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Scream Queen Teens of the Nineties TODAY!

Most of us remember the super hot sexy ” Scream Queen Teens” of the late 1990s starring in the slew of slasher flicks popular at the time. Generally, these movies were a bunch of “whodunnit” types themes and were the predecessors of the much darker themed and style of “horror porn” that is prevalent today.

Image result for SCREAM MOVIE GIF

Some of them were pretty darn good looking. However, the road through Hollywood Horror can be paved via Hell apparently. Let’s catch up with some of these former hotties

Rose McGowan

Rose will most undoubtedly always be remembered for her breakthrough role as the blonde hottie in Scream (1996) alongside Neve Campbell. Later she graduated to the hit show Charmed. And had a well-publicized romantic relationship with the androgynous Marilyn Manson.

Image result for rOSE MCGOWAN SCREAM
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Image result for rose mcgowan

Not really feeling the angry lesbian Sinead O’Connor look…

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Rebecca Gayheart

The Noxema girl who also had a bit a role in Scream and starred in Urban Legend. Gayheart was known for her strikingly large blue eyes and thick mane of curly hair. Tragically, she was also infamous for causing the death of a young child due to her impatience behind the steering wheel.

Image result for REBECCA GAYHEART young
Image result for REBECCA GAYHEART young
Gayheart while using Noxema…
Image result for REBECCA GAYHEART 2018'
Gayheart while not using Noxema. Also, reminding me to moisturize my face and brush my teeth!
Image result for REBECCA GAYHEART 2018'
Rebecca put down the cigarettes, drink some water and eat something healthy! Take off that necklace you bought from Forever 21 as it is not hiding your turkey neck…

Sarah Michelle Gellar

She was Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and the costar of I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997). Gellar was definitely cute during her day with her all American good looks. Plus, she was the envy of many adolescent girls as she adorned the arm of Freddie Prinze Jr!

Image result for sarah michelle gellar
Glowing skin, healthy golden tan!

Image result for sarah michelle gellar
Sexy Seductress!
Image result for sarah michelle gellar
And then eventually bye bye Buffy …
Image result for sarah michelle gellar
Was the nineties that long ago???
Image result for sarah michelle gellar
Today, Gellar has a hard time getting cast, if at all. She is more famous for biting Beyonce in the face than as a movie star these days! When Beyonce was asked if she wanted to have Gellar beat in an alleyway for the attack, Beyonce graciously replied no, “that bitch is on drugs and is usually chill”!

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Hewitt started a singing career in her teens, made her acting breakthrough on Party of Five which was a pretty good show if I rightly remember and was the lead actress in the I Know What You Did Last Summer franchise.

Image result for jennifer love hewitt
To be honest never a fan of this one’s looks – but cute I guess if you held me up at gunpoint and made me say so!
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One of Jennifer Love Spewitts (I mean Hewitts) better photos!
Related image
Woh! She apparently and with good humor apologized for looking so” wrecked” at one of her first red carpet appearances in years! Gotta give her that one!
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And then came the Heroin, sad 😦 Drug addiction ist not something I would wish on my worst enemy! Hope you get better, Jennifer!
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Neve Campbell

Neve was definitely pretty and spared us the style of bimbo acting held by many of the women on this list. Another Party of Five graduate with the Scream franchise being her most famous roles!

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Image result for neve campbell the craft
Image result for neve campbell the craft
Looking lovely in The Craft (1996)
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Time and genetics have been kind to Ms. Campbell! At the unmentionable age of 45 in Hollywood. She looks amazing! Go Neve!
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GORGEOUS! Okay definitely inspired to get off the chair, slap my face with some moisturizer and drink a bunch of water!

Tara Reid

If you haven’t heard by now how this formerly pretty actress butchered herself with plastic surgery than your head must have been buried under a camel’s ass! Anyway, Reid struck gold with American Pie and went on to star in many films including Urban Legend 2.

Image result for tara reid urban legend
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Reid looks healthy and full-faced with a bit of a Jennifer Aniston hairdo going on in Urban Legend.
About as hot as she ever was before it all went downhill. That Hollywood devil whispered in her ear “Tara, you are fat and need plastic surgery. Your skin is too pale, so make sure you bake it good in the sun”!
Image result for tara reid
And Tara listened…

Image result for tara reid plastic surgery
Ladies and gentlemen, it is important to note that heavy smoking and plastic surgery do not mix! Some chemical process from the inhaling of cigarettes impairs the body’s ability to heal correctly as Reid, found out the hard way!
Image result for tara reid
And yet she still stubbornly clings on to that cigarette. Oh well bye bye Miss American Pie…

Drew Barrymore

Yes, yet another star from Scream! Drew has such an iconic career, there really is not much need for an introduction. She is one of the most if not stunningly beautiful actresses on this list!

