive and you are flattered!  You are getting tired and politely say good night. However, the incoming text ring keeps going off incessantly!.

By the time you wake up in the morning, your phone is completely dead and when you turn it back on you have a myriad of essays texted to you that make “War and Peace” look like a short story!

As you start skimming through pages and pages of messages with way too many “lol’s, rows of emoticons, question marks as to why you are not replying, links to his facebook and twitter followed by links to every member of his families facebook and their twitters,  you completely weirded out as you should be.

Man Wearing Maroon Blazer Leaning on Gray Concrete Wall While Using His Smartphone

And just when you think it’s safe to continue charging your phone – another text comes through saying “Are you awake?”.  DO NOT RESPOND AND CHANGE YOUR NUMBER!

5.  The Reminder of your Ex

Okay, how weird right?  You are trying to get over your ex.  Out there, forcing yourself to date and then you happen to meet a guy online that kinda looks and sounds just like him. Just REMEMBER THAT EX did not work out so well and the universe can work in very strange ways!

Image result for blonde guy free stock image

You will often keep attracting that same kind of guy that broke your heart unless you change something within you.    Stay away from anybody who is going to trigger and remind you of any kind of pain from the past.  Even if he is a nice guy, you are going to be constantly pissed off at him because your brain is going to confuse some little thing he does, with some catastrophic painful incident thrown at you by ex-jerk off!

6. The Guy who Wants Photos of the Goods in Advance

Ewwwe!!!  Does this guy ever get them?  And even classier when he sends you photos of his goods before you meet him.   Would he like it if some did that to his mother?

Portrait of a Man

7. The Guy Who Never Asks You any Questions about Yourself

Ever had that experience?  The guy who is so literally elated and excited to talk about himself and every trophy he has won since the boy scouts!  Later, you recall the conversation and wonder – does this idiot even know my name?

8. The Guy Who Never tells you Anything about Himself

Ding! Cheating on his wife or girlfriend!  Patrolling the internet for women he can put on a show on for but will run as soon as he has to prove anything.  So much fun being on a date with somebody angrily glaring at their cell phone while constantly texting!  When he eventually excuses himself to take the call, grab all the free bread and quickly exit!

Image result for free stock photo cheating guy

9. The Guy who Gives you that Bad Feeling in your Stomach

You have absolutely no idea why.  His manners are impeccable.  He is a perfect gentleman. He seems sweet and kind.  He even owns his own cat rescue organization!  But something about him is giving you the jitters.  What is it, does he remind you of a young handsome Ted Bundy?  Don’t even waste your time playing private investigator! You know what they say, always trust your gut instinct.  It truly is there for a reason!

Close-up Portrait of Man

10. The Guy that is Just Not Into You

Anything more humiliating for a female?  You’ve been texting this guy for weeks and in fact, you think you are better looking than he is!  Then you see a look of unmistakable disappointment in his face when he sees you.

However, he is either a nice guy and will politely continue the date or suddenly get a text that his mom has been rushed to the hospital!  This is not something that is easy on the self-esteem.  Screw him, who is expecting Cindy Crawford?  Even then, he would probably find some flaws in her.

Don’t give up – Mr. Right is out there somewhere.  Of course, you will bump into him in the supermarket wearing no makeup, your pajama pants and your hair done up like a rat’s nest.  Maybe that’s why I have never gotten a date from a supermarket?

10 Hot Men from the 80’s You Forgot About!

When you think of super hot actors in the eighties.  Rob Lowe, John Stamos, Denzel Washington, Johnny Depp, Christian Slater might be popular examples of who will come to mind.

Our tastes are always diverse.  Here are ten that floated my boat…

1. Mark Hamill

mhWhile most women loved Harrison Ford in the original Star Wars trilogy, Mark was definitely gorgeous with his blonde-haired, blue-eyed, boyish innocence.  Born in Oakland, California in 1952 and married to his wife Marilou York since 1978.  Marilou certainly was one lucky lady!

Untitled - 2dzxzxzz

I know in my dreams!

2. Andrew McCarthy


Sparkling blue eyes, dark wavy hair, always playing the good guy in the Brat Pack movies.  Who didn’t fall in love with him in Pretty in Pink, though James Spader was extremely sexy in that movie also.  Molly Ringwald is so lucky!


Yes, I know.  Again in my dreams!!!

3. Ralph Macchio

What can one say?  The Karate Kid with his tanned skin, large innocent doey brown eyes and neverending resilience against the bullies was quite the heartthrob.


4. Micheal Ontkean

Super hot playing Sherrif Harry S. Truman in Twin Peaks.  Loved the curly dark hair, dark brown eyes.  He was undeniably handsome in a very quiet sultry way.


5. Anson Williams

Does anybody else think Potsie from Happy Days was really handsome?  How was he a nerd?  And when he would sing, that was even sexier.  Remember when he sang “Put your Head on my Shoulder” to Joannie!   Another cutie with wavy dark hair and beautiful blue eyes.


