Beyonce's BIGGEST Fashion DISASTERS!

Beyonce doesn’t exactly have a lot to complain about in the looks department.

Beyoncé — navyyonce: life-of-beyonce: Blow I shot in...

However, some of her stylists and photographers should be fired!

And why does she seem to be forever trapped in the most ugly stage leotards known to mankind!

Go get ’em Beyonce. Look what they have done to you!

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is e815448de9e88eced1231367ef6a77c4.jpg

If she could only see what she is wearing!

Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival - Rehearsals - Beyoncé Online Photo Gallery

Do we have to bring back 1991?


Star Wars has been remade ENOUGH…


Dominatrix holding up a liquor store?

Never photograph the bottom of somebody’s bare feet during a mid-air jump!

beygoddess 💋 on Instagram: “peep the babyhairrrrrr 👀🥵🥵 love this look”

I went to a thrift store and REALLY shouldn’t have bought this!

Hannibal Lector.

BEYONCÉ: This could easily be seen as overkill but she manages to look really, really sexy

Hannibal Lector meets Leopard Print – Not Right!

2014: Baby Bangs

Tootie bangs!

Who is that and where did she put Beyonce???

Beyoncé OTRII Washington

Why am I wearing a giant apricot?

Image result for human hair blend beyonce wigs

The mega sized hair dryer under the stage is getting a little over used!

Image result for beyonce wig
Related image

That is a really bad Beyonce impersonator. She would never wear that wig!

Time for a Beyonce vs Claudia Schiffer blog!

Enough Iridescence!

Is this the work of that Destiny’s Child member who got mad and left the group?

Image result for beyonce wig

Somebody’s been shopping at Michael’s…

Arnold Schwarzenegger in a sparkly leotard.

Taking a break from the Wizard of Oz remake.

What a throwbackk🔙💗🔐👑

The Lion King on Broadway.

Beyonce triedddd itty in this as photo childdd!

No mermaid would be caught on dry land in that dress!

Move, Or You Will Be Moved

It’s Janet, Miss Jackson if you’re nasty…

Who made this and why?

Beyonce, we have seen you look so much better!

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