Alicia Silverstone vs Drew Barrymore

I loved the nineties. Baby doll dresses, knee high socks, big leather jackets, grunge rock, bad hats, brown lipstick. Who could forget!

Here are some great photos of two nineties teen heart throbs who strongly resembled each other in both style and appearance. Drew Barrymore and Alicia Silverstone.

Alicia Silverstone and Drew Barrymore,  90s
Alicia and Drew enjoying a night out on the town.

Both Alicia and Drew were both stunning in their prime years

They are only a year apart in age. Sharing similar facial features, long manes of thick blond hair, large chins and sultry good looks.

Drew ...oh wow....
Drew Barrymore
Alicia Silverstone
Alicia Silverstone

Side Flipped Tousled Hair

Drew Barrymore

Over Sized Leather Jackets

Beach Beauties

🦋 tear sheet from my elementary school mood board in 1995...realizing Clueless era Alicia Silverstone provided me with a lifetime of musing...

Alicia’s figure leaned towards the slim girlish side.

Image result for hottest sexiest drew barrymore

Cover Girls

Fashion 90s Icons Alicia Silverstone 35+ Ideas

Clueless styled fashion.

Cher (Alicia Silverstone) in Clueless (1995)

Drew shows off her curves in a daring black dress.

Image result for hottest sexiest drew barrymore

Racy Photo Shoots

66 Ideas Fashion 90s 1990s Style Alicia Silverstone For 2019 #fashion

Alicia’s photos could get racy.

Image result for sexy alicia silverstone

Drew’s could get racier!


Drew Barrymore was well know for her daring photo shoots!

Sultry Faced Bad Girls

The Crush(1993) trailer✨ TAG someone that would love this film!

Alicia pouts in The Crush

Both have played young pouting sociopaths seducing men over twice their age.

@90sperspective on Instagram: “Drew Barrymore”

Drew pouts in Poison Ivy.

Drew Barrymore Poison Ivy | It's all about the seduction process! Drew Barrymore

Long Modest Skirts

Alicia Silverstone: pic #557387

Now they both look so humble!


Alicia Silverstone 90s makeup look

Both Drew and Alicia make beautiful brunettes!

Girls Next Door

mabellonghetti: ““ Alicia Silverstone at a Video Software Convention in Dallas, Texas, 1995 ” ”
drew barrymore

Summer Dresses

I'd still wear this dress even though it was from like 1999. So beautiful.

High School Executive Business Suits

Image result for drew barrymore red suit poison ivy

Straight from a History final to leading a Mega Corporation Board Room meeting.

Oh, Clueless, how you shaped my formative fashion years! I am on a one woman mission to bring plaid skirts & matching jackets back into our fashion lexicon!

Today, Alicia and Drew are all grown up.

Now moms in their mid- forties.

Alicia Silverstone today
Image result for Drew barrymore fat today
Drew Barrymore today…

Time certainly flies….

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