Take Selfie Videos in 4K with a Quad! No Flying Skills Necessary!

My apologies in advance if I sound like one of those late nights annoying infomercials with an exaggerated Australian accent!  But, I really do dig this product!

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This has to be one of the absolutely coolest gadgets I have found online.  Just check out the video!

Seriously it is so much fun taking selfies with a drone from every angle you want in 4K video!  And for those who can’t fly a drone (like myself), it flies itself!

 It lets you shoot breathtaking images and video from above. 

You can control this foldable mini-drone via the smartphone application. 

You can safely fly it indoors and outdoors without breaking the family china! 

100m flight range lets you discover your area from a totally different perspective.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I found this drone online for a great price and can offer it to you for one  EASY payment of $199.   I know it’s always easy when you have unlimited dollars in the bank, no bills to pay and a budget simply for toys!  However, it gets more exciting,  I can offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! 
But wait there’s more … order your Selfie 4 K Quad video in the next five minutes and I will give it to you for ABSOLUTELY FREE – along with five extras!
YES, REALLY REALLY BAD JOKE!!!  Sorry, wish I could! We could all be happily recording ourselves in 4K selfie modes all day!


4K selfie drone lets you shoot breathtaking images and video from above Control your foldable mini-drone via the dedicated smartphone application Great for indoor and outdoor flying 100m flight range lets you discover your area from a totally different perspective


10 BAYWATCH BEAUTIES – How do they deal with being 50?

I don’t know the answer to this question and I am curious to know what others think? Do the majority of “normal” people just accept it or do they secretly inward obsess over how they looked in the past? Do they perhaps no longer care and have found other things to fulfill themselves aside from their looks! Do they have jealousy over upcoming young and actresses that were as hot as they were? It almost seems like the prettier they were, the harder they fell!

This is quite a drastic change from an extremely beautiful girl to well somebody who did not hold it is as gracefully as she could. Actress Nicole Eggert, pictured above is only 47 years old! It’s a scary sounding age but these days, 47 for a woman is not the end of your life or your sexuality.

Other Baywatch babes have not aged so gracefully either, perhaps it is all the time spent baking their skin in that sun. Remember this is the early nineties, a good 25 years ago! Again, how does time fly so ridiculously fast? I feel like I was watching them all in a Lifetime movie just yesterday! Check out some other former graduates – age range 40 – 55!

Pamela Anderson (51)

Image result for pamela anderson baywatch
Nobody can deny she was stunning!
Pamela Anderson: Attends the 2018 Paris Manga Sci-Fi Show in Paris-03
In 2018!  Not looking too bad!

Carmen Electra (46)

Related image
Not see any guy kicking her out of bed back in 1997!

Image result for carmen electra =2018
And probably not seeing any guy kicking her out of bed today!!!

Yasmine Bleeth (50)

Image result for yasmine bleeth baywatch
Yasmine lets the 1990’s know that it’s okay to be a brunette!
Image result for yasmine bleeth 2018
Gosh forbid, she dared to eat!  Shame on this girl!

Erika Eleniak (49)

Image result for erika eleniak
Okay, whatever deep meaning that caption holds!  
Image result for erika eleniak
Did she somehow manage to find the world’s ugliest clothing catalog and just splurge?
That outfit does not yell “World’s Hottest Supermom”!

Brooke Burns (40)

Related image
Wow, she is super pretty. Though I just don’t remember her name or her on the show!
Image result for brooke burns 2018
Go Brooke!  Now, this is a fine example of aging gracefully!

Gena Lee Nolin (47)

Image result for gena lee nolin baywatch
I dunno.  Never thought she was one of the better-looking girls on the show.  
I would rank her the third least attractive of the entire cast over the years!
Remember this is Baywatch world not real people world!

Gena Lee Nolin
Oh, gross, meet the newest castmate of the Housewives of Orange County!  Beauty tip for Gena.  The less caked on foundation, the
more moisture your skin will retain. That equals less cracks in your face!  Did any of them use sunscreen on Baywatch?

Kelly Packard (43)

Related image
And here would be the second least attractive. Her face reminds me of Skeletor.
In case you are desperately dying to know who made number one – no it wasn’t
David Hasselhoff in a one piece. It was Alexandra Paul. So mousy and boring looking
I didn’t bother adding her. She can go on the list of who cares!

Image result for kelly packard 2018
Actually, not too bad.  Thank goodness, some flesh on the face!  She looks much better!

Donna D’Errico (50)

Image result for donna d'errico baywatch
Is that natural?  Don’t you have to have a stomach to hold one in?  
They didn’t even bother finishing her bathing suit! That must be some camel toe.

Related image
Looks healthier!

Alexandra Paul (55)

Gosh, darn it, my OCD. So annoying! So now I feel since I brought her up, yawn, I have to include her. Frankly, I’d rather go check to make sure the stove is off 20 times before I leave the house today! What this chick ever actually hot? Or just Mitch’s lesbian sidekick…

Image result for alexandra paul
The matriarch of the group!
Image result for alexandra paul
Image result for alexandra paul
Well, it looks like she could easily kick my ass these days – so I shall say no more…
 Interesting eyes looks like one could follow you anywhere!


Five Women guaranteed to make your Jaw-Drop!

While randomly surfing the net, I came across a group of women who are all very different but something about each one of them I found to be uniquely fascinating!

5. Susan Hannaford

If you grew up in Australia or New Zealand you might be vaguely familiar with this name. Hannaford played the role of young teenage Kitty Sullivan on the immensely popular Australian soap opera The Sullivans in the late ’70s.

Related image

Hannaford suffering from some sort of narcissistic sociopathic disorder was determined to have it all and let nothing stand in her way! After leaving The Sullivans, she turned her eye towards the world of high-end fashion design in the mid-1980s. She had a moderately successful dress shop in Sydney but it failed to support the lavish lifestyle she had always dreamed of.

Related image
Hannaford poses outside her lush Harborside home in Sydney.

By, 2013, Hannaford had been evicted from her Sydney mansion. Owing millions to an Australian bank, she fled the country to make a new life for herself in Los Angeles. She struck gold as she met and married millionaire Emmanuel Margolin the owner of the famous El Caballo Blanco dancing horses.

Image result for SUSAN HANNAFORD

Hannaford with daughter,

She moved into Margolin’s Beverly Hills mansion and reinvented herself as a property tycoon. She started off by taking out loans on several mansions on the same day! Then mortgaging against them to acquire even more real estate, meanwhile having never paid back one penny to the Australian Commonwealth Bank.

Eventually, many of the homes were repossessed and yet again Hannaford found herself in debt for millions of dollars and yet again, Hannaford did not remotely care about this new financial disaster she had created. In fact, she decided to reinvent herself once more purchasing a beautiful home in Beverly Hills where she lives today with her”children” (reality grandchildren). The result is somewhat ghoulish and creepy.

Image result for SUSAN HANNAFORD
This has to be some form of child abuse!
Susan steps out in Beverly Hills dragging “her” children around like a traveling circus. To mention that neither of the females are appropriately dressed for their respective age groups is redundant!
Related image
Geez, Gran, you are so embarrassing!

Related image
Hannaford enjoys a meal prepared by Leonardo DiCaprio’s personal chef when really she ought to be dining on peanut butter and jelly in the county jail!
Image result for SUSAN HANNAFORD


Speaking of embarrassing Australian grannies, (though this one is a lot easier on the eyes than Ms. Hannaford) meet the world’s hottest grandmother, Gina Stewart!

Image result for gina stewart
48-year-old Gina is a single mother to four children – James, 27, Casey, 25, Cody, 22, and four-year-old daughter Summer. She also has a 10-month-old granddaughter
Image result for gina stewart daughters
Stewart with her eldest daughter!
With her incredibly youthful visage, you would be surprised to find out how old she really is

Stewart looks ridiculously amazing “for her age” as is quoted all over the internet. And this is where I have a problem with ageism in society. Why can’t she be the hottest woman in Australia instead of the hottest grandmother in the world or why can’t she just look amazing for who she is, not the number of years she has been on the planet!

Kristina Karyagina

What a beautiful young woman, only aged 26 and from Russia. The world is her oyster!

Kristina Karyagina age 22

However, Kristina Karyagina felt quite the opposite. I find this story to be quite tragic!

The former Russian TV announcer fell under the influence of the deadly horrific disease of Anorexia. Today she weighs the same amount as her four-year-old toddler. A whopping 38 pounds!

Image result for kristina karyagina

How does this even happen you ask yourself as you are probably looking in shock at the before and after photo?

Russian announcer Kristina Karyagina at the same weight as the 4-year-old boy!  (What is anorexia?)

Her very sensitive doctor told her that she could easily play the lead role of a corpse in a horror film. Somebody take away his license, please! Luckily, somebody does care.

Reality TV and social media star Maria Kokhno (pictured) posted a video of her with Miss Karyagina on social media and has begun a campaign to help her get treatment

Lovely Russian blogger and former reality star, Maria Kokhno, also used to suffer from anorexia. Feeling, Karyagina’s pain she used her 520,000 Instagram fan base to raise awareness for the disease and help for Karyagina.

Russian announcer Kristina Karyagina at the same weight as the 4-year-old boy!  (What is anorexia?)

Kokhno said “I know what it is like when someone puts a meal in front of you and you can’t eat it. Even when you’re aware that you are dying, you still can’t eat.”

Kokhno organized for Karyagina to see the same eating disorder specialist who helped treat her own anorexia. 

Russian announcer Kristina Karyagina at the same weight as the 4-year-old boy!  (What is anorexia?)

So far, things are starting to look up. Karyagina’s mother excitedly reported that her daughter managed to eat something other than apple or banana for the first time in months, during the second day of her treatment!

Let’s hope that Kristina will recover and return to the lovely young lady that she was!

Kate Grant

Notice anything different about this model?

Image result for down syndrome model
Kate Grant from Australia

Kate Grant is rapidly rising to fame faster than Corky from Life Goes On!

Yes, she has down syndrome and no, that has not stopped her from earning her place in magazine shoots and the runway!

Related image

Grant looking glamorous and chic in a cocktail gown with gorgeous spiral curls. I really do love the hair

Image result for down syndrome model
Image result for down syndrome model
Grant triumphantly owns the runway!
Image result for down syndrome model
Grant preparing for a sophisticated model shoot!

Thank goodness for some diversity finally in this world!

Du Presta

Speaking again of distinct and unusual models breaking through the industry. Du Presta, is yet another young lady who refused to take no for an answer! Please keep in mind the prejudice, taunting, and cruel laughter these young models must endure! Sill they hold their heads up high and don’t let the ignorance of others affect their self worth! More power to them!

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and pool
Model Presta stands at 3,4″!
Image result for du presta model
Sexy can some in all shapes and sizes!
Sorry this is not in English but it’s the best video capturing Presta’s real self I could find!

Five ladies that have gone against the norm. Love them or hate them, they are living their dream!

Scream Queen Teens of the Nineties TODAY!

Most of us remember the super hot sexy ” Scream Queen Teens” of the late 1990s starring in the slew of slasher flicks popular at the time. Generally, these movies were a bunch of “whodunnit” types themes and were the predecessors of the much darker themed and style of “horror porn” that is prevalent today.

Image result for SCREAM MOVIE GIF

Some of them were pretty darn good looking. However, the road through Hollywood Horror can sometimes be paved via hell! Let’s catch up with some of these former hotties

Rose McGowan

Rose will most undoubtedly always be remembered for her breakthrough role as the blonde hottie in Scream (1996) alongside Neve Campbell. Later she graduated to the hit show Charmed. And had a well-publicized romantic relationship with the androgynous Marilyn Manson.

Image result for rOSE MCGOWAN SCREAM
Related image
Image result for rose mcgowan hot
Image result for rose mcgowan

Not really feeling the angry lesbian Sinead O’Connor look…

Related image

Rebecca Gayheart

The Noxema girl who also had a bit a role in Scream and starred in Urban Legend. Gayheart was known for her strikingly large blue eyes and thick mane of curly hair. Tragically, she was also infamous for causing the death of a young child due to her impatience behind the steering wheel.

