Five Country Songs you will LOVE even if you don’t like Country!

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How did this even happen? I am addicted to country music! Unless you are from the south or a cop, it looks kind of weird in California.

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So you just are not down with country, and you don’t have any friends who care enough to make you listen to it! Those people are just not your friends, I hate to break the news.

If we give the symbolism of country music a chance, you may just find that there is meaning behind that rusted pickup truck and that cheating ex wife who chose the guy with the really big cowboy hat that he purchased from Walmart. Nobody ever said life was easy…

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Your plows become rusted and then your dog decides to run out onto a certain dirt road at the exact same time that the only vehicle in town makes its one weekly run. Not to mention that you spilled your last beer chasing Rover and there is not a Piggly Wiggly in miles! You are out of gas and they closed down the riverbed for the day…

It just continues to get worse, hunting season is closed and the only thing you can shoot if your rifle had any bullets in it would be one of those super sized flying cockroaches. (Thank you God, you shouldn’t be shooting innocent animals in the first place so no sympathy there!) However, just when you think you are completely screwed… You remember this!

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You saved the five best country songs ever recorded and your truck just happens to have enough charge left for you to crank them up!

This is dedicated to everybody who has not experienced any of this, has shunned away from country music and I dare y’all to give one of these songs a chance!

5. God’s Country – Blake Shelton

Mr. Gwen Stefani, I like this song. No dogs running for the whole hunting type thing. Dogs and guns , such a fair fight against an innocent animal trying to survive and enjoy it’s life, kind of as we all have the right do so! Thus, we will ignore that part. The rest of it, starts making you feel all patriotic even when you are not from this country and have never been to the South!

4. Bottoms Up – Brantley Gilbert

I am the last person on the planet who should be singing along to a song about drinking beer. I didn’t even realize it was country – okay yeah I have some seriously ditzy moments! He is actually kind of cute in a so not my type kind of way …

3. Dust to Dirt – Jason Aldean

If you can’t dance along to this one, I am seriously concerned! Don’t ask me what turning dust to dirt means because you will get nothing but a blank look.

Jason Aldean, is my favorite country singer. And this is coming from a girl from New Zealand who likes 80’s British pop, good luck trying to get me to listen to anything else! However, somebody succeeded …

2. Thunder Rolls – Garth Brooks

Oh my gosh, love this song. Guaranteed to bring out your inner twang! This is so not right! We know what this two faced creep doing to her and he needs a good ass kicking. Cheating b**s**rd!

1. Rearview Town – Jason Aldean

My absolute favorite favorite ever! I drive people nuts with this song because I play it about 30 times a day. I kid you not!

It is has such a good message – it is all about moving on with your life and not looking back! We should all do that. I know, so much easier said than done! But, Mr. Aldean certainly offers some good insight into doing this.

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A brief background summary of the song, Jason was performing in Las Vegas outside the Mandalay Hotel when the biggest mass shooting in American history took place. He happened to hear the shots through his microphone and warned everyone to take cover.

The song was completed shortly before this horror took place, and Jason’s video dedicates it to the victims who lost their lives. However, he has said it can be interpreted in anyway. That is what makes this song so brilliant, because who doesn’t want to kick their own behind for doing something stupid in their lives. Let it go and move on!

And I love this song so much, I attempted to make my own version – not quite the same and still a work in progress. But, I had fun doing so and that is what counts in life, enjoy it while you have it!

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