10 Celebrities SEVERELY Overrated for their Beauty!

As a follow up to my top ten celebrities hotter than Angelina, here are ten that I don’t even think come close to stepping in her league. 

Image result for angelina jolie beautiful photos

Yet, some of the women on this list at one time or another have earned the prestigious spot of being in the top 10 most beautiful women in the world! 

sexy angelina jolie GIF

10. Giselle Bundchen

The most overpaid supermodel in the world with a husband considered prettier than she is! 

9.  Shailene Woodley

Image result for shailene woodley
Image result for shailene woodley

Blonde or Brunette. I’m just not seeing why she would make such a coveted list!

8. Selena Gomez

Image result for SELENA GOMEZ
Файл:Selena Gomez - Walmart Soundcheck Concert.jpg

Cute looking but what exactly stands out about her?

Without the hairstylist, the makeup and the publicity crew behind her trying to brainwash you into thinking she is more gorgeous than she is, I highly doubt you would even notice her walking down the street.

7. Emma Watson

Image result for emma watson
Image result for emma watson

Watson is not ugly by any means. But not so sure about her making the cream of the crop list. Kind of an angular face, cuter as a child actress.

6. Jessica Biel

Three words come to mind : Kinda Plain, Tired Looking and Dehydrated!

Justin Timberlake has interesting taste in women.

5. Cameron Diaz

Image result for cameron diaz ugly
Image result for cameron diaz old

Another one of Timberlakes’s exes. Just weird looking. Her eyes are just so far apart they reminiscent of a hammerhead shark!

And like Biel looking tired and not aging so well.

4. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway, Oscars 2013

Why is Paul McCartney wearing a dress?

Image result for anne hathaway

Kind of just an average looking girl next door…

Image result for anne hathaway"

3. Mila Kunis

Image result for Mila Kunis

I’m lost.  What is all the fuss about this one?

Image result for Mila Kunis

Selena Gomez in ten years?

2. Naomi Watts

Image result for naomi watts
Image result for naomi watts

Naomi Watts is quite beautiful.

She consistent ranks number one at many of the most beautiful celebrity lists. I can find nothing to insult about her looks. I just think she looks too much like so many other actresses.

1. Gwyneth Paltrow

Image result for gwyneth paltrow

Pasty faced and average at best in the looks department

Equally unattractive is her personality which is arrogant and obnoxious. 

Gwyneth Paltrow Picture

A narcissist trapped in a delusional fantasy world where anybody still cares about Shakespeare in Love! And people even remember who she is …

For somebody who brags that she is better than those who make $25,000 per year. Maybe she ought to remember that her famous parents got her there!

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