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Homeless Celebrities SHOCKER!

As usual, I got caught up in a bunch of YouTube videos this evening that distracted me from the usual thrills and glamour of eBay. Must remember, eBay pays the rent, not YouTube! Anyway, I was abruptly woken back into a harsh reality as I saw videos showing that even famous celebrities can be just as close as one step away from sleeping on a concrete bench as the rest of us can!

It goes to show it’s not how much money you have, it’s how you manage it! When these stars light up your screens, they give off the illusion of somehow being untouchable, either that or they have lousy accountants …

5. Toni Braxton

Image result for TONI BRAXTON

Sinfully gorgeous and with a unique voice that sold millions of records, how does a Grammy award winner end up sleeping on a park bench?

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Not quite sure how she went through all that money, but she filed bankruptcy twice and her house was foreclosed upon. She luckily ended up being taken under the care of her young sister Tamar.

Now I would be getting my money back by SUING whoever took this very unflattering shot of me! Not cool!

4. Tom Sizemore

Image result for Tom sizemore young

I had no idea he was that handsome when young!

Under weird circumstances, I met Tom myself when he was homeless. Okay, he did have a roof over his head but it did not belong to him. He was illegally squatting in a loft in downtown Los Angeles, having quite the party.

That was one night I will never forget. The loft had no furniture, not even a bottle of water or milk in the refrigerator. It was freezing cold and I couldn’t tell you his outlook on life, any more than he could as he was somewhat under the influence.

Image result for Tom sizemore young

All I could think of was that weird nipple pinching scene in Natural Born Killers! And no not in a kinky way, but because that part of the movie gave me the heebie-jeebies more than all the rest of the blood and gore in it put together!

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Anyway, out of some respect for another person’s privacy, I will leave it at that. Since then, Sizemore has been arrested for meth, heroin, various attacks on women … He’s come a long way since Saving Private Ryan!


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I always thought she was kind of pretty, though haven’t seen her in quite a while. I would not have guessed she had suffered through the homeless route! Remember the cute teenager in American Pie and But I’m a Cheerleader!

Then drug addiction and Hepatitis C threw her out on to the cold mean streets of New York in the mid-2000s!

Image result for NATASHA LYONNE

Lyonne managed to get back on her feet. She stars in Orange is the New Black these days. Though, she looks quite a bit different it is always great to hear stories of people recovering. You’d have to be a really rotten person in this world (the animal torturing kind) for me to wish homelessness on you!

2. Willie Aames

Image result for willie aames charles in charge
Charles in Charge of our days and our lives, Charles in Charge of our wrongs and our rights! And you see, I want Charles in Charge of me…

Great now that I got that annoying song stuck in my head, you may know of Scott Baio’s sidekick, Willie Aames. He starred in the 80’s hit show Eight is Enough and later graduated to the above-named sitcom.

Image result for willie aames charles in charge

Scott Baio and Wilie Aames dressed up in women’s clothing for
Charles in Charles. 
 My gosh how many movies and TV shows used that same gag in that era.  
And how dumb were the supporting characters who could never figure out they 
were men!

Seriously can anyone of you resist splitting your pants with laughter over the hilarity of the 80’s style sitcom boosted with an obnoxious soundtrack that had to tell you when something was actually funny! How weird is that right? Brainwashed in being told when to laugh…

Image result for willie aames homeless

The least Charles could do is help carry this damn elk head.  

Selfish narcissistic jerk!

So, yep Aames became homeless and supposedly today he is back on his feet. He actually doesn’t even interest me enough to care to research. Not sure why I even mentioned this one!

1. Erin Moran

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It must be some sort of Scott Baio curse! Co-star with him and you will either be molested or homeless or both! Erin Moran, we will always remember for playing Joannie on Happy Days or not remember for the extremely forgettable spin-off Joannie Loves Chachi didn’t fare so well in her later years after being a teen heartthrob in the early eighties.

Related image
The stars were in her eyes for a bright future...
Image result for erin moran
Marion Ross who played Moran’s mother on Happy Days barely looks older than Moran!

Unfortunately, this story is similar to the other aforementioned dreams gone wrong. However, this one turns out very tragically. Moran became another former child star with drug addiction, ended up homeless and unfortunately was found dead in a trailer at age 56.

Image result for erin moran

RIP Erin 😦

Okay now that I have depressed myself after writing that blog, eBay suddenly seems a lot more exciting!


Five Women guaranteed to make your Jaw-Drop!

While randomly surfing the net, I came across a group of women who are all very different but something about each one of them I found to be uniquely fascinating!

5. Susan Hannaford

If you grew up in Australia or New Zealand you might be vaguely familiar with this name. Hannaford played the role of young teenage Kitty Sullivan on the immensely popular Australian soap opera The Sullivans in the late ’70s.

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Hannaford suffering from some sort of narcissistic sociopathic disorder was determined to have it all and let nothing stand in her way! After leaving The Sullivans, she turned her eye towards the world of high-end fashion design in the mid-1980s. She had a moderately successful dress shop in Sydney but it failed to support the lavish lifestyle she had always dreamed of.

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Hannaford poses outside her lush Harborside home in Sydney.

