The Most STUPID Question asked on the Internet!

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And trust me there are quite a few of them!

When my toddler punches my dog, my dog growls at him. How do I stop my dog from growling at my son?

Melanie Wall, BA Television Production, Loyola Marymount University

Sounds like something Donald Trump would ask!

Oh, boo hoo, Trump, stamp your foot because you look like a moron and didn’t get your way! You still look like a moron for the five minutes you don’t stamp it per day. Okay, off the politics, I just don’t like him! Back to the topic…

Why would you let your kid punch your dog? Are you breeding a young sociopath? Let me predict what will happen, the dog will eventually get tired of being punched (because that physically hurts) and if somebody were punching you would you not eventually snap back! Guess, who will pay the price and lose its life – an innocent and kind animal who has thus far held its temper from giving into the basic urge to bite to stop from being hurt.

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“I blame YOU for letting your child mistreat animals – if anything happens to either of them, that is all your fault! What are you going to yell at the dog to stop growling when is he trying to warn everyone he is unhappy and being hurt! Or would you rather put a muzzle on him and let him take a beating. DISCIPLINE your child for doing wrong, not the dog and teach him compassion towards living creatures while he is still young enough to learn to do so!”

Thank your, Obama. Indeed they are!

And then the plot gets deeper…

I JUST LEARNED THAT THIS QUESTION WAS A PRANK! Not a very funny one, I don’t think! There are other ways to “educate people” or to get them to express their advice on children who interacting negatively with animals.”

“I think you upset a lot of people who are sensitive to animal cruelty and who truly had concern for this mock situation. They took the time to write their answers on something that was based upon a hoax. If it did educate anybody that stupid, I agree that was a benefit!

I am just glad that so many people agree. And the person who wrote it probably does let their animals get punched by a child as they have not taught them any better!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is main-qimg-3641c1eff37dba1a91617d80b70b56e7

Sorry kid, that stuff , actually hurts! Hopefully, the cat at least taught you better then your parents did! Sorry, not really, but rooting for the cat!

Image result for donald trump as a cat

This also is animal cruelty! Poor cat, lol


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