How Airbnb can become Your WORST Nightmare!

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I was an Airbnb host for about five months.  I had an extra room in a nice condo and it certainly helped pay the rent.

My first guest was a young girl from Korea.  She booked for one night and stayed for all of an hour. I then overheard her in the other room giggling on the phone and making plans to stay with her boyfriend for the night.

A minute later she approached me sobbing loudly saying she had to run to catch a plane back to Korea because her mom was in the hospital dying.  I offered her a tissue for the crocodile tears and a polite no on the refund.

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The second guest I really liked. A friendly lady with whom I shared some great conversations over a glass of wine.  Unfortunately, a hitch occurred when the water was turned off for one night due to plumbing problems downstairs.  I apologized and tried to make it up for it by buying her dinner.

She seemed to understand but was obviously inconvenienced.  However, we continued to chat and laugh together and I thought all was well.

She thanked me as she left and said she would definitely book with me again.  When it came to rating time, I gave her five stars and was horrified to discover that she had left one star for me.

I tried calling her frantically, to ask her to revise the feedback before that ridiculous 48-hour rule was up. She didn’t understand the time limit of the rating system and promised she would change it after work. 

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Too much time had elapsed by then but she seemed to think that Airbnb would make an exception. Nope, if it is one minute past 48 hours, obviously the host is holding her at gun point forcing her to lie.

Numerous guests came and went.  Most were no bother at all,  a few others quite the headache. I loved the older lady who walked in on me in the bathtub. As if that wasn’t awkward enough, instead of leaving she just oddly stood there and made small talk.

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 Airbnb really was a stressful way to make extra money, especially doing it alone.  However, just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the guests straight from the lowest pits of hell arrived…

My long email to Airbnb about how their system fails to protect the hosts tells it all.

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