6. Terence Knox

Does anybody remember the show, Tour of Duty?  And the rugged sergeant Zeke Anderson! He had the thick dark spiky hair, wore the headband and had just had some very manly masculine good looks.  I doubt many women would be complaining about being rescued by him!


7.  Alan Alda

Alan Alda, famous for his womanizing character on Mash, is still happily married to his wife Arlene since 1957.  He won three Emmys for his work on the hit TV show. His dark hair, blue eyes, slapstick humor, and super sensitive qualities earned him a place on this list.


8. William Zabka

He is the blonde male villain in every eighties movie.  The antagonist that bullied Ralph Macchio in the Karate Kid.  He was without a doubt easy on the eyes with his feathered blond hair and never-ending pissed off look!   He actually aged very well and is still quite handsome.


9. Dirk Benedict

Well if you ever watched Battlestar Galactica or the A-Team and had a thing for cute blonde guys you won’t have to think twice about who Dirk Benedict is.   He was definitely a pretty boy!  Always suave and charming.  This one could talk always talk his way out of a paper bag!



10. John Ritter

Sadly he is no longer with us.  But, on a more positive note, when he was in Three’s Company he was really cute.  Not just because he was hilarious, but something about that floppy light brown hair, naivety, clean cut natural good looks, harmlessness and goofy behavior made him extremely sweet and appealing.





Skin Care Part 1: Avoid That Sun!

Yep, it’s summer!   And guess what, Sun exposure is responsible for most of the visible aging of your skin—far more than all other factors combined!  Consider those UV rays to be kryptonite to your skin!

 Closeup face of an young beautiful woman with a purple eye makeu


You only get one face!



Statistics state that one out of five Caucasian women are literally addicted to going to the tanning salon at least once a week.  I have seen it with many of my friends. At first, the golden glow is very pretty, until the freckles and wrinkles follow shortly behind.  The solution, yep more sun.  Tanned leathery skin becoming more damaged is apparently a preferable choice over softer whiter skin staying healthier and slowing down the aging process.

Let’s look at Donatella Versace (or let’s not look!)

This is Donatella naturally when she was younger, you can see the premature aging on her face from prancing around in a bikini on the beaches of Miami.  She’s not so bad looking in her youth.

I did a little photoshop experiment (shown on the right) to see how she really might have looked had she stayed inside that Versace mansion! Personally, I like the paler look on her.  Especially with her hair that shade of blonde.

Most of us know that Donatella has transformed herself into a monster with her excessive plastic surgery.  The doctor who worked on her face should have been placed in front of a firing squad instead of taking his business to Lindsay Lohan.

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Dr. “Fill my Pockets, I Fix your Wrinkles” saw her coming a mile away!  It looks like his surgical instruments were a compilation of needles, thread, a clothing iron, scissors, vaseline, thick black eyeliner pencils, heavy concealer and a strong prescription for valium to keep Donatella from ripping him into shreds when she saw herself in the mirror.

 Though she is a Versace, people get paid to tell her she looks good and convince her that all the negative comments about her face are just jealousy from other women!  She certainly hasn’t learned her lesson about the sun that’s for sure!

Donatella Versace Shows Off Bikini Body

Martina Adam went a little further than the sun.  She is a blonde German white woman who transformed herself permanently into a black woman.  Not just tanned, but extremely dark skinned and she injected her skin with an enhancement to increase melatonin.  She apparently is beyond happy with her drastic transformation which started with gigantic breast enhancements and finished (with her becoming darker than most African American women.


Martina claims to identify more with the food and other areas of the African culture.  Her creepy German boyfriend is quite happy with the procedure and actually encouraged her to do the change.  I get the feeling he will be replaced pretty soon …800-x-419-Canvas-423-759x419

She reminds me of a gigantic Voodoo doll or some kind of small village big game hunter who also dresses up in drag at night to play the role of the local Witch Queen. Either way, I can’t tell you who would scare me more if I woke up and saw them standing at the foot of my bed.  Her or Donatella.  Or even worse – both!

Here are some products I really like that keep the skin healthy and help repair some of the damage.


Click on each of the products to find out more details and where to purchase!

My all time favorite is  Dr. Perricone.  His products contain some of the most potent ingredients out there to maintain beautiful skin.  Peptides, Vitamin C, DMAE, Retinol, collagen etc… are all essentials that you should look for when purchasing anti-aging products.

As you can never avoid the sun completely, I recommend using Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 55 if you are on a budget


or if you have a few extra dollars

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Tinted Mineral Ultra Fluid Sunscreen


Either way, both are very potent with SPF 50 or higher, non-greasy, don’t cause breakouts and feel comfortable on your skin.  Be careful other there, you don’t want to be Lindsay Lohan at 25 being mistaken for Donatella at 56!  And yes it that really did happen and had a bunch of photographers frantically shooting photos of Lindsay thinking she was Donatella.  How depressing would that be, at least be mistaken for a good looking 56 year old, not one that looks older than her years too!