Image result for REBECCA GAYHEART young
Image result for REBECCA GAYHEART young
Gayheart while using Noxema…
Image result for REBECCA GAYHEART 2018'
Gayheart while not using Noxema. Also, reminding me to moisturize my face and brush my teeth!
Image result for REBECCA GAYHEART 2018'
Rebecca put down the cigarettes, drink some water and eat something healthy! Take off that necklace you bought from Forever 21 as it is not hiding your turkey neck…

Sarah Michelle Gellar

She was Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and the costar of I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997). Gellar was definitely cute during her day with her all American good looks. Plus, she was the envy of many adolescent girls as she adorned the arm of Freddie Prinze Jr!

Image result for sarah michelle gellar
Glowing skin, healthy golden tan!

Image result for sarah michelle gellar
Sexy Seductress!
Image result for sarah michelle gellar
And then eventually bye bye Buffy …
Image result for sarah michelle gellar
Was the nineties that long ago???
Image result for sarah michelle gellar
Today, Gellar has a hard time getting cast, if at all. She is more famous for biting Beyonce in the face than as a movie star these days! When Beyonce was asked if she wanted to have Gellar beat in an alleyway for the attack, Beyonce graciously replied no, “that bitch is on drugs and is usually chill”!

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Hewitt started a singing career in her teens, made her acting breakthrough on Party of Five which was a pretty good show if I rightly remember and was the lead actress in the I Know What You Did Last Summer franchise.

Image result for jennifer love hewitt
To be honest never a fan of this one’s looks – but cute I guess if you held me up at gunpoint and made me say so!
Related image
One of Jennifer Love Spewitts (I mean Hewitts) better photos!
Related image
Woh! She apparently and with good humor apologized for looking so” wrecked” at one of her first red carpet appearances in years! Gotta give her that one!
Related image
And then came the Heroin, sad 😦 Drug addiction ist not something I would wish on my worst enemy! Hope you get better, Jennifer!
Related image

Neve Campbell

Neve was definitely pretty and spared us the style of bimbo acting held by many of the women on this list. Another Party of Five graduate with the Scream franchise being her most famous roles!

Related image
Image result for neve campbell the craft
Image result for neve campbell the craft
Looking lovely in The Craft (1996)
Related image
Time and genetics have been kind to Ms. Campbell! At the unmentionable age of 45 in Hollywood. She looks amazing! Go Neve!
Related image
GORGEOUS! Okay definitely inspired to get off the chair, slap my face with some moisturizer and drink a bunch of water!

Tara Reid

If you haven’t heard by now how this formerly pretty actress butchered herself with plastic surgery than your head must have been buried under a camel’s ass! Anyway, Reid struck gold with American Pie and went on to star in many films including Urban Legend 2.

Image result for tara reid urban legend
Related image
Reid looks healthy and full-faced with a bit of a Jennifer Aniston hairdo going on in Urban Legend.
About as hot as she ever was before it all went downhill. That Hollywood devil whispered in her ear “Tara, you are fat and need plastic surgery. Your skin is too pale, so make sure you bake it good in the sun”!
Image result for tara reid
And Tara listened…

Image result for tara reid plastic surgery
Ladies and gentlemen, it is important to note that heavy smoking and plastic surgery do not mix! Some chemical process from the inhaling of cigarettes impairs the body’s ability to heal correctly as Reid, found out the hard way!
Image result for tara reid
And yet she still stubbornly clings on to that cigarette. Oh well bye bye Miss American Pie…

Drew Barrymore

Yes, yet another star from Scream! Drew has such an iconic career, there really is not much need for an introduction. She is one of the most if not stunningly beautiful actresses on this list!

Related image
Related image
Image result for drew barrymore scream
I can’t honestly say it’s my favorite hairstyle in the world, but Drew can rock just about any haircut and make it look good!

Image result for drew barrymore scream
And here she is at the 20th Anniversary of Scream looking lovelier than ever!

Rachel True

She was the pretty black girl in The Craft who got a little bit pissed off at her racist blonde tormentor and took appropriate actions to silence the bigoted bully.

Related image
Image result for rachel true the craft
True in The Craft!
Image result for rachel true the craft
Stunningly and with natural beauty, True drew attention to The Craft holding up her own as being one of the very few African American females to be a sexy scream queen of the nineties.
Image result for RACHEL TRUE 2019
Today, Rachel True is 50! And looks amazing! I think she might be the winner of the most gracefully aged women on this blog!

Thus, here we have it the Scream Teen Queen Dreams of the Nineties today!

What of significance have we actually learned? Well, nothing, really except it must suck to have people comparing you at 50 to how you looked at 20!

Related image

Eating Tarantulas! Spider in a Can! DON’T DO IT!



They are organically raised which actually causes a rare problem. Due to the organic dehydration process, if a spider hasn’t fully dehydrated it will go into suspended slumber. The moisture in the air could bring the spider back to animation if left out of package too long. Good luck! 

Hez B. · January 25, 2017

So what kind of rubbish is this? Venomous spiders are dehydrated and can come back to life and kill you if you aren’t paying attention to the length of time between opening the can and cooking them! Plus as they are being produced in Cambodia, I would be highly skeptical of their laws regarding the way they treat animals and attention to the proper processing of this delicacy. Workers being paid 5 cents an hour are not likely to be that motivated to get the job done properly. Especially, when they know it’s being sent overseas to a bunch of rich Americans! I’m personally contacting the sellers of this product, Walmart, Amazon, and eBay and alerting them to this as well as various government food, health, and safety agencies!


Most of you have probably heard of that mysterious exotic world where the human consumption of tarantulas is quite prevalent.

Related image

No this is not Narnia nor a place where the hobbits do roam. It is Cambodia and as a tourist, you may want to very carefully watch where you walk! Can you imagine being in such a hurry to get back to the tourist bus that you slam straight into this lady carrying a top-heavy bowl of tarantulas!

The woman curses at you and you curse right back, frantically pulling off a mess of crunchy black twigs and throwing one right in her face, barely missing her eyeball. After returning to the bus, tired and famished, your fellow travelers all stare in horror and hurriedly stack their bags on any vacant seats beside them. One passenger actually asked the driver if you can be removed from the bus. A young girl asks her mother if that is really Spiderman?

You are now pissed off, exhausted and seriously starving, so ravenous you could actually eat a … To your horror, your tarantula pieced costume actually smells kind of good! The boys have been deeply fried, that delicious aroma of your favorite chili sauce fills your nostrils!

You start thinking, what exactly is the difference between a chicken leg and a spider leg? Isn’t it all just cultural beliefs instilled in our minds from years of being surrounded by cows and instead of gigantic arachnids!

Image result for eating tarantulas
Angelina Jolie happily chows down on some crispy critter legs.
Her tortured daughter clearly does not want to follow suit but is given little choice. And I thought my days a child of having to clear my plate before leaving the table were bad!

Tarantulas apparently are kind of tasty! Their protein filled cuisine is no longer just a delicacy for wealthy celebrities and the third world’s answer to spam! You too can enjoy some tarantula in a can, right here in the good old United States at a surprisingly affordable price! Right from the comfort of your armchair, you can annoy your roommate with the loud crunching of spider joints and completely nauseate him as he hears that squish as you suck out that soft spongy middle. By the time you start to use the coarse wiry hairs as dental floss on your teeth, he is already calling a moving van!

Related image

I just can’t imagine a better way than to conquer a severe phobia, than to eat it!
Image result for dehydrated zebra tarantula

From the manufacturer:

“High in protein, our Zebra Tarantulas are sourced from Cambodian Tarantula breeders as opposed to being taken from the wild. Given their lack of urticating (irritating) hairs, they’re nervous yet defensive arachnids, known to be very aggressive with one of the most potent venoms of all tarantulas as their only defense is fight or flight. It is though completely safe to eat the whole spider – the legs are great dipped into soy or sweet chili sauce!

*Supplied canned in a smoked sea salt brine
*Ready-to-eat following a rigorous two-hour cooking process
*High in protein and zinc, low in carbohydrates.
*Sourced from sustainable stocks and organically fed
*Flash frozen, boiled with Thai herb Pandan Leaf then pressure cooked
*Free from artificial colors, flavorings, and preservatives. No MSG.
*Ideal for use in Bush Tucker Challenge charity fundraising events
*Contents: One tarantula spider per can
*Net weight: 30 grams / 1.05 ounces
*Packaging: Sealed ring pull recyclable aluminum can
*Shipped: Boxed
*Crunchy Critters supports Fairtrade Practices

Nutrition per 100 grams: Protein 19.3% | Fat 2.9% | Saturates 1.1% | Carbohydrate 1.3% | Sugar 0.5% | Energy in calories 115 | Dietary Fibre 2.8% | Salt 0.51

Please click either the link or picture to purchase from Amazon.com
  • Meat Maniac Salted Zebra Tarantula (Haplopelma Albostriatum)
  • 100% REAL Zebra Tarantula!!
  • ** Please note: This tarantula is very delicate & we will do our best to ship them intact, but we cannot guarantee the tarantula will be completely intact. 

So far so good! You will receive 100% pure tarantula in a can with none of those disgusting fillers! It is super healthy because it is SALTED not FRIED with no harmful additives like spider venom or MSG! And if you are super lucky your tarantula in a can will arrive in one solid piece!

If you are just turned off by the gallon of salt in the Meat Mania brand. You are still in luck as Newport Jerky Company has a salt free version! You can savor the real taste of the spider without any salt to hinder the delicious meat.

Please click on either the link or the picture to purchase from Amazon.com

So now that you have bought your buddy in a can, what do you do with him?


  • Eat it! Eat it grossly in front of others and ruin their lunch!
  • Use in Bush Tucker Challenge charity fundraising events!
  • Give it as a gift to your unsuspecting cheating ex-girlfriend. Make sure to remove the label and replace it with your own handwritten one. Filled with love hearts and her name drawn beautifully in Calligraphy!
  • Take it as your plate to a Christmas dinner party. Place it quietly on the table while people are busy laughing and paying no attention!
  • Leave leftovers on the couch for your family to sit in!
  • Distribute legs over everybody’s plate at Thanksgiving. Act truly hurt and surprised at the combination of yells and screams! After all, you were just trying to help 😦
  • Use your girlfriend’s toothbrush to scrape all the hairs and goo off your teeth then leave it in the middle of the sink. After she screams bloody murder, remind her that you guys were making out before you even brushed your teeth and she wasn’t complaining then nor when you really went oral!
Image result for person eating a tarantula

Finally, remember eating tarantulas can be messy and hard on the clothing. Especially when you are dipping the legs in that chili sauce! Don’t forget your apron and bib during feast time! Click on the pictures or links to purchase from Amazon!

The Cover GIRLS of eBay!

They missed the bus to their Victorias Secret interview and  Tyra fired them from Top Model for smoking crack in the bathroom.  They thought their dreams of becoming the next Adriana Lima were over!   However, fate held a job with far more prestige and glamour than any cover of Vogue!  These are The Cover Girls of eBay!

The Planet of the Apes Extra


The most sort after extra for the Planet of the Apes series! She works for a paycheck of only two bananas and has a line of fans a mile long with special guest appearances at every POA convention.

The Giant Midget


She can model for both petite sized clothing as well as the extra tall.  Now that’s versatility!

The “Guess” Again Girl

Vintage Jean Guess Jacket- I USED TO LOVE GUESS! NOW I MUST GUESS AGAIN! Lose the pants but please don't photograph it.

 Neither Claudia Schiffer nor Anna Nicole Smith could make this outfit work. The wrinkled pants and harsh underwear lines are worn so effortlessly by this eBay Guess superstar!

The Potato Head Girl

Is the symmetry just off - or is that a tiny body supporting one GIANT head!

Remember Mr. Potato Head?  We just found his mail-order bride!

The Blonde Muscle Fountain

The barely hidden protruding penis adds a fresh look to this lovely lady.  We love the sheer fierce no-nonsense pose contrasting beautifully with the tranquil background.  There just Ain’t no fountain high enough ….

The Chipmunk Girl

My squirrel is hungry, can you share some of those nuts you are storing in your cheeks?  Thank you :)

This girl has all the luck, a very nice figure and the ability to store enough nuts in those cheeks to feed every starving squirrel in Africa!

The Retired Coked Out Strippers

Girl’s just wanna have fun…  To be 60, look 70  and dress like your 20.  You’ve got the best of three decades!  Thank you for being too high to untie each other’s bathing suits!

The Young Boy posing as a Teenage Girl for Pedophiles and just got caught by their Mother 

I came home and caught my 12 year old son in a dress!

Oops, mom.  He bought it for me from eBay!

Shy Plain Jane with a Camel Toe


Hollywood stars fork out big bucks for fake camel toes and this completely bored look this lucky lady has naturally been blessed with!

