Revenge Texts to the Creep that Ghosted you!

Once it was called the Silent Treatment, now it is called Ghosting!  The definition being: The practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.

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He stands you up for a date, you call repeatedly and he never answers the phone.  You text him “WTF?” and no reply.  You start to get worried and punch his name into the “who’s in jail” website and call the hospital.   No luck, maybe he dropped his phone, and you can reach him through Facebook messenger!, After you login into your account, you find that he was active just a little over an hour ago.  And wait, what happened to your photo on his profile!

This can’t be!  You have been seeing each other for months, everything was going well.  He even brought you flowers on your last date and now he has vanished without a word!


Then it hits you that he has deliberately eliminated you from his life without so much as the decency of an explanation or allowing you to have some closure to move on.  It hurts, it’s humiliating and you feel like a fool, though you shouldn’t!  He is one that has the problem, he is a selfish, spineless coward.  For somebody to suddenly cut off all contact and continue on with their merry life is not somebody who is not losing any sleep over the excruciating pain he is putting you through.  The girl he was once was so gung-ho over and pursued relentlessly, he has either gotten scared of the growing commitment or replaced you with somebody else.

However, as we are all glued to our cell phones in this day and age.  You don’t have to go out with a whimpering pathetic little text begging him to just talk to you.  If he is gone, why not have some fun and get a little bit of satisfaction by disrupting his well being like he disrupted yours!


Here are some ideas to wipe that off that smug satisfied grin as you wipe off your mascara-caked cheeks!  You may or may not break his heart, but you will certainly damage his ego!

The Super Hot Friend 

Get your that gorgeous girlfriend of yours to help you out, you know the one he not so subtly drools over. Now that you know he is a jerkface and realize you weren’t imagining his pervy looks at her cleavage, use it to your advantage!


.  Follow these steps:

  1. Go silent for a  few days and then have your hot friend send him some sexy pictures of herself from YOUR phone with a wink emoji-only.  Don’t overdo it and DON’T REPLY!
  2.  A few days later, send him a text bitching about her furiously.  YOU ARE NEVER SPEAKING TO HER AGAIN! She stole your phone, jewelry, and makeup!  You are sorry you haven’t been in touch for a while as you just received managed to get the phone back.  You must have been worried sick you tell him as you play completely  clueless to the fact that he is ghosting you
  3.  Wait two more days,  then have your friend message from HER phone now talking smack on you and sending him some very graphic texts of what she would like to do to him.  When he replies,  and like a dumb dog he will let him sit in anticipation for a day or so and then send him a photograph of both of you laughing with your arms, around each other giving him the finger!
  4. Paste your work of art – the messages, the photograph and the story on  Even write your own blog (remain anonymous), he is going to be the star here!  PUBLISH IT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN ON ALL OVER  THE INTERNET!  The more sites you put it on, the faster his name will be found on google. And you know the new girl will google his name.  Exaggerate if you want, say he got you pregnant, has HIV or whatever – just be careful of libel laws!

The Back with My Ex Text!

Oh my gosh, did a hard reset on my phone and accidentally saved my exes name under yours.  I’m so sorry and horribly embarrassed but all that sexting wasn’t meant for you.  I know I lied to you when I had said I erased his number, however, I just couldn’t do it! He actually broke down and told me how much he still loved me.  I never meant to hurt you, here!  The right girl is out there waiting out for you, I promise!  Maybe one day the four of us could all have dinner, lol. Take care!

The Gay Roommate!

Babe, major warning Steven is completely obsessed with you!  I found these in his room! 

Send him a photo of a pile of 8x10s of him scattered all over Steve’s bed.  Some shirtless photos or graphic penis pics he texted you in the past.  Spice it up with some photos of you both together, except your head has been cut out and a picture of Stevens’ head pasted over.  Add a little mayonnaise and ketchup to resemble semen and blood to heighten the effect.  Paste some on Steves wall with a heart drawn in lipstick and a knife stabbed through the middle of it.  

Image result for gay guy

These are some scary pics, hun!  He won’t stop playing Foreigner either! Two hours in the bathroom singing ” I’ve been waiting for a guy like you to cum into my life”.  That’s how he spelled it on one of your pictures.  Steve, needs some serious help, but please no police, after what happened to Brad they will put him away forever!  Just lock your doors and  DO NOT go to the gym, Starbucks or answer his calls.   I love you baby, but we need to stop seeing each other. I caught Steve curled up in his bed in a fetal position sobbing uncontrollably.  I had to promise him I would break up with you so he wouldn’t harm himself.  So please don’t reply!!!

His Dad

I know you aren’t speaking to me because you found out I had sex with your dad.  I’m so sorry, it only happened once and I didn’t even have my moment, I promise!  In fact, I had to work my ass off to get him to keep it up! I got lockjaw! Your dad and I have agreed never to discuss it again, hopefully, you feel the same and we can move past this.

Scare Him

I have to tell you something.  I kind of lost my temper when you stopped talking to me.  So, I had a few glasses of wine and thinking you were cheating with me on Jennifer, I sort of went on the deep dark web and messaged this hitman with your address.  I paid him too, oh my gosh, I was so wasted and the images in my head of you doing Jennifer drove me insane. I passed out and woke up on the floor and it came back to me what I had done.  I want to reverse it, trouble is I have gone completely blank on who I had hired and how I even got on the deep web in the first place.  I found a phone number I had written down but he won’t answer my calls or return my texts! 


I think your silence is the sweetest gesture ever.  Honestly, I am so touched by it. How sensitive of you to try and spare my feelings by keeping me guessing.  So less painful for me than saying we are through. My last boyfriend did that to me and took away any hope of us ever being together again.  It was a terrible scene, I was crying, begging and screaming in a restaurant. I took my glass of water to throw at his face and it accidentally smacked into the head of the lady behind him. What jerk telling me that to my face, plain knowing it would make me go away forever!  So don’t worry, my love.  Your silence has given me nothing but hope and I am here waiting for you until you speak to me again.  I know you are feeling all alone and just need some attention, need me to reach out to you. I promise I will never give up until I hear that sexy voice of yours on the phone once again.

His Birthday

Image result for three sexy girls on a bed

Honey, you forgot I had a surprise for you this year!  Where are you,  you are late?  The party is already starting.  Come right away to the Hilton.  We are in Suite #258.  Waiting for you!!!

Of course, you were never there and who knows who will open that door!

Image result for ugly old swinger couple

Bottom line anyone who ghosts you really doesn’t even deserve the energy invested in getting even.  They broke your heart, they did one of the most emotionally abusive things possible, they are spineless and the next girl will eventually suffer the same fate.

If it makes you feel better, go ahead and have a little fun, but then leave it alone for good!  The downside of revenge against a ghoster is that it lets him know that you are still thinking about him.  You don’t want to further inflate his ego, give him any more power over you or enjoy the satisfaction of telling everyone you are crazy!








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