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Related image
Image result for drew barrymore scream
I can’t honestly say it’s my favorite hairstyle in the world, but Drew can rock just about any haircut and make it look good!

Image result for drew barrymore scream
And here she is at the 20th Anniversary of Scream looking lovelier than ever!

Rachel True

She was the pretty black girl in The Craft who got a little bit pissed off at her racist blonde tormentor and took appropriate actions to silence the bigoted bully.

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Image result for rachel true the craft
True in The Craft!
Image result for rachel true the craft
Stunningly and with natural beauty, True drew attention to The Craft holding up her own as being one of the very few African American females to be a sexy scream queen of the nineties.
Image result for RACHEL TRUE 2019
Today, Rachel True is 50! And looks amazing! I think she might be the winner of the most gracefully aged women on this blog!

Thus, here we have it the Scream Teen Queen Dreams of the Nineties today!

What of significance have we actually learned? Well, nothing, except it must suck to have people comparing you at 50 to how you looked at 20!

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Eating Tarantulas! Spider in a Can! DON’T DO IT!



They are organically raised which actually causes a rare problem. Due to the organic dehydration process, if a spider hasn’t fully dehydrated it will go into suspended slumber. The moisture in the air could bring the spider back to animation if left out of package too long. Good luck! 

Hez B. · January 25, 2017

So what kind of rubbish is this? Venomous spiders are dehydrated and can come back to life and kill you if you aren’t paying attention to the length of time between opening the can and cooking them! Plus as they are being produced in Cambodia, I would be highly skeptical of their laws regarding the way they treat animals and attention to the proper processing of this delicacy. Workers being paid 5 cents an hour are not likely to be that motivated to get the job done properly. Especially, when they know it’s being sent overseas to a bunch of rich Americans! I’m personally contacting the sellers of this product, Walmart, Amazon, and eBay and alerting them to this as well as various government food, health, and safety agencies!


Most of you have probably heard of that mysterious exotic world where the human consumption of tarantulas is quite prevalent.

Related image

No this is not Narnia nor a place where the hobbits do roam. It is Cambodia and as a tourist, you may want to very carefully watch where you walk! Can you imagine being in such a hurry to get back to the tourist bus that you slam straight into this lady carrying a top-heavy bowl of tarantulas!

The woman curses at you and you curse right back, frantically pulling off a mess of crunchy black twigs and throwing one right in her face, barely missing her eyeball. After returning to the bus, tired and famished, your fellow travelers all stare in horror and hurriedly stack their bags on any vacant seats beside them. One passenger actually asked the driver if you can be removed from the bus. A young girl asks her mother if that is really Spiderman?

You are now pissed off, exhausted and seriously starving, so ravenous you could actually eat a … To your horror, your tarantula pieced costume actually smells kind of good! The boys have been deeply fried, that delicious aroma of your favorite chili sauce fills your nostrils!

You start thinking, what exactly is the difference between a chicken leg and a spider leg? Isn’t it all just cultural beliefs instilled in our minds from years of being surrounded by cows and instead of gigantic arachnids!

Image result for eating tarantulas
Angelina Jolie happily chows down on some crispy critter legs.
Her tortured daughter clearly does not want to follow suit but is given little choice. And I thought my days a child of having to clear my plate before leaving the table were bad!

Tarantulas apparently are kind of tasty! Their protein filled cuisine is no longer just a delicacy for wealthy celebrities and the third world’s answer to spam! You too can enjoy some tarantula in a can, right here in the good old United States at a surprisingly affordable price! Right from the comfort of your armchair, you can annoy your roommate with the loud crunching of spider joints and completely nauseate him as he hears that squish as you suck out that soft spongy middle. By the time you start to use the coarse wiry hairs as dental floss on your teeth, he is already calling a moving van!

Related image

I just can’t imagine a better way than to conquer a severe phobia, than to eat it!
Image result for dehydrated zebra tarantula

From the manufacturer:

“High in protein, our Zebra Tarantulas are sourced from Cambodian Tarantula breeders as opposed to being taken from the wild. Given their lack of urticating (irritating) hairs, they’re nervous yet defensive arachnids, known to be very aggressive with one of the most potent venoms of all tarantulas as their only defense is fight or flight. It is though completely safe to eat the whole spider – the legs are great dipped into soy or sweet chili sauce!