The Overweight Meth Smoking Unshowered Trailer Park Lady


“Come in” she grunts to you in a hoarse croak.  The cigarette smoke burns your eyes but spares you temporarily for the eyesore that awaits you.   You are not sure if she is pulling out that bra or stuffing it back in.  You run screaming and crash straight into Leatherface in the motorhome next door.  He just looks at you with sympathy, puts down his chainsaw and drives you back into town.

The Androygenous Abercrombie & Fitch Model who played an Elf in Lord of the Rings

I'm sure he is a very nice guy

You remember his/her name right and the part where he/she is helping the elf king doing something important in order to fend off the dwarves and the trolls because one of the hobbits just lost the ring again and he/she appeared in a beautiful halo of light handing it to Golem…

The Bitchy Asian Alexis Colby

Dynasty is back and has moved to China!!!  Welcome back Joan Collins!

For those of you who ever watched the 80’s nighttime soap Dynasty, you should be familiar with the reference.  Joan Collins eat your heart out and Krystle, there is a new bitch in town after your man!

Untitled - 1

Want more check out my Pinterest page…

Women who Change their Race.

Image result for famous dark skinned models

Yes, there are now women out there who are changing their race as casually as they change their purse!  These are not your usual common cases of some over tanning or wearing a blond weave.  These ladies (and sometimes men) are causing much controversy and uproar amongst both black and white people.  But, really are we still living in a world so rigid, that we even have to identify with a particular race?  Yes of course we are but who cares about ignorant people still trying to force that way of thinking.   Race is not always internal for everybody.  Some people just consider themselves to be plain old human beings!  Be gone those stupid boxes that make you check what race you are.  It should be one box only that says “HUMAN”!  Though, the self-proclaimed “Human Barbie” might struggle with that one.  For her, they need a box that says “Plastic” or “Other Species”!  She is not a very nice person, hence my negative comment.

Image result for ugly human barbie photos

Anyway,  I say let them be who they want to be and look how they want to look!  They are not harming anybody else (I know many of you would argue against this) but they have the right to do to their own bodies as they wish and hang around with whomever they want.  We don’t exist in this world just to please other people.


Martina Adam aka Martina Big aka Malaikia Kubwa


Martina Adam, I love this woman.  I really just can’t get enough of her.  She fascinates me, I just want to crawl inside her head and get lost in that empty space! Martina Adam, a flat-chested white skinned German woman had always wanted to look like Pamela Anderson as a teenager. She then underwent 25 breast implant surgeries to proudly obtain the title of having “the biggest breasts in Europe”!


The former flight attendant, who changed her name to Martina Big,  proudly struts around with these gigantic basketballs on her chest.  That’s gotta take some serious balance. And still, plans to go bigger! She has accredited herself as a talented singer, model, and actress.  God bless her heart (hopefully the doctors can find it if ever necessary).  I like her video, I think it’s cute!

Martina soon becoming bored with the breast implants alone, decided she really needed to discover her true SOUL.  She went seeking on the horizon for a more exotic look.

Anybody know what is hanging off her bikini bottom?

Martina Big, aka Malaika Kubwa, soon found what she was missing.  Bye bye, Pamela Anderson look, that was so yesterday.  She decided to become a black woman.  Who knew you could even do that!  She had three melatonin injections in her stomach last year to make her skin black.  The injections apparently made her eyes turn a dark brown and her hair start growing out a “curly black” as she describes it.

Image result for martina big

She got full on weave of African textured hair and plans to have surgery on her face to have her nose widened. In addition some butt implants, which I think is sensible as it might help her balance out her boobs.

Fill-up planned: Martina Big's boobs are EVEN bigger!

Malakia’s favorite slogans “Bigger is better” and “Black is Beautiful”, seem to work for her.  She finally managed to have the best of both in her “Big Big world”!  You can read more about Ms. Kubwa at www.martina-big.com.   Martina gets a lot of hatred directed towards her, but she does not let it bring her down one bit!  I say congratulations, Martina and keep on being you.  I think you are a full- on Black woman now and a very strong one at that.  You have to deal with resentment from both races and that can’t be an easy thing to do.  STAY BEAUTIFUL!

2nd Supertalent performance: Busen-Martina is on it!



Black women flock by the thousands towards that jar of skin bleach…


It is far easier to find extreme examples of black women whitening their skin than white women blackening theirs!  No, supermodel Alek Wek did not bleach her naturally very dark skin and I’m glad she didn’t.  I know I have raved on about Martina, but I admit I am a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to the other way around.  I am still 100% in the belief that people can alter their appearance anyway they want to and should not receive slack or judgment about it.

We change our hair color, our eye color all the time – at least I do. Science and technology now have allowed us to dramatically change our skin color, so what is the big deal?


Now, I can play devil’s advocate when it comes to this controversy.  Skin bleaching in the US is almost like a major slap in the face towards everything that black people have suffered and fought for.  They literally shed blood to provide a more liberal pathway for future generations of color.  As a thank you, many of their predecessors are now trying to turn white which definitely does send out a strong message.  While we have role models like Alek Wek, Lupita Nyong’o, Nyakim Gatwech to name a few.  They proudly strut out there, with a self-confidence that cannot be bought in a bottle of bleach cream.  They are proud of their beautiful black skin in a world that still mostly rejects the very dark.  They don’t care that they strongly contrast with the majority of black female celebrities today who in an unspoken way, are promoting that black is not so beautiful.

I love this look – just gorgeous!

Skin lightening is very subjective to me.  Sometimes it turns out looking good, other times it turns out looking plain weird.  Ashy, not really white more of a translucent shade of gray!


These results are just hideous.  None of these women look like earthlings anymore.  It’s like the Black version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers,  where the aliens messed up and forgot to bring the melatonin with them!

Image result for skin bleaching horror

What shade is this?  I’m not sure white people are even that white unless they have become corpses!  Lil Kim, looked so cute in before picture before she went and turned herself into looking like a white tiger (minus the black stripes).

Okay – one last jab here.  Did anybody ever see The Omega Man with Charlton Heston!  A futuristic movie where he and Pam Grier are trying to escape a deadly plague.  This 1971 movie had to predict what was coming in the future.

Related image

Before the Plague!

Related image

After the plague! (Weird Coincidence?)

It is not to easy to accumulate many examples of skin bleaching turning out well.  It only seems to happen with wealthy celebrities who were already light skinned, and really didn’t need to go any lighter as they had beautiful golden toned skin already.  At least they knew when to stop!


Stacey Dash and Iman differ in this group as these two were fairly dark, but they’re lightened brightened skin seems to have made them both look younger than their years and works for them.  Tyra, Beyonce, and Rhianna, although still stunning, I really kind of miss their old look. They looked like faded versions of who they used to be.  They were good role models for young medium skinned girls to look up to.  Now there doesn’t seem to be any medium left in Hollywood.  It’s either super dark or super light!

Dangers to be aware of before you bleach your skin

  • Skin whiter than Nicole Kidman’s contrasting with African features. Looks weird.
  • Thinning of skin
  • Uneven Color Loss
  • Blotchy appearance, Redness, and Intense Irritation
  • Dark Grey Spots
  • Skin Cancer,
  • Acne,
  • Increased Appetite and Weight Gain,
  • Osteoporosis
  • Kidney Damage
  • There is a difference between Bleaching and Lightening Creams.  Both have dangers, however, the ones that say “lightening” are less severe.  Avoid any with the ingredients hydroquinone (now banned in Europe) and Mercury (banned in the USA).

Safer  Natural Methods

  • Lemon juice (use carefully)
  • Turmeric.
  • Raw potato
  • Aloe Vera
  • Coconut Water
  • Papaya
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Sunscreen
  • Healthy Skin Regimen

Most importantly, do your homework if this is a route you are determined to go.   Do not end up like this!

Image result for skin bleaching horror

Why I will NEVER do Airbnb AGAIN!

Airbnb stock

I was an Airbnb host for about five months.  I had an extra room, in a nice condo and it certainly helped pay the rent.

My first guest was a young from girl Korea.  She booked for one night and stayed for all of an hour. I overheard her giggling on the phone and making plans to stay with her boyfriend for the night.  A minute later she came out with tears pouring down her face telling me her mom was in the hospital dying.  I told her she could have a tissue for her crocodile tears, but a refund out of the question!

The second guest I really liked. A super fun lady with whom I shared some fun conversations over a glass of wine.  Unfortunately, a hitch occurred when the water was turned off for one night due to plumbing problems downstairs.  I apologized and tried to make it up for it by buying her dinner. She was cool but slightly irked.  However, we continued to chat and laugh together.  She thanked me as she left and said she would definitely book with me again.  When it came to rating time, I gave her five stars and was horrified to discover that she had left one star for me.  I tried calling her frantically, to ask her to revise the feedback before that ridiculous 48-hour rule was up. She didn’t understand the time limit of the rating system and promised she would change it after work.  Too much time had elapsed by then but she mistakenly thought Airbnb would make an exception. Nope, if it is one minute past 48 hours, obviously she is lying for the host!

Numerous guests came and went.  Most no bother at all,  a few others a headache.  It was really a stressful way to make extra money.  And, then the guests from hell arrived…

My email to Airbnb about how their system fails to protect the hosts tells it all.

TO: Airbnb Customer Relations

I can’t find out how to contact you, but this message is about a guest named Thomas M****y.   I had no idea that two men, a dog, and a girlfriend were arriving at my home on a Friday night at 9pm.  The booking was made at about 7.30pm and your phone app failed to alert me. To have an unexpected group of  people arrive was extremely stressful and  I was not prepared

The father named Thomas M. was rude to the point of being abusive. I was very tired but scurried around like a rat trying to accommodate them.  He was screaming at me about how he should have gone to a Motel Six despite my explanation that I was not expecting guests.



It started with his son having sex in the car with his girlfriend in front of all my neighbors! Thomas M went to bed after I finally got the room together.  The son mentioned he was also having problems trying to send a reservation through your app, so obviously, your glitch caused a lot of unnecessary chaos.  The son said that his dad was just always mean. At this point, after already being exhausted before they arrived, I wasn’t feeling well and went to sleep.

Both father and son got up before me and returned at some time during the day.  I had forgotten to leave out a key, I don’t function well rushed and pressured. The son had locked the front door when he left.  I never left the house and was sleeping heavily the whole time, as I was beginning the flu.   

Eventually, I woke up to a scene outside my front door.  I opened the door, the son and his girlfriend were there and stormed past me to the room and started packing up their stuff.  The son said his dad didn’t want to stay a second day and was demanding a full refund.  Then my phone rang and it was Thomas screaming all sorts of profanities, calling me a thief who had robbed them, a fraud and stating he had called the police on me. He said he had been pounding on my door for 48 minutes and that the police had been waiting outside. I  knew he was lying, the local sheriffs would not waste their time on this.

I then had the pleasure of reading a barrage of threatening texts from Thomas.  I had apologized for the key, as that was my responsibility.  I  would never have taken a booking, with a little over an hours notice!  I should have refused them, but how awkward and here come negative points against my Airbnb account! 


Thomas was relentless in his pursuit to punish me for all of this.  He said I had better give him all his money back!  I told him I would refund for the second night, however the $15 cleaning fee was non refundable, he showered, slept in the bed with the dog, left all my blankets on the floor, a messy bathroom, beds made in the living room, wet towels in the hallway and calling the police over a door his son locked was more than I needed to deal with.  He chose to use my accommodations for the night, thus he has to pay for that night. 

He was acting psychotic and claimed further things that were neither consistent nor rational, even saying he never came in the house? This was also becoming a case of extortion.  I returned $55 – one night plus half the cleaning fee – anything to make him leave me alone.  However, he would not stop and yes I lost my temper too!  Here are some of the texts below:

May 07 9:41am

You will get three stars

May 07 9:41am

Trying to return your money through Airbnb website.  And really lying about the police?  

May 07 9:41am

I never set foot in your house too.  At $65 I will sue you in court for much more!

May 07 9:42am


May 07 9:42am

The money I will take you to court

May 07 9:42am

Last warning!

May 07 9:42am

It’s amazing you’re talking to me today when I was trying to get in your house yesterday text messaging you and calling you no response

May 07 9:42am


May 07 9:43am

$65 hotels

May 07 9:43am

You left a mess. I have to clean and wash your crap. Plus you had a dog

May 07 9:44am

And I already posted on the Airbnb community who said I shouldn’t have let you in. Refunding your $49. Now leave me alone. Before I get a restraining order!

