The INSIDIOUS Covert Narcissist

Stage 4: Hoovering

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Months pass and he hoovers you.

No, he didn’t get a job selling vacuums and happened to accidentally knock at your door. Come on now narcissist would never make such a blue collar grand entrance.

He just casually reappeared in your life again as if he had never gone.

He’s back the Man Behind the Mask and he crawled out of his hole because he was currently low on narcissistic supply. I think I will leave the song writing to Alice Cooper.

You give him one last chance!

Let the games begin:

Love Bombing is half ass, short and nowhere near like before.

Devaluing carries on for a longer period this time. He gives you just enough attention to have you stick around. And you are strictly booty call that does not hear from him until between 2 am and 4 am. For an hour or two of “hanging out”.

The Final Discard is worse then the concert. He takes you to an upscale hotel room. He tries to have sex, gives up irritated after about about ten minutes, hops into the shower and tells you he has to run a quick errand and will be back in ten minutes.

Ten hours later he still isn’t back and you are left stranded in the room with no food and like an idiot you misread him again, thinking it was going to be another quick hangout and didn’t bother to grab your purse or cell phone.

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Throughout the day he had played phone games with you. He is in a jovial mood, having fun with the torture. During his last call he lets you know that he had fallen asleep for hours at one point. Not with you in that lovely bed, but in his own house ten minutes away that he couldn’t take you to

You just want to go home it’s no longer about him anymore. Then you realized it hadn’t been for a while. Other stuff was going on in your life and you had put him on the back burner. You had hurt his ego, caused him narcissistic injury and he made sure you were aware of who gave a f**k the least!

See the source image

You still feel some sadness but it’s not like before. You had cared for him and you s struggle to understand how somebody can truly have no empathy.

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However you realize that this is not your problem and it truly never was about you or what you did. And finally you are free. Never again can he put you in a position where you are made to feel less than because he can’t stand feeling less than himself. Alone, is where he will eventually be. Who is going to be love bombed than devalued by a mean aging narc…

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