*Supplied canned in a smoked sea salt brine
*Ready-to-eat following a rigorous two-hour cooking process
*High in protein and zinc, low in carbohydrates.
*Sourced from sustainable stocks and organically fed
*Flash frozen, boiled with Thai herb Pandan Leaf then pressure cooked
*Free from artificial colors, flavorings, and preservatives. No MSG.
*Ideal for use in Bush Tucker Challenge charity fundraising events
*Contents: One tarantula spider per can
*Net weight: 30 grams / 1.05 ounces
*Packaging: Sealed ring pull recyclable aluminum can
*Shipped: Boxed
*Crunchy Critters supports Fairtrade Practices

Nutrition per 100 grams: Protein 19.3% | Fat 2.9% | Saturates 1.1% | Carbohydrate 1.3% | Sugar 0.5% | Energy in calories 115 | Dietary Fibre 2.8% | Salt 0.51
Please click either the link or picture to purchase from
  • Meat Maniac Salted Zebra Tarantula (Haplopelma Albostriatum)
  • 100% REAL Zebra Tarantula!!
  • ** Please note: This tarantula is very delicate & we will do our best to ship them intact, but we cannot guarantee the tarantula will be completely intact. 

So far so good! You will receive 100% pure tarantula in a can with none of those disgusting fillers! It is super healthy because it is SALTED not FRIED with no harmful additives like spider venom or MSG! And if you are super lucky your tarantula in a can will arrive in one solid piece!

If you are just turned off by the gallon of salt in the Meat Mania brand. You are still in luck as Newport Jerky Company has a salt free version! You can savor the real taste of the spider without any salt to hinder the delicious meat.

Please click on either the link or the picture to purchase from

So now that you have bought your buddy in a can, what do you do with him?


  • Eat it! Eat it grossly in front of others and ruin their lunch!
  • Use in Bush Tucker Challenge charity fundraising events!
  • Give it as a gift to your unsuspecting cheating ex-girlfriend. Make sure to remove the label and replace it with your own handwritten one. Filled with love hearts and her name drawn beautifully in Calligraphy!
  • Take it as your plate to a Christmas dinner party. Place it quietly on the table while people are busy laughing and paying no attention!
  • Leave leftovers on the couch for your family to sit in!
  • Distribute legs over everybody’s plate at Thanksgiving. Act truly hurt and surprised at the combination of yells and screams! After all, you were just trying to help 😦
  • Use your girlfriend’s toothbrush to scrape all the hairs and goo off your teeth then leave it in the middle of the sink. After she screams bloody murder, remind her that you guys were making out before you even brushed your teeth and she wasn’t complaining then nor when you really went oral!
Image result for person eating a tarantula

Finally, remember eating tarantulas can be messy and hard on the clothing. Especially when you are dipping the legs in that chili sauce! Don’t forget your apron and bib during feast time! Click on the pictures or links to purchase from Amazon!

10 Celebrities SEVERELY Overrated for their Beauty!

As a follow up to my top ten celebrities hotter than Angelina, here are ten that I don’t even think come close to stepping in her league.  Yet, some of the women on this list at one time or another have earned the prestigious spot of being in the top 10 most beautiful women in the world! 

Everyone has a different opinion of what they consider to be attractive so tell me why these women have made the list!

10. Giselle Bundchen


The most overpaid supermodel in the world with a husband considered prettier than she is!  Well, she must be doing something right.  Her features remind me of a gazelle or antelope.  Sarah Jessica Parker is prettier than she is!

9.  Loni Anderson

The blonde bombshell sex kitten that starred in the 1980’s sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati and married Burt Reynolds. She is not hideous.  Just funny looking.  Maybe I’m biased by the horrible 80’s hair that looks like a peroxide helmet.  I think she would look better as a brunette and she reminds me of a deer with the big doey eyes.

8. Selena Gomez

Image result for SELENA GOMEZ

Файл:Selena Gomez - Walmart Soundcheck Concert.jpg

Teenage Disney star turned pop singer, Selena Gomez is cute looking.  But that’s about it.  Nothing about her stands out to me as being stunning, or different.  And without the hairstylist, the makeup and the publicity crew behind her trying to brainwash you into thinking she is more gorgeous than she is, I highly doubt you would even notice her walking down the street.