May 07 9:48am

$65 or I’ll sue you next week in small claims for the entire two days

May 07 10:19am

And restitution I will report you to your apartment complex and sue them too!

May 07 10:21am

You charge me $75 for 4 hrs

May 07 10:22am

And you went and got a beer

May 07 10:22am

I will see you in court I want it all back last chance

May 07 10:23am

If I don’t see my $$$$$$ of the $$$$ is not on my account in the morning, I’m going to your apartment complex and letting them know I’m filing a lawsuit against you and the facility.  I paid $140 to you!  I’m going to sue them $5000 for false advertising & fraud, they own the facility you used and I had no prior knowledge that you didn’t own the facility. You’recharging people to stay there so I will be suing you and your apartment complex which puts you in violation of the lease on your apartment, you could possibly be evicted immediately for violating your lease this choice is yours!!!

May 07 3:21pm

What you are doing is extortion and you need to stop. I refunded you for Saturday. And taking $6 off the cleaning fee. You and your son spent the night. I still have to clean after you. I’m not obligated to refund you at all but I did. Please stop any further harassment.

May 07 3:25pm

If you don’t give me my $65 I’m going to sue you-you don’t seem to understand this. You were supposed to provide a service and you didn’t!  I told you to keep the money the money for the first night, I slept in your bed on blankets remember that on blankets no sheets on the bed, do you remember that and waited for you to get the room ready, do you remember I wanted to leave then I was nice enough to stay, if you think you did me a favor by waiting in your home you were totally wrong and unprofessional ! I expect $65 back from you nothing less if I don’t get this I’m going to show you exactly what my legal rights are how the hell could it be extortion when I’m asking for my money back when you lock me out of your place, obviously totally out of it!   You know what I’m going by your complex tomorrow you won’t hear from me anymore I promise I will come knocking on your door but the manager of your complex I promise you…

May 07 3:37pm

Your son left at 10am. I charged you for only for one night and a partial cleaning fee. Again threatening somebody in order to obtain money is illegal. And again I’m politely asking you to stop and please stay away from my home

I sent out the $55 to this man.  After his threats to come banging at my door and upset the community I live in, I called the OC sheriffs to ask them to please speak to him.  The sheriff attempted also, but he couldn’t get a word in through Thomas’s screaming.  The officer ended up telling me that if he came to my door, then I had a right to file a restraining order and that Airbnb is not safe!  I asked the sheriff to please tell him I would give him the remaining $9 if he would just stop harassing me.  Plus, I asked your website to put out some sort of warning for other hosts. This man, in fact, should not even be allowed to continue to book as he is clearly mentally ill and dangerous!

May 07 4:24pm  (Thomas tries calling on the phone! I answer by text.) 

I don’t know if you listened to the sheriffs, but I want to be left alone. The amount I received for a night is $48 plus a one time $15 cleaning fee. The amount I had sent you was $55. The room would have been ready like it has been for other guests, however, I had no idea anybody was coming that night!  I received no alert and did my best to accommodate. I would have been fine had you gone to a Motel 6. So I will pay the $9 difference and waive the cleaning fee for your inconvenience over the key issue.  I do not like such unpleasantry and I called the sheriffs because people threatening to come to my house and hang around my complex doesn’t make me comfortable being a single female.  So for my own safety, I did so.

I will send you the difference. You are paid in full. But, if you continue to harass or try to cause me problems than I do have the right for a restraining order. So, let’s end this negative energy and be done. I will send it to you now. I don’t know how long it takes to show in your account. Have a good night!

4 hrs

You can give out all the excuses you want your services was piss poor at best. I asked you to give me back my $65 and you’re still trying to jack me.  If you give me my $60 I have no issue with you

3 hrs

How am I trying to jack you, I am trying to pay you the money? I had an issue sending it online because it is telling me that that I cannot do so and I am on hold with Airbnb as we speak to ask them for assistance on how to do it. I had sent $55 earlier. I don’t see where it is recorded or shows and now it’s telling me that I can only send $63. So I am making sure that that money goes through and I send the correct difference.

3 hrs

I don’t think it shows instantly, I have never done it before, I cannot control their website but making every attempt to resolve this so I can move on with other things in my life here

3 hrs

I emailed Airbnb to check on the process. I believe it takes 48 hours, I don’t know, I am new to this website also. So nobody is jacking you. And I am pretty sure it has gone through, but I need a confirmation so I don’t double pay. Thanks.

3 hrs

Nothing yet

3 hrs

As I said it’s probably going to be a couple of days. I have called, no answer, emailed waiting for a reply. I sent $55 and as soon as I know that that went through correctly I will send the other $9. In the meantime, there is nothing else I can do!

(End of email to Airbnb)

So, once this annoying psycho got ALL his money back, he still wouldn’t leave me alone! Two weeks later I got a text message at 2.30am from Thomas.

  “I’m coming over!”. 

Infuriated I immediately reported him to Airbnb again.  Their Trust & Safety division is a joke!  First, they told me not to leave any this man any negative feedback because that would just make him angrier and jeopardize my safety. However, he was allowed to leave me negative feedback which they REFUSED to remove!  They took no responsibility for their app malfunctioning.

Thomas 6

Later I had found one of my spoons bent backward, burned with a sticky brown substance!  Nice, Heroin in my house!  Even after sending a photograph of this over to Airbnb, they protected Thomas and wouldn’t remove the feedback left for me.  I was so done with this website and told them to cancel my account immediately!  Clearly, no protection exists for the hosts as we are considered the “bad guys” just like sellers on eBay and Amazon. The customer is always right, even if he is a demented stalker!

I decided to do a little further research on Thomas.  I nearly threw up when I saw his facebook.  On his profile, he pretended to be a good kind Christian man, a respected member of a church.  All his posts were of the same topic – mutilated, burned and children with horrible injuries!  And under each photo, he would write “aw poor little girl” etc… What that was all about, I hate to think!  His fellow church members were replying with “you need serious help” type comments!

All I can say is: AVOID AIRBNB!

It seems like easy money, but it is one of the most stressful attempts to make money I have ever experienced.  And this was not the only unpleasant encounter.  However, it was certainly the most disturbing!

Pretty Ugly Love

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Jane is an unattractive girl with low self-esteem and secretly hides the pure envy and resentment she feels towards her two stunningly beautiful best friends. She feels no that man will ever want her and has given up. But all of that changes when a handsome charming English man enters the bar one night and has his eyes set on Jane alone. Is he too good to be true or a real man who can see beyond fleeting beauty and flashy good looks?

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Coming soon Part II of Pretty Ugly Love

Jane Says


She is a force to be reckoned with…  Hamish is back but her boss has a thing or two to say about that!

10 Men to End the Online Date With!

It happens a lot with online dating, but try to avoid these scenarios or get out as soon as you can.  It just going to get more awkward!

1.  The Date You Didn’t Want!

boy, handsome, hoodie

So you got a name and a number confused with your online dating prospects.  Think you are talking to Plan A but then Plan C knocks at the door.  He barely made it on the list and was the one right at the bottom!  You are even less attracted to him in person.  He seems like a nice person, but don’t waste your own or his time. Be straight with him if you really aren’t feeling it. It’s the hardest thing to say, but far less cruel than ghosting him later.

2. The Super Hot Guy Trying to Get Laid!

Okay so you open the door and this guy stands before you who is just drop dead gorgeous. You are like OMG!  Try to compose yourself as he not just devastatingly handsome, but he is charming too.   He doesn’t wait very long to make his move,  your brain, and common sense are in the off mode and it’s been so long you forgot!

adult, attractive, beard

After the deed is done, you hear the famous line “I’ll call ya”.  And he disappears off into the night never to be seen again! Too good to be true and you knew this was coming. Maybe you are okay with it, more power to you.  But, if you are not- JUST SAY NO!  He is after one thing and an easy test of his character is his reaction to when he sees he’s not going to get it. The date will end very soon, and you still won’t hear from him again. At least you won’t feel used!

3. The Creepy Texter!

Admit it, you were lazy and only barely checked out his profile. One cute profile picture along with a message that said”Hi beautiful, I would love to get know you” was enough for you to impulsively send him your number

He sounds really nice and then all of a sudden his texts turn weird.  He is all about conspiracy theory, survivalists, hiding in bushes, thinks he has a problem with werewolves in his trees.

black-and-white, cross, guy

The messages get more and more bizarre and at this point, you are freaked out. After actually reading his profile, you consider either changing states or countries!  READ PROFILES before you give out your phone number.  It’s way too easy for weirdos to track you down these days!

4. The Constant Texter!

So you did read his profile this time, saw pictures of him with his arm around his sister, and he seems so sweet and normal.  You text back and forth for a bit, he is very attentive and you are flattered!  You are getting tired and politely say good night. However, the incoming text ring keeps going off incessantly!

By the time you wake up in the morning, your phone is completely dead and when you turn it back on you have a myriad of essays texted to you that make “War and Peace” look like a short story!

As you start skimming through pages and pages of messages with way too many “lol’s, rows of emoticons, question marks as to why you are not replying, links to his facebook and twitter followed by links to every member of his family and friend’s facebooks and their twitters,  you should be seeing a red flag!

Man Wearing Maroon Blazer Leaning on Gray Concrete Wall While Using His Smartphone

And just when you think it’s safe to continue charging your phone – another text comes through saying “Are you awake?”.  DO NOT RESPOND AND CHANGE YOUR NUMBER!

5.  The Reminder of your Ex!

Okay, how weird right?  You are trying to get over your ex.  Out there, forcing yourself to date and then you happen to meet a guy online that kinda looks and sounds just like him. Just REMEMBER THAT EX did not work out so well and the universe can work in very strange ways!

Image result for blonde guy free stock image

You will often keep attracting that same kind of guy that broke your heart unless you change something within you.    Stay away from anybody who is going to trigger and remind you of any kind of pain from the past.  Even if he is a nice guy, you are going to be constantly pissed off at him because your brain is going to confuse some little thing he does, with some catastrophic painful incident thrown at you by ex-jerk off!

6. The Guy who Wants Photos of the Goods in Advance!

Does this guy ever get them?  And even classier when he sends you photos of his goods before you meet him.   Would he like it if some did that to his mother?

Portrait of a Man

7. The Guy Who Never Asks You any Questions about Yourself!

Ever had that experience?  The guy who is so literally elated and excited to talk about himself and every trophy he has won since the boy scouts!  Later, you recall the conversation and wonder – does this idiot even know my name? He is a narcissist. Beware!

topless man beside body of water

8. The Guy Who Never tells you Anything about Himself!

Ding! Cheating on his wife or girlfriend!  Patrolling the internet for women he can put on a show on for but will run as soon as he has to prove anything.  So much fun being on a date with somebody angrily glaring at their cell phone while constantly texting!  When he eventually excuses himself to take the call, grab all the free bread and quickly exit!

Image result for free stock photo cheating guy

9. The Guy who Gives you that Bad Feeling in your Stomach!

man wearing coat leaning on red wall

You have absolutely no idea why.  His manners are impeccable.  He is a perfect gentleman. He seems sweet and kind.  He even owns his own cat rescue organization!  But something about him is giving you the jitters.  What is it, does he remind you of a young handsome Ted Bundy?  Don’t even waste your time playing private investigator! You know what they say, always trust your gut instinct.  It truly is there for a reason!

10. The Guy that is Just Not Into You!

Ouch, the worst!  You’ve been texting this guy for weeks and in fact, you think you are better looking than he is!  Then you see a look of unmistakable disappointment in his face when he sees you.

man in gray crew-neck T-shirt

However, he is either a nice guy and will politely continue the date or suddenly get a text that his mom has been rushed to the hospital!  This is not something that is easy on self-esteem.  Screw him, who is expecting Cindy Crawford?  Even then, he would probably find some flaws in her!

Persian Rug Mysteries

I have two Oriental/Persian style rugs which I am trying to find the value of before I sell!

Rug Number 1

I found a discarded somewhat dirty but beautiful “Persian” Rug. At least I believe it is, and it does seem to be handcrafted as the stitches are not straight and the fringe looks hand tied.

I have watched every YouTube video on the planet trying to figure out its value. Can anybody out there help me with this? I would like to sell if it is worth money, despite the fact that it goes perfectly with my furniture 😦

The colors are beautiful and vivid! A good sign I think. Has a bit of a grayish tinge not sure if that is dirt or color it is supposed to be. Possibly vegetable dye? 8 x 11 Feet!

