Why Sociopaths Don’t Go Away…

Yesterday upon the stair,

I met a man who wasn’t there

He wasn’t there again today,

I wish, I wish he’d go away!

Getting OVER the sociopath or narcissist in your life is hard enough. 

Getting RID of them can seem IMPOSSIBLE!

It’s ironic. When you do want them they give you the Silent Treatment. When you don’t want them they are trying to hoover you to no end.

Typical behavior of a narc-opath. It would be too weird if they actually for once gave you anything you might actually want!

Forgiveness is an essential part of healing. It frees us from the burdens of hate and resentment left in the aftermath of the sociopath.

However, to FORGIVE simply means to let go of anger. 

It does not mean to FORGET or ever believe we have any obligation to put ourselves in the path of harm again.

When Socio-cissy reappears in your life don’t get the warm fuzzies by believing that out of everyone he has tortured you meant the most.

He is simply low on resources and looking for a ways to refill the honey jar.  And for today you are the lucky one to be taken off the shelf!

Evil never dies.

It just lies!


This period of sweetness will be alarmingly short. Believe it or not you are much stronger now and he is desperately trying to disarm your power.

Underneath the superficial glib he is truly agitated to no end that he has lost control over you. He made an investment in making you feel like nothing so he could have you handy when he had nothing!

The moment he sees anything that threatens him regaining that control, he will instantly try to destroy it. This will include new friends, activities , groups you have joined, churches etc… Anything that is responsible for rebuilding that pesky self esteem of yours.

When he inevitably fails in disguising this fury he will strike at you with all his might. He will attempt to use all the same weapons that worked on you in the past.

And you will just look at him like he is crazy. You have been there, done that and it no longer fazes you. You know that he is nothing but a sad little boy without any credibility.

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You have won and he has lost. He is no longer worth your time but you still need to stop letting him in the door, no matter how strong you feel.

Why? Because they don’t like to lose and every time they are around you they are learning new information to yet again try and use against you. They are not like us.

You know the game of the sociopath but you still need to remain on guard because you never know how far they will go.


It’s like wearing a bullet-proof jacket when somebody is shooting a BB gun full of rat pellets at you.  Kind of disgusting, kind of annoying but completely harmless unless you remove that jacket!

When I came home last night at three

The man was waiting there for me

But when I looked around the hall

I couldn’t see him there at all

Go away, go away, don’t you come back any more!

Go away, go away, and please don’t slam the door… (slam!)

Black Rose

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