Scream Queen Teens of the Nineties TODAY!

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Most of us remember the super hot sexy ” Scream Queen Teens” of the late nineties starring in a slew of popular slasher flicks. A bunch of “whodunnit” movies preceding the darker themed “horror porn” that are prevalent today.

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Some of them were pretty darn good looking. However, the road through Hollywood Horror can sometimes be paved via hell! Let’s catch up with some of these former hotties

Rose McGowan

Rose will most undoubtedly always be remembered for her breakthrough role as the blonde hottie in Scream (1996) alongside Neve Campbell. Later she graduated to the hit show Charmed. She also had a well-publicized romance with the androgynous Marilyn Manson.

Image result for rOSE MCGOWAN SCREAM

Blonde or Brunette she was quite striking!

Image result for rose mcgowan hot

Oh no! That creep Harvey Weinstein, what did he do to you?

Image result for rose mcgowan

Sorry not really feeling the angry lesbian Sinead O’Connor look…

Related image

Well I guess this is the closest to a happy Sinead look that I have ever seen! Rose, why would you do this to your hair? Just use your magic powers from Charmed and please fix it!

Rebecca Gayheart

The Noxema girl who also had a cameo in Scream and starred in Urban Legend. Gayheart was known for her strikingly large blue eyes and thick mane of curly hair. Tragically, she was also infamous for causing the death of a young child due to her impatience behind the steering wheel.

Image result for REBECCA GAYHEART young

It sure was fun being young and beautiful!

Image result for REBECCA GAYHEART young

The Noxema literally made your skin glow …

Image result for REBECCA GAYHEART 2018'

Oh no, what happened to the Noxema???

Image result for REBECCA GAYHEART 2018'

Rebecca put down the cigarettes, drink some water and eat something healthy. Your necklace duo from Claire’s are doing nothing for your turkey neck!

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and the costar of I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997).

Image result for sarah michelle gellar

Gellar was definitely cute during her day with her all American good looks. Plus, she was the envy of many adolescent girls as she adorned the arm of Freddie Prinze Jr!

Image result for sarah michelle gellar

Sexy Seductress…

Image result for sarah michelle gellar

Bye bye Buffy…

Image result for sarah michelle gellar

Was the nineties that long ago?

Image result for sarah michelle gellar
I bit Beyonce in the face 🙂

Today, Gellar has a hard time getting cast, if at all. She is more famous for biting Beyonce in the face than as a movie star these days! When Beyonce was asked if she wanted to have Gellar beat in an alleyway for the attack, Beyonce graciously replied no, “that bitch is on drugs and is usually chill”!

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Hewitt started a singing career in her teens, made her acting breakthrough on Party of Five which was a pretty good show if I rightly remember and was the lead actress in the I Know What You Did Last Summer franchise.

Image result for jennifer love hewitt

She was cute, but seen cuter!

Related image

One of Jennifer Love Spewitts (I mean Hewitts) better photos!

Related image

Woh! She apparently and with good humor apologized for looking so” wrecked” at one of her first red carpet appearances in years! Gotta give her that one!

Related image

And then came the Heroin 😦 Drug addiction is not something I would wish on my worst enemy! Hope you get better, Jennifer!

Neve Campbell

Neve was pretty and spared us that style of bimbo acting. Another Party of Five graduate with the Scream franchise being her most famous roles!

Related image
Image result for neve campbell the craft

Looking lovely in The Craft (1996)

Related image

Time and genetics have been kind to Ms. Campbell! At the unmentionable age of 45 in Hollywood. She looks amazing! Go Neve!

Related image
GORGEOUS! Okay definitely inspired to get off the chair, slap my face with some moisturizer and drink a bunch of water!

Tara Reid

If you haven’t heard by now how this formerly pretty actress butchered herself with plastic surgery than your head must have been buried under a camel’s ass! Anyway, Reid struck gold with American Pie and went on to star in many films including Urban Legend 2.

Image result for tara reid urban legend

Never was a fan, always thought she looked a bit trailer trash.

Related image

Reid looks healthy and full-faced with a bit of a Jennifer Aniston hairdo going on in Urban Legend.

About as hot as she ever was before it all went downhill. That Hollywood devil whispered in her ear “Tara, you are fat and need plastic surgery. Your skin is too pale, so make sure you bake it good in the sun”!

Image result for tara reid

And Tara listened… Liposuction, breast implants, tummy tuck… But what happened and how do I get a referral to her plastic surgeon?

Image result for tara reid plastic surgery

Ladies and gentlemen, it is important to note that heavy smoking and plastic surgery do not mix! Some chemical process from the inhaling of cigarettes impairs the body’s ability to heal correctly as Reid, found out the hard way

Image result for tara reid

And yet she still stubbornly clings on to that cigarette. Oh well bye bye Miss American Pie… Addiction sucks!

Drew Barrymore

Image result for drew barrymore scream

Yes, yet another star from Scream! Drew has such an iconic career, there really is not much need for an introduction. She is one of the most if not stunningly beautiful actresses on this list!

Related image

I can’t honestly say it’s my favorite hairstyle in the world, but Drew can rock just about any haircut and make it look good!

Image result for drew barrymore scream

And here she is at the 20th Anniversary of Scream looking lovelier than ever!

Rachel True

She was the pretty black girl in The Craft who got a little bit pissed off at her racist blonde tormentor and took appropriate actions to silence the bigoted bully.

Related image
Image result for rachel true the craft
True in The Craft!

Stunningly and with natural beauty, True drew attention to The Craft holding up her own as being one of the very few African American females to be a sexy scream queen of the nineties.

Image result for rachel true the craft

Thus, here we have it the Scream Teen Queen Dreams of the Nineties today!

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What of significance have we actually learned? Well, nothing, really except it must suck to have people comparing you at 50 to how you looked at 20!

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