Clearly has some discoloration and stains in certain areas – from dirty or possibly that is how vegetable dye might look.
Here is the fringe – hand tied? Some of the color from the rug appears to have run into the fringe. The stitching on the edge does not look machine made either, it is not exactly perfectly aligned!
Close-ups of the back. There is no label anywhere to be found!

Finally here is a close up of the actual fibers of the front of the rug!

Rug Number 2

Given to me by a friend who was about to throw it out who received it from somebody else Thus more mysterious origins. It is much thinner than Rug Number 1. Not so vibrantly colored but very pretty! The fibers do not seem as soft. Almost cotton like.

Size is 8,5 x 11.5 Feet!
Again not a label in sight!
Kind of a unique pattern!
The backside of the rug!

Anyway, I would really appreciate if anybody who knows anything about these sort of rugs could offer any input…


Homeless Celebrities SHOCKER!

As usual, I got caught up in a bunch of YouTube videos this evening that distracted me from the usual thrills and glamour of eBay. Must remember, eBay pays the rent, not YouTube! Anyway, I was abruptly woken back into a harsh reality as I saw videos showing that even famous celebrities can be just as close as one step away from sleeping on a concrete bench as the rest of us can!

It goes to show it’s not how much money you have, it’s how you manage it! When these stars light up your screens, they give off the illusion of somehow being untouchable, either that or they have lousy accountants …

5. Toni Braxton

Image result for TONI BRAXTON

Sinfully gorgeous and with a unique voice that sold millions of records, how does a Grammy award winner end up sleeping on a park bench?

Related image

Not quite sure how she went through all that money, but she filed bankruptcy twice and her house was foreclosed upon. She luckily ended up being taken under the care of her young sister Tamar.

Now I would be getting my money back by SUING whoever took this very unflattering shot of me! Not cool!

4. Tom Sizemore

Image result for Tom sizemore young

I had no idea he was that handsome when young!

Under weird circumstances, I met Tom myself when he was homeless. Okay, he did have a roof over his head but it did not belong to him. He was illegally squatting in a loft in downtown Los Angeles, having quite the party.

That was one night I will never forget. The loft had no furniture, not even a bottle of water or milk in the refrigerator. It was freezing cold and I couldn’t tell you his outlook on life, any more than he could as he was somewhat under the influence.

Image result for Tom sizemore young

All I could think of was that weird nipple pinching scene in Natural Born Killers! And no not in a kinky way, but because that part of the movie gave me the heebie-jeebies more than all the rest of the blood and gore in it put together!

Related image

Anyway, out of some respect for another person’s privacy, I will leave it at that. Since then, Sizemore has been arrested for meth, heroin, various attacks on women … He’s come a long way since Saving Private Ryan!


Related image

I always thought she was kind of pretty, though haven’t seen her in quite a while. I would not have guessed she had suffered through the homeless route! Remember the cute teenager in American Pie and But I’m a Cheerleader!

Then drug addiction and Hepatitis C threw her out on to the cold mean streets of New York in the mid-2000s!

Image result for NATASHA LYONNE

Lyonne managed to get back on her feet. She stars in Orange is the New Black these days. Though, she looks quite a bit different it is always great to hear stories of people recovering. You’d have to be a really rotten person in this world (the animal torturing kind) for me to wish homelessness on you!

2. Willie Aames

Image result for willie aames charles in charge
Charles in Charge of our days and our lives, Charles in Charge of our wrongs and our rights! And you see, I want Charles in Charge of me…

Great now that I got that annoying song stuck in my head, you may know of Scott Baio’s sidekick, Willie Aames. He starred in the 80’s hit show Eight is Enough and later graduated to the above-named sitcom.

Image result for willie aames charles in charge

Scott Baio and Wilie Aames dressed up in women’s clothing for
Charles in Charles. 
 My gosh how many movies and TV shows used that same gag in that era.  
And how dumb were the supporting characters who could never figure out they 
were men!

Seriously can anyone of you resist splitting your pants with laughter over the hilarity of the 80’s style sitcom boosted with an obnoxious soundtrack that had to tell you when something was actually funny! How weird is that right? Brainwashed in being told when to laugh…

Image result for willie aames homeless

The least Charles could do is help carry this damn elk head.  

Selfish narcissistic jerk!

So, yep Aames became homeless and supposedly today he is back on his feet. He actually doesn’t even interest me enough to care to research. Not sure why I even mentioned this one!

1. Erin Moran

Related image

It must be some sort of Scott Baio curse! Co-star with him and you will either be molested or homeless or both! Erin Moran, we will always remember for playing Joannie on Happy Days or not remember for the extremely forgettable spin-off Joannie Loves Chachi didn’t fare so well in her later years after being a teen heartthrob in the early eighties.

Related image
The stars were in her eyes for a bright future...
Image result for erin moran
Marion Ross who played Moran’s mother on Happy Days barely looks older than Moran!

Unfortunately, this story is similar to the other aforementioned dreams gone wrong. However, this one turns out very tragically. Moran became another former child star with drug addiction, ended up homeless and unfortunately was found dead in a trailer at age 56.

Image result for erin moran

RIP Erin 😦

Okay now that I have depressed myself after writing that blog, eBay suddenly seems a lot more exciting!

10 Celebrities SEVERELY Overrated for their Beauty!

As a follow up to my top ten celebrities hotter than Angelina, here are ten that I don’t even think come close to stepping in her league.  Yet, some of the women on this list at one time or another have earned the prestigious spot of being in the top 10 most beautiful women in the world! 

Everyone has a different opinion of what they consider to be attractive so tell me why these women have made the list!

10. Giselle Bundchen


The most overpaid supermodel in the world with a husband considered prettier than she is!  Well, she must be doing something right.  Her features remind me of a gazelle or antelope.  Sarah Jessica Parker is prettier than she is!

9.  Loni Anderson

The blonde bombshell sex kitten that starred in the 1980’s sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati and married Burt Reynolds. She is not hideous.  Just funny looking.  Maybe I’m biased by the horrible 80’s hair that looks like a peroxide helmet.  I think she would look better as a brunette and she reminds me of a deer with the big doey eyes.

8. Selena Gomez

Image result for SELENA GOMEZ

Файл:Selena Gomez - Walmart Soundcheck Concert.jpg

Teenage Disney star turned pop singer, Selena Gomez is cute looking.  But that’s about it.  Nothing about her stands out to me as being stunning, or different.  And without the hairstylist, the makeup and the publicity crew behind her trying to brainwash you into thinking she is more gorgeous than she is, I highly doubt you would even notice her walking down the street.

7. Stephanie Seymour

Related image

Image result for stephanie seymour

Seymour was famous for being one of the top 1990’s top Victoria Secret’s Model.   She was also known for her involvement with Axel Rose and appearances in three Guns’Roses videos.  Her features appear far too harsh and birdlike to be classified as beautiful.  Plus the nose…

6. Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel

Seventh Heaven turned movie actress, formerly involved with Justin Timberlake.  Not ugly, not gorgeous either.  Doesn’t appear to be aging well with the bags under her eyes and crows feet.

5. Cameron Diaz

Related image

Image result for cameron diaz ugly

Again the face is too harsh for my taste.  The eyes so far apart they remind me of a hammerhead shark!  Diaz like Biel also has not aged well.

Image result for cameron diaz ugly

4. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway at an event for Les Misérables (2012)

Anne Hathaway, Oscars 2013

She reminds me of one Paul McCartney in drag in this picture!

Image result for anne hathaway

 Just an average looking girl next door…

3. Mila Kunis

Image result for Mila Kunis

Image result for Mila Kunis

Image result for Mila Kunis

Another Selena Gomez type look.  Nothing to write home about!  Actress from That Seventies Show and wife of Ashton Kutcher.

2. Demi Moore

Image result for demi moore

Oh, dear number two on my list happened to share the same husband as number three!   I would say that Demi in her day was far better looking than Kunis ever was.

Related image
Does every Hollywood actress have to look like one of the Beatles at some stage in their career!

Image result for demi moore

I think Demi would look better if she stopped trying to hold on to the fountain of youth.  It worked for a while, but now I think it’s time for her to realize that her twenties have long gone! 

1. Gwyneth Paltrow

Image result for gwyneth paltrow

Somewhat pasty and ordinary looking.  Her personality is arrogant and obnoxious.  She has made snooty statements that are not exactly humble or beautiful.  Paltrow has stated that she deserves to get paid the amount of money she does because she is good at her job and why pretend to be on the same level as those who make $25,000 per year!  Nobody asked you to, Gwyneth, why not just shut about it.  Do we really care what you think of your own talent, that much, what’s more, important is what others think of it and where you are now!

Image result for gwyneth paltrow

Oh, dear Gwyneth, would anybody even have noticed you if you did not have parents already established in the entertainment industry to set you up with the right connections … And how long has it been since anybody talked about Shakespeare in Love!

Gwyneth Paltrow Picture

Hottest Madonna Photos of the Mid-80’s!

Madonna in una delle foto inserite nel programma del Virgin Tour (1985)

This is the time when Ms. Ciccone came to fame with her first two albums.  There was something about her look back then that none of the Madonna wannabees could even pay her justice by trying to imitate her.  Why?  Because they weren’t her and they just didn’t have that unique and amazing sense of style, confidence, and talent.

tumblr_o7i4zwVK0t1vqkb6to6_250.gif (245×160)

Madonna had a different kind of beauty that might not have landed her on the cover of Vogue but was far more memorable and striking.  After all, who even remembers those models at that time!


I was never a fan of the fake mole. She really didn’t need it.  But loving the dark lipstick and mesmerizing green eyes!

I love that young innocent cute look!

Madonna Desperately Seeking Susan

Not everyone call pull off orange.  Madonna looked amazing in about any color of her choice!

Classy and Romantic!

Pinned from Pin It for iPhone

Cute and sexy without even having to bare her assets!


Just plain sexy!


Less makeup and accessories, but looking fresh-faced and pretty.  Not so sure about those baggy pants.  Oh well, it was the 80’s!

neon.jpg (736×1125)

Loving the Lime Green!

From 80's supermodel Brook Shields to film sirens like Sophia Lauren and Marilyn Monroe. Click here to see the most iconic brows that will inspire you to put down the tweezers.

One of my favorite styles.  The black tank, beads, crucifix and side ponytail she sported at the 1985 American Music Awards!

Gorgeous!  From Desperately Seeking Susan publicity posters.  It wasn’t the greatest movie and Rosanna Arquette paled in comparison to Madonna’s presence.  However, what made the movie was exactly what – her presence!

Yup I’ve often been to Denny’s in just a shirt and thigh highs.  Somehow I just wasn’t as relaxed as Madonna is!

Beach Beauty!  Madonna hated the photographer but ended up liking the results!

This punk style would still look awesome even in 2018!


I love her hair!  I literally fried mine off trying to copy her!


From one of her most absolutely beautiful photo sessions!

Material girl

Marilyn, this is the only woman who can give you a run for your money!


Again loving the lime green and black lipstick!

How iconic is this look?  Her originality never fails to amaze me!


The French Twist – again my hair would not co-operate in this style!


Punk, Feminine, Girly, Perfection!


Watch out boys, here she comes…

For more awesome Madonna pics, please check out my Pinterest board



The Cover BOYS of eBay!

The easiest refrigerator sale he ever made…

These guys work very hard and take their job extremely seriously.  GQ is so yesterday when you can be a male eBay model! 

Eastern Europe meets the Tiny Tomato Jacket!

This I think might be two sizes too small???

  He ate only tomatoes, sacrificed the sun, and squeezed into a jacket two sizes too small to create one of eBay’s hottest photo shoots!  

Honey, I Look Better than Beyonce!

Rock that wig, girl???

 I wouldn’t argue with him. Talk to that hand and watch it slap you!

The Prep Boy in South Central


Dr. Dre meet USC!

The “I’m not really in the Army but just look like it” Guy!


What is more, fun, getting up at 4am to the tune of 500 push-ups or simply wearing the outfit that makes it look like you have!

The “Forever Dickies” Guy


Old Navy, just give it up!  Gap, we don’t even remember who you are? Banana Republic, you’re lucky if your shirts fetch $3 in a Thrift Store!

