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Take Selfie Videos in 4K with a Quad! No Flying Skills Necessary!

My apologies in advance if I sound like one of those late nights annoying infomercials with an exaggerated Australian accent!  But, I really do dig this product!

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This has to be one of the absolutely coolest gadgets I have found online.  Just check out the video!

Seriously it is so much fun taking selfies with a drone from every angle you want in 4K video!  And for those who can’t fly a drone (like myself), it flies itself!

 It lets you shoot breathtaking images and video from above. 

You can control this foldable mini-drone via the smartphone application. 

You can safely fly it indoors and outdoors without breaking the family china! 

100m flight range lets you discover your area from a totally different perspective.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I found this drone online for a great price and can offer it to you for one  EASY payment of $199.   I know it’s always easy when you have unlimited dollars in the bank, no bills to pay and a budget simply for toys!  However, it gets more exciting,  I can offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! 
But wait there’s more … order your Selfie 4 K Quad video in the next five minutes and I will give it to you for ABSOLUTELY FREE – along with five extras!
YES, REALLY REALLY BAD JOKE!!!  Sorry, wish I could! We could all be happily recording ourselves in 4K selfie modes all day!


4K selfie drone lets you shoot breathtaking images and video from above Control your foldable mini-drone via the dedicated smartphone application Great for indoor and outdoor flying 100m flight range lets you discover your area from a totally different perspective



Pretty Ugly Love

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Jane is an unattractive girl with low self-esteem and secretly hides the pure envy and resentment she feels towards her two stunningly beautiful best friends. She feels no that man will ever want her and has given up. But all of that changes when a handsome charming English man enters the bar one night and has his eyes set on Jane alone. Is he too good to be true or a real man who can see beyond fleeting beauty and flashy good looks?

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Coming soon Part II of Pretty Ugly Love

Jane Says


She is a force to be reckoned with…  Hamish is back but her boss has a thing or two to say about that!