A Sociopath will never go away…


Sometimes it is more work making a sociopath leave you alone than then trying to keep your sanity being with one!   Yes, forgiveness is an essential part of healing to free us from the burdens of hate.   However, to “forgive”  simply means to let go of anger.  It does not mean to forget or think we have any obligation to ever put ourselves in the pathway of harm again.

It may be tempting to be lured back into their lurid web of lies when they return into your life. And they will.  Miraculously they have of course reformed themselves. They have not.  They are simply low on resources and looking for ways to refill their honey jar.  And you are just one of their means, but nothing else. They cannot humanize you any more than you should waste your time trying to humanize them.

Interact with them again and this is how it will go.  Great for a VERY short period.  However,  the moment they see that anything else makes you happy, they will try to destroy it.  It is a threat to what you have to give them which they have already perceived to be there’s.   This will engulf them in an overwhelming rage which they will try to disguise under their new mask. Run as fast as you can! This time the damage will escalate faster and more dangerously than before.  He is not nor ever will be your friend!


Do not involve yourself with this demon again, once you are free or you are really not truly free.  You have come too far.  Your self-esteem no longer rests upon on how they treat you.  Their pathetic attempts with the same tired insults that used to hurt you have now become hilarious.  It’s like wearing a bullet-proof jacket when somebody is shooting at you with rat pellets in a BB gun  Kind of disgusting and annoying but harmless unless you remove that jacket.



Plus, the best part, being around normal people again.  No more crazymaking or gaslighting.  Once, you have broken free of that invisible cage that the sociopath had entrapped you in, you will start attracting those who are real and have your best interests at heart.  But watch them flee when they discover he is around again.  Nobody wants to sit and watch a friend self-destruct!  It’s great to have friends back again.  However, be very careful when you start dating again.  If you attracted a socio in the first place, chances are extremely high you will unwittingly attract another!   Take some time to rediscover yourself and regain your self-esteem.  Don’t dwell on him, but remember the red flags you probably spent too much time beating yourself up over for missing. Don’t miss them again!


Man With White Mascara And Bloody Shirt Holds Red Rose

Anyone who has dealt with or read about sociopaths know they CAN NEVER CHANGE!  It really can be a challenge for those of us who aren’t sociopaths, to be able to comprehend the behavior and motives behind those who are. Their brains have a completely different wiring, their souls are dark and empty. The  “why” in the question of why do they keep coming back to destroy us like Jason Voorhees doesn’t even matter.  What does is the fact that they will and do.






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