Plain Jane Love Trilogy


The Plain Jane Love Stories are a trilogy of short Amazon Kindle romances centered around our stubborn yet very vulnerable heroine, Jane Kowalski.

Jane’s overly sensitive perspective on her love life can often feel like watching a train wreck and those who cross her feel like they have been hit by one!

Jane is not the prettiest girl in town and her looks sharply contrast with those of her two best and absolutely beautiful friends, Karen and Amber…

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Born looking like Elegant Barbie and Slutty Barbie, they struggle to empathize with Jane’s insecurities and negative attitude towards love. They are completely unaware of the long suppressed jealousy Jane carries. A dark side she isn’t truly conscious of herself.

Everything changes when the gorgeous Hamish Wilkins enters the picture, his eyes set on romancing Jane and Jane alone!

Jane is completely baffled by the amorous advances of this somewhat shy and handsome man. With Hamish on the scene her world is suddenly thrown from the depths of mediocrity into a convoluted web of confusion and disasters that cause her to mistrust everyone around her. However it may not just be plain paranoia, a very real danger has become present in her life, one that she may not discover until it is far too late

Welcome to Jane’s world and learn exactly the opposite of everything you should do when you aren’t even looking for love. But love is without a doubt looking for you…

BOOK 1: Pretty Ugly Love

Plenty of women cry in a toilet stall when a good looking man approaches them!

Jane kept trying to convince herself that fleeing from the table where Hamish had sat down with Karen, Amber and herself was not remotely rude. Nor was the fact that she had been in there over in the bathroom of the bar for over an hour and seriously why was she even crying.

Crouched uncomfortably on the toilet, she heard the door open, loud footsteps and a knock on the door of her stall. “Please don’t tell me it’s him!” she whispered to herself, closing her eyes as the second knock came, this time louder and more persistent …

BOOK 2: Jane Says

Jane’s life has become dark and lonely. After losing the people she loves the most she spirals into a deep depression. But she is not as alone as she thinks. She finds a new passion with the last man she ever expected.

However, Hamish has not given up on her and Jane begins to receive some sinister love notes that start to unnerve her, throwing her life into further turmoil. This time, Jane however, is facing far more danger than a broken heart…



Look out for Book 3 in the Plain Jane Love Series when Jane will learn whole the shocking truth!

Plain Jane Love Trilogy

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