The EVIL behind Ghosting and the Silent Treatment!

The SILENT TREATMENT is a refusal to communicate verbally with someone who desires communication. It may range from just sulking to malevolent abusive controlling behavior.


GHOSTING is breaking off a relationship by stopping all communication and contact with the partner without any apparent warning or justification, as well as ignoring the partner’s attempts to reach out or communicate.



Silent Treatment, Ghosting, Stonewalling, Breadcrumbing… Who cares what you call it! It boils down to the same thing. A person you care for is ignoring you as if you never even existed…

EVIL may be a harsh word and in this case we are referring to somebody who has narcissistic tendencies.  However, this word is really not harsh enough if you contemplate the dynamic behind the behavior of this individual.

Image result for EVIL GHOST

They are deliberately causing you pain and humiliation and they don’t care.

Worst of all when they are done punishing you they WILL do it again.

And each time it will be for a longer period.

They are literally testing you to see how far they can push you and exactly what you will do just to hear their precious voice again.

This is a LOSE LOSE battle!

The harder you try to win them back, the greater the contempt they will have towards you. You will never have their respect and in time you will wonder why you even wanted it.

The BEST THING they ever will have done for you is if they don’t come back.

You will then be free of one very ABUSIVE, TOXIC and COWARDLY excuse for a human.

Do not call him or feed into his game. He is trying to confuse you into thinking you have done something wrong so he can go pursue whatever it is that HE WANTS at this moment and obviously it’s not you.


He met SOMEBODY ELSE but wants to keep you as back up in case it doesn’t work out.

He is too much of a COWARD to dump you and too SELFISH to deal with your emotions.

He is simply BORED with you.

He is trying to PUNISH you and/or CONTROL your behavior. Perhaps you were too needy, so this is his way of letting you know that you aren’t that important to him.

There is nothing new or original about the Silent Treatment. It has been in use since 1835 where it was placed in substitute of physical punishment. Prisoners were forced to do it to each other to enhance a feeling of loneliness and isolation.

Silence is the favorite tool of the sociopath/narcissist, in other words it is used by creeps!. Ironically they don’t realize how much they actually bless the world when they use it. It is so much more peaceful to hear silence then lies.

The fastest way to take away power from these essentially weak people is quite simple.


Nobody can ignore you if you don’t notice or pay attention them.

This type of individual is an expert con artist who will try to bring you down while happily moving on with his own life.

Love yourself enough to do the same and go on with yours!

Additional Note: If somebody is ignoring you for no reason it doesn’t automatically make them a sociopath or narcissist. With today’s dating technology it is much easier for people to move on to somebody else. Most people don’t like conflict and hope you will get the hint. Regardless, of whether they have a personality disorder or not – what matters is that they don’t care about you or your feelings.

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