The BIGGEST Hollywood Lie!

To think that Hollywood, would lie about anything???

Do Hollywood romances influence us to stay in unhealthy relationships hoping they will change?Scientists say indeed they do. 

 “Watching romantic comedies can actually ruin love lives because they create unrealistic expectations of relationships,. Unlikely happy endings, improbable plots, and faux philosophy are to blame.”

So as amusing and cute as they are, it is time to turn off all Meg Ryan, Ashely Judd, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, and Katherine Heigel movies.  Even though most of us can distinguish between a movie and real life, there are many subconscious factors that affect us and the decisions we make in life.

Too many of us have been heartbroken as we have been love-bombed by emotionally dangerous sociopaths and narcissists. Becoming addicted to them we desperately hope they will return to that same loving guy even after he has revealed himself to be a selfish cheating jerk. 

Men with personality disorders are simply unable to change and there is no magic cure or treatment for them.  They have no empathy and lack the capacity to love another person.  There never will be that sudden realization and remorse of what a fool he has been and he will never truly fight to get back the woman he truly loves. And I will repeat myself because HE CAN’T LOVE and you are no exception to the rule.  He may put in some effort to get you back so that he can further use and abuse you, but that is hardly very romantic! 

Just Break Up?

The Basic Hollywood Romance Plot

Image result for Katherine Heigl

The ridiculously hot “bad” guy will start off being nice, then through some unknown event (usually another woman) causes him to transform into an ass*****.  This is because the poor guy has been badly hurt by a different woman in the past and can’t stand the idea of risking his heart to be broken again by committing to anyone.

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The jilted heroine goes through grief, cries in her pajamas, goes out with her girlfriends, flirts with another guy but decides he is wrong for her and decides to leave town to start over. She becomes stronger but realizes she is still in love with our jerk

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 During the last ten minutes of the movie, something or someone prompts the jerk to wake up and smell the coffee.  He loves this woman and after driving recklessly to the airport, nearly killing several pedestrians he discovers that she has already boarded the plane which is starting to move.  Knocking over airport security blocking his path he physically runs after a moving plane. 

Busy reading a book or listening to headphones she is unaware that he is leaping up to the passenger window screaming like a maniac.  She finally notices him and with a look of shock on her face mouths “what”?  Apparently, clueless of the message.  Finally, some well-meaning but interfering passenger stands up and yells “STOP THE PLANE!”

The pilot (ignoring the safety of 300 passengers) brings the flight to a screeching halt.  Our panting hero boards the plane and anxiously looks for our protagonist.

Related image

Here we see a bewildered Meg Ryan sporting her infamous pixie haircut. Her face shows a familiar and perpetual state of confusion. She still doesn’t get what is going on even though the same thing happened to her in her last ten movies.

The leading lady bursts into tears of happiness ( clueless that he banged her best friend the previous night).  Every passenger breaks into excited applause.  They apparently know all the details of the events that had transpired earlier between the two lovers and are not the least bit irritated that their flight was interrupted…

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What we really need is that sequel Hollywood just won’t make!

Image result for meg ryan

Meg gets older, her cuteness evaporates and she desperately tries to hold on to her youthful good looks with a botched plastic surgery job of our nightmares.

The relationship now mirrors that of Al and Peg Bundy.  She can’t even get her man to chase her down half a block towards the park when she catches him cheating this time again.  He eventually comes home, doesn’t apologize and demands dinner.  She goes to bed miserable wondering what made her waste all her years on him.

Image result for meg ryan

Love, dating, and marriage are highly glamorized in the movies, but present us with an idealism that is just not practical or logical.

Common Hollywood Romance Myths

  • A couple is meant and destined for each other from the first encounter by some sort of magical romantic force.
  • They don’t need to communicate what they want from each other – it is just known.
  • They have the advantage of fate.  They always seem to bump into each other a hundred times more than we do in real life.
  • Men commit inexcusable behavior against the woman that is bound to repeat later and don’t get help for it.
  • The man will always return professing his love and admit he was wrong.
  • The man doesn’t know he is in love with the woman of his dreams.

I highly doubt anyone of us are going to stop watching these fluffy bits of escapism.

 Let’s face it they are guilty pleasures.  Just don’t get so caught up in them that it becomes damaging to your own relationships or you expect similar results without factoring in common sense and the hard work it takes to maintain a happy and healthy relationship.





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