Do’s and Don’ts in Dating!

So you have picked out your future husband, but fear you will lose him fast as bad habits quickly resurface.



Print and laminate at least five copies of these essentials.  You will need one for the back of the toilet tank, your computer screen, your car window, your purse and the door of the microwave.


  • Let him text first.  Come now control freak stalker.  If he likes you he will text!
  • Offer to pitch in for something on a first date – even just the tip!  Hopefully, he will decline, but it looks good on your end to at least offer.
  • Save some of the cat talks for a later time. Know the right time to stop, probably when he desperately tries to change the topic.
  • Hide your disdain for both his wet smelly dogs and mention of his exes.
  • Look very carefully for  RED FLAGS and run like the wind when you see one.
  • Quiet on the stories of how badly other men have treated you  (Unless you want him to do the same).
  • Show him your gratitude and appreciation for when he does something nice for you.
  • Consider doing a background check before the first date. Especially those you have met online.  The internet can be a playground for some truly sick and dangerous predators.
  • Do remember that users and abusers WASTE YOUR TIME!  Precious time you could be enjoying with Mr. Right, not some sleazeball who just wants you to come over to his house and never takes you out.
  • Do go out on many dates and HAVE FUN!  The older we get, our brains will convince us that our choices have lessened.  Not true, we actually have a larger selection of quality men to spend our time with.  Forget the days of when we had our pick of a large quantity of pimply faced shallow “studs” just trying to get laid!  Times in the past aren’t always as fun as we choose to remember!
  • Do Stay silent on a bad financial situation till you are well established.  He isn’t looking for a financial burden and doesn’t need to know your electricity check bounced.


  • Don’t ever go through his cell phone unless you want hurt feelings, misunderstandings and a lost chance with a very possible Mr. Right!
  • Don’t drunk Text Ever!  They now have cell phone apps for this! Check out very
  •  Don’t make videos of yourself stalking him and then send them to him.  That’s just weird and women generally being so emotion based tend to get caught in the moment and forget that men don’t think like us.

Related image

  • Never leave him UNATTENDED WITH FEMALE FRIENDS!  It’s doesn’t always turn out to be “ho’s before bros”!  Women are competitive by nature, men are dogs by nature.  Don’t try to test him or unnecessarily tempt fate!.
  • Don’t have SEX ON THE FIRST DATE.  He may enjoy it, but in the back of his mind, you have just done every one of his friends!
  • Squash the urges to reply to his texts without at least waiting 30 minutes.  You have a life, remember!
  • Stop telling him every silly thought that passes through your head during the day! This will just irritate him and kill any mystery.
  • No feeding him after midnight!  In fact, he shouldn’t even be walking through your door after midnight, Miss Booty Call!
  • No obsessive googling!   Do you really think you will feel better if you read every comment and examine every female friend on his Social Media!  Guaranteed you will see something you don’t like and it will create negative feelings.   Save that for when you are committed and it is more appropriate!
  • Don’t be jealous that he has a past,  remember he also has a present.  You are not his wife nor will you ever be if you start interrogating him on  “who is this girl”,  etc…  Jealousy is not attractive!


  • Don’t allow him to treat you in any way, you are not allowed to treat him!
  • Stop messing with your phone around him, it’s just rude and we don’t like it done to us.
  • Do remember to erase those unflattering pictures of yourself on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t join the thousands of cheap tramps trolling all over the social media desperate for any kind of attention.  Keep with the classy “oops didn’t mean to like a supermodel in this shot” only! And don’t photoshop yourself to death either.  You are screaming insecurity and he knows you don’t look like an exhibit from the Hollywood Wax Museum.
  • Don’t let him overstep any boundaries that are important to you.
  • Don’t let him know you are sitting at home on Friday night watching  Pretty in Pink! He is probably sitting at home himself watching “Kickboxer”.
  • Never admit that you have any kind of normal and unflattering bodily functions.  If a weird smell occurs, Lie, lie, lie!  Tell him you think his dog needs to go for walk!
  • Don’t swear like a sailor!  Sounds tacky and cheap.
  • If you dress like a hooker who found her outfit flinging clothes off the 75% discount rack at Target, then expect to be treated like one!  If you can only afford half an outfit, then perhaps wait until you can save up for the rest of it before proceeding with a date!


  • Lose that black liquid eyeliner, Donatella Versace!  Are you are trying to look like an extra from  Night of the Living Dead or add ten years to your age while highlighting your crows feet!

Image result for donatella versace black eyeliner

  • Never let that first date be without plans and at your house!  We all know that guy!  Hate that guy!

Dating should be fun at any age.  Not some kind of entrapment into a dysfunctional lair of the lying sociopathic creep.  Just don’t invest your heart too quickly!  Make sure he is worth it!



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