7. Stephanie Seymour

Related image

Image result for stephanie seymour

Seymour was famous for being one of the top 1990’s top Victoria Secret’s Model.   She was also known for her involvement with Axel Rose and appearances in three Guns’Roses videos.  Her features appear far too harsh and birdlike to be classified as beautiful.  Plus the nose…

6. Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel

Seventh Heaven turned movie actress, formerly involved with Justin Timberlake.  Not ugly, not gorgeous either.  Doesn’t appear to be aging well with the bags under her eyes and crows feet.

5. Cameron Diaz

Related image

Image result for cameron diaz ugly

Again the face is too harsh for my taste.  The eyes so far apart they remind me of a hammerhead shark!  Diaz like Biel also has not aged well.

Image result for cameron diaz ugly

4. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway at an event for Les Misérables (2012)

Anne Hathaway, Oscars 2013

Image result for anne hathaway

A plain Jane who likes to get some really unflattering haircuts!

3. Mila Kunis

Image result for Mila Kunis

Image result for Mila Kunis

Image result for Mila Kunis

Another Selena Gomez type look.  Nothing to write home about!  Actress from That Seventies Show and wife of Ashton Kutcher.

2. Demi Moore

Image result for demi moore

Oh, dear number two on my list happened to share the same husband as number three!   I would say that Demi in her day was far better looking than Kunis ever was.

Related image

Image result for demi moore

I think Demi would look better if she stopped trying to hold on to the fountain of youth.  It worked for a while, but now I think it’s time for her to realize that her twenties have long been and gone! 

1. Gywneth Paltrow

Image result for gwyneth paltrow


Somewhat pasty and ordinary looking.  Her personality is arrogant and obnoxious.  She has made snooty statements that are not exactly humble or beautiful.   She deserves to get paid the amount of money she does because she is good at her job and why pretend to be on the same level as those who make $25,000 per year. 

Image result for gwyneth paltrow

Oh, dear Gywneth, would anybody even have noticed you if you did not have parents already established in the entertainment industry to set you up with the right connections … And how long has it been since anybody talked about Shakespeare in Love!

Gwyneth Paltrow Picture



To each their own…

Hottest Madonna Photos of the Mid-80’s!

Madonna in una delle foto inserite nel programma del Virgin Tour (1985)

This is the time when Ms. Ciccone came to fame with her first two albums.  There was something about her look back then that none of the Madonna wannabees could even pay her justice by trying to imitate her.  Why?  Because they weren’t her and they just didn’t have that unique and amazing sense of style, confidence, and talent.

tumblr_o7i4zwVK0t1vqkb6to6_250.gif (245×160)

Madonna had a different kind of beauty that might not have landed her on the cover of Vogue but was far more memorable and striking.  After all, who even remembers those models at that time!


I was never a fan of the fake mole. She really didn’t need it.  But loving the dark lipstick and mesmerizing green eyes!

I love that young innocent cute look!

Madonna Desperately Seeking Susan

Not everyone call pull off orange.  Madonna looked amazing in about any color of her choice!

Classy and Romantic!

Pinned from Pin It for iPhone

Cute and sexy without even having to bare her assets!


Just plain sexy!


Less makeup and accessories, but looking fresh-faced and pretty.  Not so sure about those baggy pants.  Oh well, it was the 80’s!

neon.jpg (736×1125)

Loving the Lime Green!

From 80's supermodel Brook Shields to film sirens like Sophia Lauren and Marilyn Monroe. Click here to see the most iconic brows that will inspire you to put down the tweezers.

One of my favorite styles.  The black tank, beads, crucifix and side ponytail she sported at the 1985 American Music Awards!

Gorgeous!  From Desperately Seeking Susan publicity posters.  It wasn’t the greatest movie and Rosanna Arquette paled in comparison to Madonna’s presence.  However, what made the movie was exactly what – her presence!

Yup I’ve often been to Denny’s in just a shirt and thigh highs.  Somehow I just wasn’t as relaxed as Madonna is!

Beach Beauty!  Madonna hated the photographer but ended up liking the results!

This punk style would still look awesome even in 2018!


I love her hair!  I literally fried mine off trying to copy her!


From one of her most absolutely beautiful photo sessions!

Material girl

Marilyn, this is the only woman who can give you a run for your money!


Again loving the lime green and black lipstick!

How iconic is this look?  Her originality never fails to amaze me!


The French Twist – again my hair would not co-operate in this style!


Punk, Feminine, Girly, Perfection!


Watch out boys, here she comes…

For more awesome Madonna pics, please check out my Pinterest board