10 Reminders for the Single Woman!

1.  Men are Accessories, not Necessities!

We don’t need them! They are often just really great additions to the outfit we happen to be wearing that day.  Just like that dress, you have that looks super plain without the pearls, but add the necklace and it looks terrific for that day…man-1962611_1920

2.  Men are like Bloodhounds!  

They can smell desperation a mile away!  Well, we all knew they were dogs, no surprise there…

3.  Mr “Not that Bad” can quickly turn into “Mr. I Have to Have”!

So weird how that happens!  When he gives up and stops paying you attention he suddenly turns from Danny Devito to Bradley Cooper!

4.  Emotional Baggage + Low Self Esteem+ Being Victim = Scaring off Mr. Right!

Not so great at math, but have figured out that formula!

5.  Meet Mr. Right, Keep Mr. Right.  Stay away from Mr. Might and definitely Avoid Mr.Tight!

We want a nice guy, not a flakey or a cheap one!

6.  Nagging leads to conflict.  Conflict leads to Anger.  Anger leads to be being single            with too many cats!

Is there really such thing as too many cats???

7. Wake up next to Mr. I Must Do, not I Mr. Don’t Trust You!

You might just want to avoid too much drinking the night before, so this never becomes an issue.

8. No man chases after your plane on a runway like in the movies.

If he does then he must have done something REALLY BAD! Suggestion, sneak into the Captain’s chamber, slip a $20 in his shirt pocket and ask him to back up a few feet.

9. Never Feel Sorry for a Sociopath!

It is like feeling sorry for Richard Ramirez bumping his knee as he crawled through somebody’s window to murder them!  Never fall for their BS!

10. Commitment Phobe = Pain Premeditator + User + Coward

Again with the math!  Let’s hope he doesn’t break a toe as he runs like the devil is after him (that would be you!).  AVOID!  Find a man with some balls!

11. Physical Beauty is subject to interpretation, not a mathematical equation

I thought that was pretty deep or possibly I am intending to be facetious.   If anybody has any idea what I mean by that – please feel free to comment and let me know 🙂


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