Five WEIRD YouTube Trends…

YouTube with it’s seemingly strict rules doesn’t actually seem to have a limit of where it will go. Just, don’t copyright music or involve nudity! Aside from that you can do all sorts of bizarre and negative stuff to yourself so long as you have enough followers to give you the thumbs up.

5. Asian Viral Make Up

Extreme and shocking makeovers. However, it is oddly fascinating to watch the before and afters. Especially when you are not sure if there should have even been an “after”?

This lengthy process involves heavy make up, taping up your facial features and contact lenses that magnify your eyes into the size of a cartoon character.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 23826.jpg

In addition, drink a magical beauty elixir to enhance an appearance of glowing youth and polish this off with a special camera filter to ensure it. Just beware online daters, what you see may not be what you get!

4. Fire Challenge

Image result for fire challenge on youtube

Somebody please save America’s youth from their own stupidity! Set yourself on fire, as in pouring flammables on your chest to see who can burn the longest. Yes, water is often near by. But did I mention “burn the longest”? So why anybody might not think about the odds of this going horribly wrong, being extremely painful and leaving permanent scars, I don’t quite get.

This 12 year old burned over 49% of her body and sadly tells the tale to warn others of the danger of the YouTube fire challenge.

In another case a woman set her young stepson on fire by pouring rubbing alcohol on him. She told him it was all going to be “a game”. When this site actually starts removing these videos, then I will believe that they have truly banned them as they claim.

I am not by any means a YouTube hater. I have a channel myself on there. But, some of this stupid stuff that glamorizes danger should in all responsibility be removed.

3. Roof Toppers


When it comes to equaling the stupidity of the fire challengers this seven year old trend takes the cake.

The majority are Russian teens making their claim to fame by performing dangerous antics on the edges of sky scrapers. At the same time they are using Go Cam’s and posing for selfies

 Angelina now has 400,000 followers on Instagram, after her tour of the south east
Angela Nikolau 

It is really dizzying to watch and completely illegal to perform. Many have lost their balance and plunged to an early and senseless death.

A young Chinese man by the name of Wu Yongning accepted one of these challenges where he would make all of $11,000 to pay for his wedding. His final footage can still be seen on YouTube as he does daring press ups off the edge of a 62 story building. Sadly he loses his grip..

Wu Yongning in one of his many rooftopping images. Picture: Weibo
Wu Yongning

Below is a compilation of some of the death defying stunts performed by these Skywalkers or Roof Toppers. There have to be other ways to make money!

2. The Dark Web

Image result for dark web images

People telling creepy stories in creepy voices recounting real or fictitious experiences on the dark web. The moral of the story generally being it is not something you want to mess with.

Image result for dark web images

The movie “Hostel” was apparently based upon these ideas. Writer Eli Roth claims he was told about a website which charged $10,000 to go to Thailand and shoot a stranger in the head for sport.

“The site claimed that the person you were killing had signed up for it and that part of the money would go to their family because they were so broke and were gonna die anyway, It was to give you the thrill of taking another human life.”

Roth didn’t know if the site was real and said “My point was like, well, somebody thought of it. That’s f*cked up. Someone is thinking about this and went so far as to create a website about it.”

However, he was able to move past his distaste for the topic enough to create a box office hit. I was going to post a video but I really can’t – it is too disgusting and I really don’t want it on my site. It is straight from YouTube on Peter Scully.

Image result for peter scully

1. Pimple Spotting

I have only have two things to say on this topic. How heinously gross and how bored can people possibly be? It is a fine art of observation when you sit and watch other people pop their own pimples …

Watch at your own discretion!

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