By, 2013, Hannaford had been evicted from her Sydney mansion. Owing millions to an Australian bank, she fled the country to make a new life for herself in Los Angeles. She struck gold as she met and married millionaire Emmanuel Margolin the owner of the famous El Caballo Blanco dancing horses.

Image result for SUSAN HANNAFORD

Hannaford with daughter,

She moved into Margolin’s Beverly Hills mansion and reinvented herself as a property tycoon. She started off by taking out loans on several mansions on the same day! Then mortgaging against them to acquire even more real estate, meanwhile having never paid back one penny to the Australian Commonwealth Bank.

Eventually, many of the homes were repossessed and yet again Hannaford found herself in debt for millions of dollars and yet again, Hannaford did not remotely care about this new financial disaster she had created. In fact, she decided to reinvent herself once more purchasing a beautiful home in Beverly Hills where she lives today with her”children” (reality grandchildren). The result is somewhat ghoulish and creepy.

Image result for SUSAN HANNAFORD
This has to be some form of child abuse!
Susan steps out in Beverly Hills dragging “her” children around like a traveling circus. To mention that neither of the females are appropriately dressed for their respective age groups is redundant!
Related image
Geez, Gran, you are so embarrassing!

Related image
Hannaford enjoys a meal prepared by Leonardo DiCaprio’s personal chef when really she ought to be dining on peanut butter and jelly in the county jail!
Image result for SUSAN HANNAFORD


Speaking of embarrassing Australian grannies, (though this one is a lot easier on the eyes than Ms. Hannaford) meet the world’s hottest grandmother, Gina Stewart!

Image result for gina stewart
48-year-old Gina is a single mother to four children – James, 27, Casey, 25, Cody, 22, and four-year-old daughter Summer. She also has a 10-month-old granddaughter
Image result for gina stewart daughters
Stewart with her eldest daughter!
With her incredibly youthful visage, you would be surprised to find out how old she really is

Stewart looks ridiculously amazing “for her age” as is quoted all over the internet. And this is where I have a problem with ageism in society. Why can’t she be the hottest woman in Australia instead of the hottest grandmother in the world or why can’t she just look amazing for who she is, not the number of years she has been on the planet!

Kristina Karyagina

What a beautiful young woman, only aged 26 and from Russia. The world is her oyster!

Kristina Karyagina age 22

However, Kristina Karyagina felt quite the opposite. I find this story to be quite tragic!

The former Russian TV announcer fell under the influence of the deadly horrific disease of Anorexia. Today she weighs the same amount as her four-year-old toddler. A whopping 38 pounds!

Image result for kristina karyagina

How does this even happen you ask yourself as you are probably looking in shock at the before and after photo?

Russian announcer Kristina Karyagina at the same weight as the 4-year-old boy!  (What is anorexia?)

Her very sensitive doctor told her that she could easily play the lead role of a corpse in a horror film. Somebody take away his license, please! Luckily, somebody does care.

Reality TV and social media star Maria Kokhno (pictured) posted a video of her with Miss Karyagina on social media and has begun a campaign to help her get treatment

Lovely Russian blogger and former reality star, Maria Kokhno, also used to suffer from anorexia. Feeling, Karyagina’s pain she used her 520,000 Instagram fan base to raise awareness for the disease and help for Karyagina.

Russian announcer Kristina Karyagina at the same weight as the 4-year-old boy!  (What is anorexia?)

Kokhno said “I know what it is like when someone puts a meal in front of you and you can’t eat it. Even when you’re aware that you are dying, you still can’t eat.”

Kokhno organized for Karyagina to see the same eating disorder specialist who helped treat her own anorexia. 

Russian announcer Kristina Karyagina at the same weight as the 4-year-old boy!  (What is anorexia?)

So far, things are starting to look up. Karyagina’s mother excitedly reported that her daughter managed to eat something other than apple or banana for the first time in months, during the second day of her treatment!

Let’s hope that Kristina will recover and return to the lovely young lady that she was!

Kate Grant

Notice anything different about this model?

Image result for down syndrome model
Kate Grant from Australia

Kate Grant is rapidly rising to fame faster than Corky from Life Goes On!

Yes, she has down syndrome and no, that has not stopped her from earning her place in magazine shoots and the runway!

Related image

Grant looking glamorous and chic in a cocktail gown with gorgeous spiral curls. I really do love the hair

Image result for down syndrome model
Image result for down syndrome model
Grant triumphantly owns the runway!
Image result for down syndrome model
Grant preparing for a sophisticated model shoot!

Thank goodness for some diversity finally in this world!

Du Presta

Speaking again of distinct and unusual models breaking through the industry. Du Presta, is yet another young lady who refused to take no for an answer! Please keep in mind the prejudice, taunting, and cruel laughter these young models must endure! Sill they hold their heads up high and don’t let the ignorance of others affect their self worth! More power to them!

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and pool
Model Presta stands at 3,4″!
Image result for du presta model
Sexy can some in all shapes and sizes!
Sorry this is not in English but it’s the best video capturing Presta’s real self I could find!

Five ladies that have gone against the norm. Love them or hate them, they are living their dream!