How you can achieve 12 great Beyonce Looks when you are on a Budget!

Imagine if Beyonce appeared on the Twilight Zone and was told that the only place she could ever shop again was Amazon! How would Queen Bey survive? Would she survive?

I thought I would give it a test and try to recreate 12 of Beyonces most iconic outfits choosing lower priced items on Amazon. Here is how I fared…


Please note that I may earn a really small amount if you click on the photos and purchase through my links. All opinions expressed below are strictly my own.


This outfit took a moment to grow on me but now I love it more and more each time I see it!

Who would think iridescent calf warmers, high waist daisy dukes and a yellow sweatshirt would work that well? I was really not feeling the Coachella outfits, but this one is almost effortlessly charming.

Click the look!


11. Superbowl 2013

Image result for beyonce super bowl 2013"

So she made some really funny faces that went viral! Haven’t we all? The outfit was still hot and this version I think is even better than the original. The lace corset is more feminine and looks far more comfortable.

Don’t forget the wild mane of honey blonde curls. And check out the amazing deal on the ten pack of tights!

Click the look!

Image result for beyonce super bowl 2012"

10. Formation (Dirty) Video

Image result for beyonce witch hat outfit"

I love this film noir look. The hat, the jewels, the lipstick… This outfit is all about stylish sophistication with a hint of mystery!

Image result for formation video beyonce"

9. Queen Nefertiti

Image result for beyonce sequin jacket"

Let’s forget the hat and the cloak. It’s not Halloween! Take the style of the bustier, the bling and add it to a great pair of jeans or your favorite stockings and you have one sexy classy look!

P.S. Check out AMAZING the price of the ring!!! You can thank me later 🙂

Click the look!

8. 2014 Grammy Awards

Image result for Beyonce bell sleeve"

Everything about this mesmerizing gown turned heads at the Grammys. Beyonce was a femme fatale dressed to kill in this sheer white dress with it’s delicate floral pattern. She looks like she just stepped off the set of The Great Gatsby!

Click to look this hot!!!

Image result for beyonce grammy 2014 dress"

7. Shawn Carter Gala 2019

Image result for beyonce shawn carter foundation gala 2019"

Beyonce wore this to the Shawn Carter Gala. It has a sleek and simple elegance that it is far more flattering to her curves than some of her other outfits.

6. 2017 Grammy Awards

Image result for beyonce wearing plunge metallic dress"

Another great look for her at the Grammys. If you demand attention than wearing a red shimmering gown is the way to go!

5. 2004 Grammy Awards

Beyonce is enchanting in this gorgeous figure forming gown. The strappy crystal heels add the perfect touch of glam. I would imagine winning five grammys that evening put much of the glow in her face to match the dress!

4. The Jade Mermaid Dress

One of Beyonce’s favorite styles is the mermaid dress. You will see her wearing a variety of versions in countless photographs. Her best choice ever was this dazzling emerald green number.

Image result for beyonce green glitter mermaid dress"

3. Plunging Metallic Dress

Image result for beyonce wearing plunge metallic dress"

Plunging metallic dresses look phenomenal on Beyonce and as you can see the gentleman behind her agrees!

Click item for details


Image result for gold sheer beyonce dress"

Image result for bEYONCE GREEN DRESS"

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2. 2005 Oscars

Image result for beyonce glittering black leotard"
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There is nothing as sleek and elegant as the long velvet evening gown. Beyonce absolutley rocked this with one of her classiest looks to date!

1. 2001 Golden Globes

Image result for gold sheer beyonce dress"

Seriously going old school here. Can you believe this was nearly 20 years ago! However, I loved Beyonce’s hair during this “retro” era. Whether it was her water waved blond locks or sleeker straight looks. I had very little luck finding a similar dress on Amazon – but hey I found the curls!

And the bootylicious hair!

And there my long exhausting challenge to find a Beyonce wardrobe on Amazon comes to an end. I actually found far more then I had planned on blogging about!

Image result for BOOTILICIOUS VIDEO"

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