Women want a Dickies man!  A man who will proudly strut around in 100% polyester khakis and take you out to Dennys for dinner!  He is super hot, blue collar, rugged with calloused hands and a freezer full of microwaved dinners!


“This T-Shirt Gets Me all the Bitches” Guy

Where Is That Pet Store Some Guys Have All The Luck Fridge Magnet 2 5 x 3 5 | eBay

You too could be sporting three pet females on a leash if you invested $9.99 in this T-shirt! Also comes equipped with free muzzles for the odd times you do want those bitches to keep their mouth closed!

The “My Pants with NEVER be Tight or Gold enough” Guy


  They just never will …

The “I just used the restroom, happened to look in the mirror and selfie time” Guy

 We have all been there.  Used the bathroom, looked in the mirror and had no idea how fine we really looked.  How much would the world suck without cell phones to catch us when we look super hot!  Plus there may just be an eBay talent scout coming out of the stall right next to you.

The “Baby Powder Blue Diapered Sippy Cup” Guy

Your momma would tell you to cross your legs there you ugly beefcake! Nobody wants to watch you sport your powder baby blue speedos with NOTHING even to fill them with…  Do the world a favor and buy yourself a bra!  I blame Trump for this!


The “I Can sell this Lamp in the Background for $99” Guy


Only if the lamp comes WITHOUT him!

The “Pretty in Pink Moving Service” Guy

s-l640 (4)

Don’t discard her strength and agility when she and the girls drive up in their bright crimson pink moving truck!  They will never break one of your Waterford Crystals!  Plus, as they look with pure disdain at that comforter you got from Ross, you will end up donating half of your furniture anyway!

The “Check out my Designer Kitchen Appliances” Guy!

s-l640 (1)

Seriously, if I am going to buy a refrigerator I would like to see the whole product!

The Evil behind Ghosting and the Silent Treatment!



Once it was called the Silent Treatment, now it is called Ghosting! 


The definition: The practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.

Image result for GHOSTING

EVIL may be a harsh word.  However, it is not harsh enough if you logically contemplate the true dynamics behind the narcissistic loser who does this to you.  Stop for a moment and contemplate the pain and humiliation they KNOW they are deliberately causing you.   Do not mistake any of this for any sort of caring about you!  Trust me, none of this is about trying to further a relationship with you or anything positive at all.

This Silent Treatment is done for a few reasons:  he has met somebody else and wants to keep you on the back burner, he is too much of a coward to break up with you or you have done something to bug him so he is punishing you with this diabolical game in order to put you back in your place and control you again with HIS rules.  Were you too needy with him, well you need to learn you are not that important to him!



He stands you up for a date, you call repeatedly and he never answers the phone.  You text him “WTF?” and no reply.  After worriedly calling the hospital and jail, you are disappointed to find he is in neither!  You can’t ignore the gut feeling that you have been dumped!

In desperation, your mind races for another possibility.  He dropped his phone in the ocean again while surfing!  He has done that at least four times in the last two months!  Wait, Facebook Messenger, he’s never far from his laptop!  You log on to find that he was active just over an hour ago. He changed his profile photo and you are no longer in it!


This is too painful to bear.  You have been seeing each other for months, everything was perfect.  You never had to text him first or make plans to hang out.  He couldn’t get enough of you and now he has vanished into thin air!

You feel like you have just been kicked in the stomach.   You cry and text continuously for a good four hours.  Eventually, you calm down and tell your cat:

” I’m seriously acting crazy and making assumptions. So what, one night I can’t get ahold of him and his facebook picture is different.  The world has not ended and of course, I will see him again!  He probably just had a bad day, and what did I do, bombard him with a bunch of needy texts that make me sound like a pathetic psycho! “

Your cat looks at you with a bored expression and also decides to give you the Silent Treatment.

Determined to fix this situation you then text:

“Hey, babe.  So sorry for all the texts.  I thought we had plans tonight and I was completely confused.  Were we supposed to have dinner tonight?  So sorry again for the freakout.  Please call me as soon as you get this message. I  love you and miss you!”

One more hour of silence passes.  Then the ever faithful desperation demon repossesses you once again.  This time bringing on feelings of complete rage and humiliation.   Round two of the texts begin. You hear that boxing bell ring, unfortunately, you are the only one fighting the match!


“What kind of selfish uncaring cruel excuse for a human does something like this.  You’re are an asshole.  Fuck you and whatever bitch you are fucking right now!’

You really should probably put down that wine bottle at this point.  Your fingers are furiously typing pages and pages filled with anger, sadness, and a desperate plea for a response, any kind of acknowledgment that you have existed in his world.  Why have you been ostracized?


You frantically promise you will do anything you can to make things right.   You go from complete panic to a brief moment of serenity, followed by some tears and loud wailing.  You accept you have far surpassed flying over the cuckoo’s nest.   You have stopped, landed on it and chased all the other birds out!   You know you have now destroyed any chance of getting him back.


Still, you don’t stop.  What do you have to lose at this point You blow his phone up until it eventually turns off.  You leave long sobbing messages apologizing profusely on his voicemail (though you have no idea for what?).  You wait a good 20 minutes and then try the “funny memories of the good times” angle.  By the end of the night, you want to just die!  You are helpless, defeated, and heartbroken. Your world as you know it has completely come to an end, the fear of the unknown is overwhelming and frustrating.  Your soul is completely drained of all dignity and happiness,


Eventually, you pass out, the alcohol didn’t exactly help the nuclear explosion of emotions but at least it put you to sleep.  You wake up with your head literally throbbing, and you lie there for a few minutes groggy and blank.  Then you remember last night. “Noooo…” you mumble.  “Please tell me this is nothing but a terrible dream”! You know it isn’t.


The battery from your phone is dead, you scramble around for the charger praying he replied and maybe thought the whole thing was cute or funny.  No such luck.  You get to look at your incredibly embarrassing texts and burst into tears.  “What have I done?”.  You decide no more texting if he hears your voice sounding normal it might make him remember the normal you again.  You try to think of the perfect cute sentence to play off the downright creepiness you projected to him last night.


“I’m so sorry babe.  I drank way too much wine last night and I know I made a complete ass of myself.  I’m so embarrassed, I swear my cat thinks I’m a nutcase,  (awkward laugh).  I was just really worried that something had happened to you and I was missing you so badly.  I love you so much, please call me and let me know that you are okay at least.  I really do love you, bye”.

You put down the phone and feel like a complete loser.  That was not cute or funny, sounded more like an addict begging for their last hit!


Now you have lost your will to do anything.  You decide to call in sick to work, go back to bed and cry yourself back to sleep.  You don’t wake up until early evening.  Of course, you immediately go for your phone, your heart racing.  You just feel that he called.  But there is nothing no response from him at all.  For the next couple of weeks, you try to tone it down.  Leaving a message every other day, just casually saying  “Hey there, just wanted to say hi and see how your week was going?”.  Never a response.  

You can feel actual physical pain in your chest, you have no appetite, your concentration at work is non-existent and your anxiety just over the roof.  You can’t accept in your head that this is real and keep thinking what happened?  What did I do wrong?  I was one playing hard to get and making him work for me.  He said he loved me, I am such a loser here!


This situation is extreme, however not uncommon.  When somebody we love ghosts us we are thrown into complete confusion and terrible pain.  We can’t understand why they did that to us and drive ourselves crazy wondering what we did wrong?  And yes, the girl, in this case, sounded like a stalking nut job.  However, one moment she was happily in love and feeling secure in what she thought was a great relationship and the next moment that was all snatched away from her without warning or explanation. As if she wasn’t even worth it and she started to blame herself for “overreacting to the cruel and cowardly behavior of somebody she had no reason to believe would ever do that to her!


DON’T beat yourself up!  He made you crazy, he was rude and what he did to you was excruciatingly painful!  Clearly, he is one selfish, spineless cowardly excuse for a human.  For somebody to suddenly cut off all contact with another human being they claimed to love as if they were nothing but a Craiglist one night stand… And then guilt-free continue on with their merry life,  feeling triumphant that they had that much power over your emotions is not somebody worth losing any sleep over!


It’s 2018, by now we are all pretty much chained to our cell phones.  Please do not give this loser the satisfaction of continuing to text him over and over again, trying in vain to get the answer you so desperately want to hear.  You won’t get it!   You don’t need his last thoughts of you to be of a whimpering pathetic desperate nutcase!  I always love it when men have the nerve to call us crazy after they have obviously lied or disappeared and then attempt to twist the truth and put the blame on us.  One big finger up to these jerks!   They need to be put in the straightjacket!







Sociopaths and Rat Pellets!

Getting over the sociopath or narcissist in your life is hard enough.   Getting rid of them for absolute good can be a nightmare!  Yes, forgiveness is an essential part of healing to free us from the burdens of hate.   However, to “forgive”  simply means to let go of anger.  It does not mean to forget or ever think we have any obligation to ever put ourselves in the pathway of harm again.


The majority of these monsters will try and turn back up in your life at some point. Miraculously they have of course reformed themselves. They have not!.  They are simply low on resources and looking for ways to refill their honey jar.  And you are just part of their inventory.

Man With White Mascara And Bloody Shirt Holds Red Rose

They cannot humanize you any more than you should waste your time trying to humanize them!

Interacting with them again will go great for a VERY short period of time, However,  the moment they see that anything that threatens the control they believe to have regained over you, they will try to destroy it!  To see you happy and without the need of them will engulf them in an overwhelming rage. They will desperately try to disguise this fury for as long as possible under their new mask.

Run as fast as you can! This time the damage will escalate faster and more dangerously than before.  He is not nor ever will be your friend!


Anytime you engage yourself with this monster again, that freedom you worked so hard for will all have been for nothing!  You are not truly free. 

Your self-esteem no longer rests upon on how they treat you.  Their pathetic attempts to hurt you with the same tired insults are now plain boring!  It’s like wearing a bullet-proof jacket when somebody is shooting a BB gun full of rat pellets at you.  Kind of disgusting, kind of annoying but completely harmless unless you remove that jacket.

Be around normal people again!  Free yourself forever from the invisible cage of crazy making and gaslighting!   Only then will you start attracting those who genuinely have your best interests at heart.  Be aware that your new friends will flee for the hills if they discover that you allow him back around.  Nobody wants to sit and watch a friend self-destruct!

Finally, be very careful when you start dating again!  If you attracted a sociopath or narcissist in the first place, chances are extremely high you will unwittingly attract another!   Take some time to rediscover yourself and regain your self-esteem.   Get therapy if needed, there is absolutely nothing shameful in receiving support.  Don’t dwell on him, but remember the red flags and always go with your gut instinct before giving your heart to somebody else.  Your gut instinct is your tool for protection, built in and designed to never fail you!



Nightmare Men 101

  • The Sociopath

  • The Commitment Phobe

  • The Narcissist


This is a basic course on how to recognize the men of our nightmares before they become our nightmares!  For now, I will leave out the date rapists, serial killers, and those who like to expose themselves in zoos or churches.   These are the more common breed of beasts you maybe be dating or even married to. They can very quickly demolish your life,  heart, and sense of self if you miss the signs.

When you recognize a Nightmare Man, never look back! Run screaming for the hills and don’t stop,  for any reason.  A Jimmy Choo heel caught in the bushes is no excuse! Sacrifice it, before you sacrifice your sanity!



This lazy conniving vampire will target any easy opportunity. 

Victim Must Be:

  • Vulnerable
  • Gullible
  • Empathetic
  • Financially Resourceful

He will dehumanize and feed off you like a parasite. He loves to manipulate with the silent treatment, disappearing acts, crazy-making and gas lighting.  However, so long as you are providing, he is taking

He Wants:

Control, material goods, free accommodation, and a satisfied ego.  Most importantly he needs his victim to provide a cover for him to pass off as a normal trustworthy human being. However,  he doesn’t want all the responsibilities that come along with that. How else will he indulge in his addictions, commonly drug abuse, gambling, stealing, sexual etc.?  

His agenda is ultimately selfish and ruthless.  You would have an easier time finding a Gucci purse in Walmart than finding any real humanity in this man.  Fortunately, he can only fake it within his current circle of people for so long… 

Sociopaths very rarely have any control over their behavior.  They are impulsive and often blow their own game before anybody else can.  When he is caught, guess what comes out of his mouth “It’s you who are the crazy evil one”!   Wait, how many times have you been arrested and how many times has he – don’t waste your breath arguing with this fool.  Walk away!


