Beyonce’s WORST Looks!

Beyonce GIF

Beyonce doesn’t exactly have a lot to complain about in the looks department.

Beyoncé Beychella 21st April 2018 Art

However, some of these styles are not the most flattering…

Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival - Rehearsals - Beyoncé Online Photo Gallery

Just overkill! Daisy Duke’s, Fishnets, Fluorescent Fluffy Boots and a Sweater from 1991.

The wig is too busy.

Beyoncé At The 'Austin Powers in Goldmember' Film Premiere, 2002 | Curls | Curly Hair
Beyonce Outfits | #beyonce #outfits #concert

ZeroStars for the 80’s Animal Print… 1/2 Star for the Hair

It’s the geometrical leotard.

Never photograph the bottom of somebody’s bare feet in the middle of a jump!


Not sure what’s going on with the Hannibal Lector look.

BEYONCÉ: This could easily be seen as overkill but she manages to look really, really sexy
2014: Baby Bangs

Tootie style bangs (for those who remember The Facts of Life).

Related image

I don’t like one thing about this photo!

Beyoncé OTRII Washington

The dress color is beautiful. As might the dress be if somebody would just tear off the oversize sleeves. She looks like a giant apricot.

Well it does match…

Image result for beyonce wig
Related image

I’m kinda thinking this isn’t Beyonce…

Image result for beyonce wig

She looks good from the waist up. I just can’t figure out what is going on with her left thigh.

Image result for beyonce wig

The bottom resembles embroidered diapers. What happened to her hair and makeup?

This leotard with sparkly camouflage makes her chest look look too wide. I almost want to say Arnold Schwarzenegger in drag.

Beyoncé — celebritiesofcolor: Beyonce performs on stage...

Again, is that Beyonce and did she just stumble out of the Wizard of Oz?

What a throwbackk🔙💗🔐👑

The outfit isn’t so bad. I wish she would lose the overdone leotard look. The hair is a mess!

Beyonce triedddd itty in this as photo childdd!

I would say everything is awful about that dress. The color, the shape, the style..

Beyonce, we have seen you look so much better!

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