10 Women even more GORGEOUS than Angelina!

With the name Angelina Jolie flying out of everybody’s mouths for the past decade, one might forget that others even more beautiful have existed!  Don’t get me wrong, she is stunning and I wouldn’t be yelling at my parents with fury if I was born that gorgeous!


In addition, may I mention that physical beauty is not a mathematical equation, it is subject to interpretation!  In other words “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” so the cliche goes!

 Here is a list of timeless beauties who I, personally, think have surpassed Mrs. Pitt!


1. Madchen Amick
A smoldering beauty who starred in Twin Peaks and a number of B movies.


2. Vanessa Williams
Talented singer and actress with exotic gorgeous looks.  Who can forget that song Saved the Best for Last!  Hello, how is one woman both that exotically beautiful and talented?


3. Bridget Bardot

How many actresses, singers, models etc… have tried to emulate her classic look.  Being an animal rights activist only adds to her glamor and class! Contempt was one of her all- time best movies!   Thank you, Ms. Bardot!


4.  Beyonce
 Okay, so outside of those few unflattering SuperBowl facial expressions that one time,        she is drop dead gorgeous. You should hear my shower version of Crazy in Love – Uh oh,        uh oh indeed.  I believe I seriously increased the sales of ear plugs in Southern                         California!


5.   Drew Barrymore
Drew does cute as well as beautiful and in my personal opinion, she is one of the most beautiful ever.  Something about her unique look goes beyond the simple pretty blonde       (when she is blonde).  I especially loved her in Once upon a Time and I pity the fool who had to deal with her in Poison Ivy!


6. Nicole Kidman
So perfect it’s almost frightening!  It’s like she came out of Stepford – for real!  Perfect face with the perfect nose, BEYOND PERFECT skin, and I haven’t even finished talking about her face, much less her amazing statuesque body!  Her acting is a match as perfect as her – Eyes Wide Shut, The Stepford Wives and To Die For to name a few!  The epitome of class.


6.  Adriana Lima
 Not really a follower of Victoria Secrets models, but was googling something one day and her picture popped up on the screen.  I was asked once again “And I was born looking like this why?” Not fair, lol.  But geez, what a stunner and NO, I’M NOT A LESBIAN!  Though she might persuade me…


7. Cybill Shephard
 As a Film major, I watched more than my share of old movies in college, which I ended up actually appreciating.  Cybill Shepard was seriously breathtaking in her time!


Watch The Last Picture Show and The Heartbreak Kid.  This is one elegant woman!  I remember seeing her on Oprah or Montel -don’t quote me, but pretty sure I recall her bragging about how good looking she used to be.  And she wasn’t lying!

8.  Alicia Silverstone Such an enticing starlet in the 90’s. Sultry is the word!  Remember  The Crush? Or how would you like her to be your Babysitter.  Nuff said.


9. Brooke Shields

A child model/actress that turned continued into a fresh-faced beauty complete with bushy eyebrows.  Her career was legendary. Amongst everything else,  let’s never forget the The Blue Lagoon!  Plus, Suddenly Susan was actually not a bad show!


10.  Elizabeth Montgomery


In her day she was bewitchingly beautiful.  I was kind of disappointed at the Nicole Kidman remake.  They didn’t even make her look similar.  Anyhow, nothing personal, Angelina.  I just wanted to throw a few other names out there.  You know radiance has captivated Hollywood!





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