Photo Quiz: Can you Guess this Star?

Here are 11 rare photographs of 11 famous celebrities. See if you can recognize them.

Answers are on Page 2.


Image result for candice bergen young"

She played the lead role in an Emmy award winning sitcom that ran from the late eighties to nineties.


Image result for cybill shepherd YOUNG"

She started off as a model and went onto to star in well known movies and television shows.


Image result for jane fonda young"

A highly accomplished film actress with a famous last name.


Image result for goldie hawn YOUNG"

She was the “cute funny” movie star who appeared in countless comedies.


Image result for jane seymour young"

Probably best known for her lead role in a long running drama from the nineties.


Image result for michelle pfeiffer young"

She constantly made the coveted list of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood and starred in many award winning movies.


Image result for nicole kidman young"

She has been in many Hollywood hit films with a look that has changed drastically over the years.


Image result for brigitte bardot young"

She was a fashion model and actress who forever will be a Hollywood icon.


She was discouraged from acting when she was younger because of her looks. However, she turned out to be quite the gorgeous actress!


Image result for shakira young"

We were all bouncing around to the catchy tunes of this sassy mega pop star in the mid 2000’s. She is still winning grammys today!


This one might be too easy… No clues needed!

View Page 2 for Answers!

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