10 Reasons Not to Date Online!


If you are a single woman, chances are fairly high that you don’t have many other choices other than social media or dating sites to meet a prospective partner. Unfortunately, the internet is a giant cyber playground roaming with sociopaths, narcissists, cheaters and other potentially dangerous people.

Then there are those situations that are not necessarily life threatening, just plain awkward and unpleasant ,,,

1. The Date You Didn’t Want

boy, handsome, hoodie

Unfortunately you got names and numbers confused with your online prospects.  Think you are talking to Plan A but then Plan C knocks at the door.  This guy barely made it on to your “probably not” list and he was the one you placed right at the bottom!  Even worse you are less attracted to his looks in person but he seems like a really nice guy. Tell him you grandmother just got rushed to the hospital and don’t waste your time, you know you will end up ghosting him later.

2. The Super Hot Guy Trying to Get Laid!

Okay so you open the door and this guy stands before you who is just drop dead gorgeous. You are like OMG!  Try to compose yourself as he not just devastatingly handsome, but he is charming too.   He doesn’t wait very long to make his move, and you had a great time on the date  Your brain, and common sense are completely in the off mode, it’s been so long you really forgot!

adult, attractive, beard

He cuddles with you for a mandatory twenty minutes or so before he remembers that his grandmother is in the hospital! You hear the famous line “I’ll call ya”.  And he disappears off into the night never to be seen again! Too good to be true and you knew this was coming ,,,

3. The Creepy Texter!

Admit it, you were lazy and only barely checked out his profile. One cute profile picture along with a message that said”Hi beautiful, I would love to get know you” was enough for you to impulsively send him your number

He sounds really nice and then all of a sudden his texts turn weird.  He is all about conspiracy theory, survivalists, hiding in bushes, thinks he has a problem with werewolves in his trees.

black-and-white, cross, guy

The messages get more and more bizarre and at this point, you are freaked out. After actually reading his profile, you consider either changing states or countries!  READ PROFILES before you give out your phone number.  It’s way too easy for weirdos to track you down these days!

4. The Constant Texter!

This time you read his profile this time, saw pictures of him with his arm around his sister, and he just seems so sweet.  You text back and forth for a bit, he is very attentive and you are flattered!  You are getting tired and politely say good night. However, the incoming text ring keeps going off incessantly!

Man Wearing Maroon Blazer Leaning on Gray Concrete Wall While Using His Smartphone

By the time you wake up in the morning, your phone is completely dead and when you turn it back on you have a myriad of essays texted to you that make “War and Peace” look like a short story!

As you start swiping down further and further the screen overwhelms you. Way too many “lol’s”, endless rows of emoticons, question marks as to why you are not replying, links to his Facebook and Twitter followed by links to every member of his family and friend’s Facebook and Twitters.

And just when you thought it was safe to turn on your phone -here comes another text . “Sorry, didn’t mean to ignore you for so long, had to ….”

5.  The Reminder of your Ex!

Okay, how weird right?  You are trying to get over your ex.  Out there, forcing yourself to date and then you happen to meet a guy online that happens to look and sound just like him. It’s like it is your ex, but a much nicer fresher version. Well, maybe it’s not so bad. It’s almost like you get to have your cake and eat it too!

Image result for blonde guy free stock image

In reality even if he treats you well, chances are high that you will often fly off the handle at him. Your brain is going to confuse his harmless gesture with some huge emotional trauma from the ex. Graze new pastures!

6. The Guy who Wants Photos of the Goods in Advance!

Does this guy ever get them?  And even classier when he sends you photos of his goods before you meet him.   Would he like it if someone did that to his mother? Even if his mother did!

Portrait of a Man

7. The Guy Who Never Asks You any Questions about Yourself!

Ever had that experience?  The guy who is so literally elated and excited to talk about himself and every trophy he has won since the boy scouts!  Later, you recall the conversation and wonder – does this idiot even know my name? He is possibly an overt narcissist. Beware!

topless man beside body of water

8. The Guy Who Never tells you ANYTHING about Himself!

Ding! Cheating on his wife or girlfriend!  Patrolling the internet for women he can put on a show on for but will run from as soon as he has to prove anything.  So much going on dates with somebody more absorbed in their cell phone than you! Major red flag of the covert narcissist!  When he eventually excuses himself to take the call, grab all the free bread you can and never look back!

Image result for free stock photo cheating guy

9. The Guy who Gives you that Bad Feeling in your Stomach!

man wearing coat leaning on red wall

You have absolutely no idea why.  His manners are impeccable.  He is a perfect gentleman. He seems sweet and kind.  He even owns his own cat rescue organization!  But something about him is giving you the jitters. What is it, does he remind you of a young handsome Ted Bundy?  Don’t even waste your time playing private investigator. As much as you want to snoop through his volkswagen!

10. The Guy that is Just Not Into You!

So not the cool position to be in!  You’ve been texting this guy for weeks and in fact, you think you are better looking than he is!  Then you see a look of unmistakable disappointment in his face when he first sees you in person.

man in gray crew-neck T-shirt

Yet another grandmother in the hospital!  This is not something that is easy on self-esteem.  Screw him, who is he expecting Cindy Crawford?  Even then, he would probably find some flaws in her!

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