The sociopath will of course  “love bomb”  you in the beginning.  It can be easy to miss the signs because they have rehearsed and repeated the same act for years.  If he moves in way too quick with the attention and phone calls take that as a definite RED FLAG!   Do not get blinded by the flattery! He will use methods to make you feel like you are more important to him than oxygen! In a way, he needs you just as much for his survival.


Sociopaths will also mirror you (basically imitate you, if were adopted, then so was he), copy your body language etc…   Give you some sob story about his life and try to find out as many of your sensitive areas.  He will pretend to be sympathetic towards them only to use them against you later.  I actually wonder if there is a handbook that these people follow.  Just exactly how do they all know the same formula to use!


Bottom line,  this individual has NO FEELINGS except pity for his own pain and emptiness.  Sociopaths are very jealous, they even envy the fact that we have a soul and would without hesitation steal it from us if they could.   He will charm you, lie to you, cheat on you, steal from you and possibly worse. There are different types of sociopaths and different degrees of their evil.  However, even the type categorized as being the least harmful IS STILL HARMFUL!

REMEMBER you CAN’T CHANGE OR CURE THEM!  You are dealing with a DEMON who enjoys watching you suffer.   
Animals Being Jerks Push GIF

Feeling sorry for a sociopath is like feeling sorry for Richard Ramirez bumping his knee as he crawled through somebody’s window to murder them.

Related image


Again that overwhelming romantic attention coming at you like a tidal wave!  Yes, we all love it but remember with this guy IT’S ALL ABOUT THE HUNT so make sure you give him a good chase before he goes Houdini on you.  He will be so cute, affectionate and vulnerable.  Suddenly you will be the center of his world and he is talking about plans to do stuff in the future!  That is until he has you.  Then GAME OVER!  Now he will freak out and no longer want you.


Compare it to a cat chasing a mouse!  The cat finally gets his claws on the poor creature and then gets anxiety on what he is supposed to do with it. The mouse will end up very upset, and then end up chasing the cat to try and question why her time and energy was wasted running in the first place. The mouse tries to figure out where she went wrong but this is all in vain as she will never get a straight answer!


When the CP has had enough of toying with you, that charming considerate guy will abruptly disappear.  The warning signs when this is about to happen are ironically when things are going really well.  You feel closer than ever to him.  He will then start being very elusive, not returning your calls and doing things to upset you to make you break up with him.  He can’t even commit to that!  You are totally confused, start over texting him and end up feeling like a crazy pathetic stalker for simply messaging “Good Morning”!  To not even a reply.  Nobody told you the game was over!

Image result for girl breaking up with guy

So do what he wants!  BREAK UP WITH HIM!  The harder you try to work things out with him, the faster he will run.  It can be a very heartbreaking experience but there is one thing that at least can be saved and that is your dignity! 

There is a reason why he left…

                  Image result for cheating husband online

The cold hard truth is that he is BORED with you and things were becoming relationship like.  He will always believe there is a “better” woman around the corner and you are a challenge to his freedom. He is already back on the hunt and as usual just too plain wishy-washy to deal with cleaning up the mess of his previous conquest. 

Related image

This is nothing new to him, he is used to being flooded with texts and tearful women. A situation he absolutely won’t deal with.  If you do see him during this time, most likely he will cut off sexual relations, stay only a very short period of time and take off leaving you feeling empty and heartbroken.  He will not talk to you about what is going on.  In fact, he may even start picking on your flaws. Plus, something will have suddenly changed in his life which is why he can’t see you.  He has a sick friend, he has to work more hours, his friends from college are in town etc…

Commitment Phobe = Coward + Selfish + A Little Lost Boy!

The commitment-phobe,  I believe is a form of a sociopath.  A sociopath is incurable in his disorder, a CP can get help, should he want it.  Very rarely he will.  He likes his life the way it is and he will do the same thing to this next girl he has left you for.  She still won’t be good enough, and that elusive perfect female is still out there.  He is somewhat evil in my opinion in the fact that he knows he is going to dump you from the beginning. Of course, he won’t tell you that because why would you want even want to go out with him in the beginning!  I think that is particularly cruel and premeditating.


Towards the end, his cowardly way of trying to get rid of you should make him seem a lot less attractive.  You look for some kind of compassion from him but all you will get is annoyance and avoidance.  A very selfish and using individual.  He has mommy issues or some woman hurt him so badly he can NEVER RECOVER!  Don’t feel sorry for this one either, he actually is able to feel, so in a way makes him even worse than the sociopath. Because he actually understands what pain feels like!



It’s all about them!  The over-inflated egos, the strong sense of self-entitlement, and the overwhelming need for the admiration of others.  They are flaky, prone to throw temper tantrums, use and abuse people around them.  Plus, they love to sit on their high horse and be very judgemental of others.


Ironically,  their self-esteem is pretty much wrecked.  The admiration and flattery of others is essentially their lifeline!.  You want to keep this guy, you better stay aboard the Love Boat with the special guest star being just himself! He might also play the captain, you will have the honor of being his skipper, bartender, and deckhand! 

Related image

The moment you question his magnificence you are going to get the cold shoulder.  He will only ever want to talk about himself, and what concerns him.  You will be lucky to ever be heard.  You do not disagree with him or go against what he says or you may be greeted with the silent treatment or some other enjoyable form of emotional or physical abuse. He might break your belongings or talk badly of you to others.  The behavior you might expect from a six-year-old!  They ultimately though can be far more harmful than a young child. 

Image result for narcissist image

From silence to violence, these are mentally ill people for which you can never make rhyme nor reason.  Do not mistake this term, for somebody who looks in the mirror too much!  They may do, but their characters are far more sinister than that.  Again, get away!  Run, fun as far as you can and never look back, this miserable behavior will never change. And you will never be allowed to be or feel worthy of allowing yourself the happiness you deserve!

Love is NO Hollywood Romance!


Love, dating, and marriage.  Glamorized in the movies, but stressful, heartbreaking and often plain boring in real life!   So where do we find a happy balance between reality and fantasy?  When it gets to the point that Jason Voorhees starts looking like an ideal love interest, then perhaps we need to rethink out strategies!


Emotions can sometimes feel like a curse that causes us to doubt what is logical. We can deceive ourselves into seeing and believing what we want to see and believe.  After all, that is far more pleasant.  Have you ever been torn between two men?  The super hot “bad boy” who is without a doubt just plain wrong for us.  Yet our heart will race when we get that text, it takes some real discipline to blow off that adrenaline rush.

Then there is the sweet guy who is always there for you.  But, he is so boring and there is no chemistry.   You dread the idea of being trapped with Mr. Reliable while still lusting after somebody who you desperately wish would change.  And what if he does? Could you truly get over the turmoil of pain, confusion, and loneliness he caused you?  Would you be able to cold-heartedly just dump somebody who has given you everything you wanted to be back in the arms of the man you truly crave?

Just Break Up?

Okay, well if you think Mr. Wrong will ever really change,  then you need to turn off the Katherine Heigl movies (they kicked her out of Hollywood for a reason!) and wake up.  Recognize this basic plot!

Image result for Katherine Heigl

Our hot but “bad” guy will start off being nice, then some unknown event (usually another woman) causes him to transform into an ass.  During the last ten minutes of the movie he realizes he has found true love and chases a plane on the runway carrying our heroine (seems kind of dangerous!) who is sick and tired of his BS.  He is screaming like a maniac “I love you” while somehow managing to jump up to the height of the windows of the rapidly moving aircraft.

The pilot (ignoring the safety of 300 passengers) brings the flight to a screeching halt. Mr ‘Suddenly Realized He’s in Love’,  boards the plane and anxiously looks for our protagonist.  She, of course, is the only passenger who has not even noticed any of the commotions. 

Related image

Here we see the typical forever bewildered Meg Ryan character sporting a pixie haircut and absorbed in a magazine.  Her face clearly showing the ever so cute perpetual state of confusion. 

She bursts into tears of happiness and everyone on the plane breaks into applause.  They apparently know all the events that had previously transpired between the two lovers and are not the least bit irritated that their flight was interrupted.  Everyone lives happily ever after, so we are lead to believe…

Image result for meg ryan romantic movies

Now let’s look at the sequel that Hollywood won’t make,  Meg gets older, her cuteness fades and she desperately tries to hold on to it with the blotched plastic surgery job of our nightmares.

Image result for meg ryan

Now the relationship mirrors that of Al and Peg Bundy.  She can’t even get her man to chase her down half a block towards the park when she catches him cheating this time.

Image result for meg ryan

Thus that heart-pounding romance novel with Fabio spreading his goods all over the cover has come to an end.  The epilogue is not pretty. Now he farts loudly after sex, bitches over a few dishes and throws his tangled jeans on the floor that accentuate his overlapping beer belly.

Related image

His woman screams in disgust as her barefoot makes contact with the heavily skid-marked tidy whities that didn’t quite make the careless toss towards the washer.  She wonders whatever happened to those lustful days when he didn’t even bother with a pair of jeans!

Related image

 Nothing kills a relationship if you don’t have a connection.  No connection = No Relationship!

The moral of the story, if you let it reality will bite! Men can be jerks, but the worthy ones will work hard to win you!  They will forgive a few wrinkles because if the chemistry and the love are there they will never really be able to recreate that bond they have had with you!   

What men really seem to want is our appreciation and recognition for when they have pleased us. That is a key factor that I have often heard from a bunch of disgruntled and upset men complaining about their girlfriends. And it is a key factor for real and lasting love to actually grow.  It is all about the obvious.



Work with them on this and don’t demand instant gratification by trying to force him to talk.  Men NEED their time alone to think. They can’t always handle our overflow of emotions and it will make them angry!  They are truly frustrated that they have failed us somehow. So let them cool down or they will flee like the devil is after them.  Vent to a friend and STOP TEXTING HIM!  Which I see every woman do, including myself.  At this time, you probably don’t think that they are thinking about us, but they really are!

We want to talk about problems, men want to solve them!

When he is ready to talk, he will do so, but he needs to do so with positive feelings. Otherwise, he will shut down and wall up.

Men are brought uр tо keep thеіr еmоtіоnѕ within thеіr hеаrt. This very simple, let him show you he loves you!  Stop obsessing over that one night last Wednesday when he inadvertently said something insensitive without thinking.  Let it go and accept that conflict is inevitable!


Find ways to avoid unnecessary fighting.  For example, inѕtеаd of nаggіng оvеr hоuѕеhоld issues, mаkе a tо dо lіѕt tо rеmіnd him of general tasks. He is not always being lazy, hіѕ mind is most likely preoccupied with something other than unloading the dishwasher.

“Nagging leads to conflict.  Conflict leads to Anger.  Anger leads to be being single with too many cats!”

And sometimes we do need a little drama/pressure to keep things interesting. Otherwise, how boring would it all be?  Let’s go back to the Sandra Bullock/Julia Roberts plots of the nineties.  Imagine a romance movie with no scenes to piss you off and make you feel relieved that at least your guy didn’t do that!  Nobody wants to spend 90 minutes watching a couple dance through daisy fields, having picnics and with no sexy temptress to test the man’s love and devotion.  That would soon put us all in a coma!  It is the journey of learning to stay in love despite obstacles and distractions that really makes the love feel worthwhile.

Relationships aren’t always going to be pretty. We all have those awesome “romantic nights” that wake us up with that smile on our face.  Our hair and makeup were perfect.  He actually noticed and he woke up happy that you….  need I say more!  But there are going to be those “hot sweaty, are you seriously dripping on my hair, hurry up and finish and which one of us made that weird noise during… type nights”  Always, awkward, but usually quickly forgotten.

And what do you do when you feel infuriated as you catch him looking at another woman.

Well, it sucks and we all hate it.  However it is something they may occasionally do, and if you let it drive you crazy you will end up discarding every man you meet.  Just remember he is with you and as hard as is it may be on your ego, you have to let it go sometimes. unless he is blatantly obvious and rude about it.  Then feel free to scratch his eyes out!


Try this simple exercise to calm down your fury. Check out the elderly couples strolling around the park holding hands. Yоu’ll see that еvеn those men mаrrіеd for 60 уеаrѕ still have an appreciation for another woman’s beauty. However, because he looked it doesn’t mean he loves his wife any less. In fact, hе’ѕ probably lооkіng at уоu!   Creepy, let’s hope your man is also not looking at his 80-year-old wife! 

