The Cruelest Murder in History – Junko Furuta

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Junko Furuta

I would like to warn you that if you are very sensitive and don’t have the stomach to read stories that involve torture or murder than please don’t continue!

In 1988, Junko Furuta was a pretty and popular 16-year-old high school student in Japan. She stayed out of the party scene but her good looks had caught the attention of the high school bully, Hiroshi Miyano.  His romantic advances were politely rejected by Junko.

Hiroshi was affiliated with a very powerful Japanese gang syndicate, named Yakuza. This mafia type organization is today still extremely infamous for its power and terrifying brutality.

Hiroshi was infuriated at Junko’s audacity to tell him “No”! On November 25th, 1988 Junko was riding her bike home from an after-school job when a teenage boy ran up and pushed her off the road.  Hiroshi, who just happened to be walking across the road offered to safely walk her home.  Instead, he lured her into a warehouse where he raped her and then took her to a hotel where he repeatedly forced himself on her again.

Excited, he called his friends who all wanted their turn with Junko also. She was kidnapped by four teenage boys and taken to the parent’s house of one of her assailant’s, Nobouharu Minato.

Junko Furuta Murder

Junko was told to call her family and let them know that she was safe. She did as she was told while inadvertently stalling police searches that may have saved her from her ultimately gruesome fate.

44 days of the worst torture you could ever imagine!

While Junko was being held captive, Nobuharu’s parents stopped by to see their son on a few occasions. Junko was told to pretend she was the girlfriend of one of the boys. The parents became suspicious as Junko was always there but did nothing out of fear of retaliation from Yakuza.  Junko begged them for help, these parents knew of the horrific abuse that was happening to this young girl, but still, they turned a blind eye.

This teenager was:


During Junko’s 44 days of captivity, she was subjected
to the following conditions that far surpass any of today’s horror films!

Raped over 500 times by 100 different men – Yakuza members were invited to enjoy themselves with a sixteen-year-old! Her rapes were daily – at one time 12 different men forced themselves upon her in a single day.

Urinated on. They inserted such objects in her anus and vagina as a bottle, an iron bar, scissors, roasting needles, grilled chicken skewers, etc…

Nauseously consume live cockroaches and her own urine!

Forced to masturbate in front of the boys and their guests to keep them turned on.

download (2)

A light bulb and fireworks were lit and inserted into her vagina.

Remain naked and humiliated, despite the fact that it was winter in Japan where the temperatures dropped way below zero. She often had to sleep out on the balcony with no clothing or be forced to sit for hours in a freezer.

This torture was apparently not enough to satisfy their lust.  They hung her from the ceiling and beat her with golf clubs, iron rods, and bamboo sticks – she was very much conscious during these attacks and her internal organs became so damaged that she eventually could not eat, drink or control her bladder and bowel movements. 

It would take her an hour to crawl downstairs to use the bathroom and eventually she could not make it in time.  The boys no longer wanted her sexually after that and subjected her to further punishment for their disgust.

They smashed her face against the cement floor while they took turns stomping on her head. Her nasal passages became so filled with blood, that she had to breathe through her mouth. Barbells were dropped on her stomach.

One of the most revolting acts they committed upon her was that a pair of pliers were taken to her nipple in order to rip it off!

Junko somehow had managed to get a phone during her term of torture and was able to call the police.  This was on day 20.  However before she was even able to utter a word, the boys caught her and punished her severely. They poured gasoline on her feet and legs and set them on fire!  Her eyelids were burned with hot wax and lighters

One of the friends of the boys who engaged in one of the raping sessions felt guilt and told his parents. The police were called.  They knocked at the door of the house Nobuharu’s parents.  These outstanding members of society denied that there was any girl being held captive in the house.  They in fact calmly welcomed the police to come on in.  The police were completely thrown off by their casual demeanor and apologized for disturbing them.  They left without even checking the house.  When it’s come to the stupidity of police, I guess it doesn’t matter what country you are in.


Junko’s torture finally came to an end. I did not include everything, otherwise, this would be a 20-page article!  The point of this story was to remind women that we need to be careful who we associate with and always be aware of our surroundings.  If this could happen to her, it could happen to one of us!


On the 44th day, Junko was challenged to a game of Mahjong by the boys.  Despite her completely wrecked state of health, she won! 

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Her victory caused her abductors to fly into a rage.  They beat her and poured gasoline on her and set her on fire.  This time they threw it on her face, abdomen, basically covering her entire body!  Junko fought desperately against the flames and eventually they died out.  She was still alive and went into serious convulsions!

The four kids thought she was faking it.  She often would do this during her torture sessions but would wake up an hour or two later.  This time she didn’t.  The boys panicked and decided to throw her in a concrete drum hoping they could cover up the murder.

Junko’s body was not discovered until a year later!  When her mother found out the details she was so distraught that she was committed into a psychiatric unit.   Hiroshi and his crew basically got a slap on the wrist because of their age!  The youngest was also 16 and Hiroshi, 18 at the time he was caught, but still considered to be underage when he committed the crime. 

Hiroshi accidentally ratted on himself.  The murder of another girl had just happened and as the police were randomly questioning people, Hiroshi thought they knew what he did.  Like the idiot, he is he sang on himself and his friends like a canary!

Three of the boys received just a seven-year sentence.  Hiroshi was sentenced to 17 years, however, the judge decided to make an example of him and extended his sentence to 20 years.  He was out by his late 30’s.  His name was changed and he was protected by Japanese law!

This is from a country who will put you to death for smuggling drugs into their borders, but apparently not that big of a deal to torture, rape and kill somebody! I guess we will apologize for Hiroshima and Nagasaki when they apologize for Pearl Harbor, the whaling and the dolphins they kill and for being dumb enough to be the pawns of Hitler.

(I am angry at the crime and their laws, not the Japanese people as a race, probably should clarify!).


Hiroshi today.

Nobarharu’s parents were ordered to pay $425,000 in Japanese Yen as restorations to Junko’s parents.  They were forced to sell their house but did not give the money to Junko’s parents.  It was given instead to three of the boys released after their seven-year sentences.  These boys enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle from this money.  They took expensive vacations and partied on private sailboats.  Hiroshi’s mother completely blamed Junko, for her son being in prison. She spat on and desecrated Junko’s grave. Like mother, like son…

One of the four, Jo Kamisaku eventually, got married and lead a regular lifestyle for a very brief period of time until he got paranoid that his wife was cheating.  He took the suspected offender to an abandoned restaurant where he beat him to a bloody pulp.  He bragged to his victim about how he had murdered someone and would do it again!  Jo ended up with another seven-year sentence!

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Junko’s horrible death fascinated people around the world.  It became the subject of an anime video game and two movies were made about her story. 
Concrete-Encased High School Girl Murder Case in 1995 and Concrete in 2004.  


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