Racist 711 Employee

Oh boy, so I admit I am one of those people who just attract drama on a daily basis.  And no, there is no way at all it could possibly be anything to do with me!  We all know it’s everyone else.

So, actually being quite sober and I am actually trying to work on quitting beer completely. Not the easiest task.  However, it’s a Saturday night and I’m bored.  So I decide to go to the local 711 and get a beer.  I am listing on eBay and figured it would make it a just little bit more exciting.  I know, why am I doing a dating advice website when eBay is my idea of a party on a weekend night?  That I cannot explain!

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.  I look at the clock and it’s about 1.40am.  In good old California, they must not sell alcohol between 2 pm and 6 am.  The 711 is literally five minutes from my house.  I put my jacket on, fiddle around finding my keys and look at my phone.  1.47am.  I arrive at 711 at approximately 1.54am.


Now, and as you will see with the video below, I did not start recording until a few minutes later because I didn’t realize that this was going to turn into an argument and the worker was going to try and put his hands on me!  I very carefully looked at my phone to see the time before I went in to purchase the beer.  I have encountered this jackass before and he lies like a rug.  I dashed into the store and grabbed my two beers and was told to put them back.

I told him excuse me, and after four minutes of arguing with this “gentleman” as he made up lie after lie of why he would not sell me the beer was, he was really starting to agitate me and I had not even been drinking that day.  Just wanting a beer to spice up the night.  So here is how the incident went!


Now there are quite a few things that made me livid. 

  • I arrived before 2 am and was refused the sale of the beer. I was sober and not driving a car.
  • I turned on my cell phone to record this guy because he actually twice tried to put his hands on me to physically push me out of the store.  All I was doing was trying to tell him what the time was.
  • It is obvious that he is freaked out in the video when I turn the camera on him. Yes, I was verbally arguing with him but was causing no sort of violence and it made no sense why he would not sell me the drink.  He had no business trying to touch me in any way! I informed him he was being recorded as you must do by law and he got upset as he knew he was doing wrong.
  • He made up some sort of lie on the spot, saying he cannot sell before 1.55 am and that all the refrigerator doors were locked up where the beer was.  How did I get the beer out in the first place, if it was locked? By the time I turned the phone on it was 1.59 am,  he had plenty of time to ring me up.  But, he deliberately wasted that time being a jerk.


  • As I left the store, he had already called a sheriff on me, for what?  He tried to physically push me for going into a store and legally buying something.  That is why the sheriff who saw me leaving the parking lot did not pursue me.  For what reason?
  • People like this should be exposed. I hate bigotry and liars who try very terribly to cover it up on the spot!
  • I have never said 1.59 that many times in my entire life!  I don’t think I ever want to hear those three numbers again!
  • What’s up with the camouflage pants – they don’t exactly match his red 711 jacket.  I should have also called the fashion police!

I went home and actually was glad I did not get a beer.  Better to keep my head clear and think about the facts of that incident.

That employee who works in 711 in Laguna Niguel on Moulton near Pacific Parkway I believe needs to explain himself a little more clearly for treating me that way.  If anything I really should have called the police on him for trying to push me.  I was too upset at the time and did not feel like dealing with it. It was humiliating at the least!

I am willing to listen to anybody’s opinion on this incident.  You are welcome to agree or disagree with me. I request that you refrain from blatant insults that have nothing to do with the matter!





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