Image result for elderly couple in the park

Relationships are hard and don’t ever stay in one where you feel consistently miserable and demeaned.  However, if you are lucky enough to find a man that is good to you, and he may not be perfect – trust me it is worth the fight and the willingness to learn to compromise! We all want that perfect Hollywood romance, but if we can learn to work with the realities not shown on a movie screen, then we may just have a chance of creating our own!

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Revenge on the Sociopath is a waste of energy!

Dating a Sociopath

If Sociopath’s focused their energy into positive constructive pastimes they could be very successful. However, the majority of the time, due to poor impulse control, lack of long term planning and their desire to be in control and to win, things usually go awry within a short space of time.

One common feeling for victims of sociopaths, is a sense of betrayal and injustice. Inside there is a need to get ‘even’ or to seek revenge. The desire to make the sociopath ‘pay’ or understand how it ‘feels’.


Usually this approach towards the Sociopath will backfire (although admittedly sometimes fate or karma can come into play, and you might be lucky enough to watch). The majority of the time, if you try to get revenge on the Sociopath it will backfire on you spectacularly.

It can feel very unfair that somebody has treated you in this way can get away…

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10 Reasons why eBay can make you CRAZY!!!


As an addition to this article written about a year ago, I have the ultimate topper for all of you that love to read about weird eBay stories.  So a lady purchases a vacuum from me.  Has a major case of buyer’s remorse and tries to claim that the vacuum is, yes you guessed it – NOT AS DESCRIBED!  Yawn…

Just as I am figuring out how to prove this lying bottom feeder for what she is, plus take that dreaded gamble where the odds are 99% in favor of the buyer I noticed something odd. Upon looking closer at her photographs, I notice that Ms. Serial Returner had uploaded a photo to the Resolution Center that exactly matched the one in my ad, but had a little something extra in hers!

Meth Pipe

Now, what is that in her hand?  She did not seriously just upload a photo of herself without cropping out the meth pipe in her hand, did she?  I have seen it all now.  Well, there went her credibility.  Case closed!

 Okay, so they didn’t really put me in a mental ward.  But, came damn near close!

Fashion Photography of Woman Holding Smartphone in Blue Denim Dress Shirtr

1. Time Wasted on the Phone!

Do you realize the time of a customer call on the phone to eBay could absolutely be cut in half if the representative did not have to stop what they were doing every two minutes to come back and tell us that they needed to place us on hold for another two minutes!  Not a problem, I know you are still there.  The tin like elevator music playing reassures me of that.

2. The Hold Music

As much as I have enjoyed jamming to the same tune on eBay for the last ten years. I kindly request that you use my seller fees for some variation in the elevator music.  I will take anything!  Barry Manilow, Englebert Humperdinck, Gary Glitter…

3. Horrible Seller Photos

I can’t stand it when people take pictures of their clothes lying on their dirty smoke stained carpet and tell to convince you they are ” new without tags!.   They lose that straight out of  Nordstrom look when they are sloppily cast aside next to some cigarette butts, dirty shoes, an old can of malt liquor and a dog that looks like he has an itchy behind.

From New Jersey?  Please don't beat me up in a dark alley :(

Worse is when they are wearing the item and have totally mismatched it with something hideous that they think nobody will notice in the photograph.  Invest in a mannequin, and make the CDC’S job a little easier.  If it has squished into intimate crevices of your body, it is not new because you left the tag attached.


Who’s in the market for a new bra now???

4. Seller Secrets

Did somebody sell some used Tupperware for $11,000?   I can’t sell new Tupperware for $11.00!  I can’t figure out how or why people pull this off but it smells fishier to me than rotting food residue trapped in the dishwasher of a sushi restaurant.

And, China, how do you sell anything for an auction that starts at one penny, and offers free shipping?  Where can I find this shipping company?

5. Wanna be Supermodels

52-year-old housewife, you are not a Victoria’s Secret Model.  Are you trying to actually sell the clothing here or just enjoy the excuse to post selfies?  And for those who have to hold a cell phone up to themselves in the bathroom, you do realize that you can press reverse so that the phone doesn’t show!

Or in this case an actual camera.  Is she selling the camera or the dress?  Or is a package deal.  If she has enough money for her own personal studio, you think she would invest in a tripod!

6. Item not as Described

Every eBay seller’s worst nightmare.  We wake up in cold sweats over this one at just the thought.  Getting the dreaded “I am so horrified, please refund my money, it was damaged in shipping and now useless” type case.  Yet, the buyer does not offer to return the item.  Take effect immediately.  Before you even answer them,  file a Fed Ex claim and send them to the door to pick up the “damaged” item”!   Game over!

Haha, no free seller items for you, Mister.  Not running a charity for thieving scammers!

7. The New Buyer

No, no, no!!!  Not the one with 0 percent feedback who suddenly orders the most expensive item in your inventory.  We already know what is going to happen, but we are forced to ship.   I just tried to block you but all of a sudden you have no account!  I  am just relieved we could work this out, I don’t mind the negative feedback at all, the free product you got and so sorry your terrible buyer experience scared you away from eBay. You might want to close down all those multiple accounts you have then since it all went so bad for you!

Man in White Mask in Black Crew Neck Shirt and Blue Zip Up Jacket Infront Graffiti Wall

8. The Charge Backer

You, sir, are just the very definition of a snake! And karma will catch up with you if I don’t!  You bypass eBay, then you cowardly lion (without a case), bypass Paypal and call your credit company (if that card even belongs to you) and have the charge reversed? Why can’t you pay like everybody else?  Oh right, because you are a snake!  Sorry that I put a lock on that iPhone you “purchased”, reported it stolen, reported the fraud with your name on it to the FTC and called your local police department.  Now you have a very fancy looking paperweight 🙂

Shallow Focus Photography of Gray Snake With Black Tongue

 9. The Best Offer Guy

If I wanted to sell a $100 item for $10 with no best offer as an option, I would have listed it that way! Plus you would like free shipping?  How about I hand deliver it to you on a silver platter with a cocktail and some caviar!   I am not in this for philanthropic reasons.  Why do so many buyers think the average seller from home has a huge warehouse full of goods and we can afford to sell it to them at a price where the shipping would far exceed the cost of the item!  And these are the types that normally leave crappy feedback anyway.

 10. Indefinite Suspension

So indefinite means ” not definite; without fixed or specified limit;”   And suspension means “to come to a stop, usually temporarily; cease from operation for a time. 

Those dreaded words you never want to hear, that you are indefinitely suspended.  Normally caused by some a**hole bitching over something ridiculous and pissed off because he doesn’t get it for free.  You put your foot down, but of course in the world of eBay, there are limited circumstances in which a seller can just say NO to a buyer without repercussions.   

Image result for ebay logo

So back to this indefinite suspension notice.  You call and say okay fine, what can I do to fix this and when will I be reinstated?  ” Nothing and Never” they reply.  “Customers are dissatisfied”.  Why, because they had to pay for their item? But surely there must be something I can do, reduce my selling limit, please give me a second chance, I have 99% feedback and only two defects! “Nothing we can do the system won’t let us override it” Call your IT department then!  Click.

Damn eBay! So how long does this indefinite period of time go on for again?”  Are we talking about our future lives as well? Do we hand this curse down from generation to generation?  Moral of the story,  it’s totally possible so just don’t get suspended from eBay!  People say there is life selling on the internet after eBay.  It’s just a lie to make you and themselves feel better.

Check out my growing eBay’s Worst Models Collection!

AA, You’re Not My Way!

For me going to an AA meeting is like going to like going to church and discussing the devil while briefly mentioning God!


Miserable, dying for a drink and feeling resentful that Bill W’s method is the only effective cure for alcohol abuse syndrome.  All the brainwashing chanting cult-like mentality getting on your last nerves?  You are not alone.  AA has worked for many people and has changed many lives.  However, every individual is different and what works for some, does not work for all.

Image result for AA MEETING

I was court-ordered to attend AA for a DUI and I was about to ask the judge if I could have jail instead! For me, sitting in a room full of bitter dry drunks complaining about everything under the sun while constantly reliving all the awful things they did under the influence, just irritated me. Seriously,  25 years since your last beer and now you are going to spend the next 25 years talking about it!  So now why are you addicted to meetings?

Swapping one addiction for another addiction does not cure addiction!

Why not work your steps, then go focus on something else like all the things you couldn’t do when you were chained to that bottle.

I guess if you can’t drink alcohol, the next best thing to do is talk about it.


Image result for anti aa

The atmosphere of that meeting was just negative judgemental and non-inspiring to me.  I have no problem admitting that I drink beer, and haven’t been able to stop just yet.  But once I do, I don’t want to spend my recovery, (which in AA terms I think means until death) talking about my vice.  It is just going to make me crave it again, and think that that is the sole purpose of what my life is centered around.

Alcohol is still so much a part of your life, that even though you are not drinking, it has still found a way to steal as much time from you before you were free of it!

As I look around at the faces in the room to pass the time and I imagine what they are thinking. The lady who is sitting there comparing herself to success stories while so consumed with guilt and failure that she slipped after five years of sobriety, she has to start all over again.  From a five year chip back to 90 meetings in 90 days!  Really where is the deterrent to not have one more drink to at this point?   You might as have a few more drinks before you sadly get up again in front of everyone to (how can you not be depressed) accept your one day chip.  The past five years, just feel like they were all for nothing!


Now, there is break time and as I attempt to flee and temporarily relieve my claustrophobia, my exit is inevitably prevented by somebody who feels it’s their moral duty to welcome me and try and get my story.  Well, the conversation didn’t go so well and I sat through the rest of the meeting with an even more intense glare of hostility towards the members of the room.

I have always been curious as to exactly what medical school, AA members have attended?  They all seemed to have earned a degree in hypocrisy and ignorance. The conversation starter ended up attracting more people in the room to circle me.  I made the mistake of reaching for a Klonopin from my purse before I had a panic attack.  They tried to stop me!  Had the nerve tell me I need to go cold turkey off an anxiety medication that could cause my body to have a fatal seizure!  But hey, at least I would have died sober!

I love it!  Sure I will suffer without a doctor prescribed medication that I have been told to take daily,  as they step outside and smoke themselves to death, infecting others with their nasty second-hand toxins exhaling that poison like choking dragons!   An addiction that causes sickness and death to those who don’t even indulge in that filthy habit. Along with the cigarettes, they drown themselves in caffeine and stuff their faces with snacks that couldn’t be any higher in sugar.  Because those things aren’t remotely addictive!  And still, with a straight face, they lecture me.

Fuming in annoyance, I forget to prepare myself to run out to the bathroom.  It’s time to form a circle.  No, no, no, please!   You are going to make me hold hands with some dirty looking people who don’t look like they have had any contact with the soap dispenser after how many visits to that bathroom during the hour?  I have Germophobia!  Can’t they at least bring in some hand sanitizer for everyone!  But darn it, that contains alcohol and somebody might drink it!

Image result for AA MEETING

Chant, chant, chant. We can all recite the same words over and over but not listen to a  damn word we are actually saying.  Keep coming back, it works if you work it -work what?

As Mr. Anti-Klonopin makes his way over again, I thus this time escape.  I was tempted to ask him exactly who is higher power was?  Satan or that rock on the ground I nearly tripped over trying to get out of the parking lot.

I would have appreciated some useful information from that hour of my life.  How about they update that Big Book a little, add some other important information.  Nutrition, exercise, vitamins, lessons on how not to judge others would be good.  And really, it was just plain rude not to clap for that guy who made it to the front of the table to collect his one day chip without actually falling his ass.  That was a first for him I heard.  He may have ate it big time on the way back to his seat, but hey he made a little progress in his journey.   Now stop your whispering and help him up, humanitarians that you all are.


I clearly don’t care very much for AA myself, however, I am genuinely happy for those it has helped!


Alcohol is a poison and a demon that kills!  An estimated 88,000 people (approximately 62,000 men and 26,000 women) die from alcohol-related causes annually, making alcohol the fourth leading preventable cause of death in the United States according to the NIH (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism).

 I cannot recall one pleasant experience I have ever had with AA and I am so happy that the combination of counseling, good nutrition, and the Sinclair Method is what I have found to have been beneficial for me!

The Sinclair method has an 80% success rate compared to AA which only has 5-10 percent.

Whatever method you choose, please get any kind of help that will work for you (despite my bashing of AA).   The one AA thing I do LOVE is the Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time;
enjoying one moment at a time;
accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
that I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
forever in the next.

Open your mind to the best solution that works for you!

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