How to look like Donatella Versace!

Evil Under the Sun!

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Kind of a weird title for a post, but I did not lie. I will tell you how too can look like Donatella.

If Lindsay Lohan can do it anybody can!

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The key to looking like Donatella is doing everything in excess. There is no such thing as less is more in the Versace world. More cigarettes, more black eyeliner, more plastic surgery and most importantly more sun.

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Maybe Donatella is above the rest of us when it comes to the dangers of ultra violet rays.

I highly doubt it. The leather that was once her skin presents strong evidence to the contrary.

The Donatella Syndrome

Once a upon a time a beautiful young woman named Donatella became an heiress to a fashion fortune.

Believing that the world was her oyster she bathed for hours upon hours under the sun enjoying the heat on her skin and the golden glow that resulted.

donatella versace before after pictures style

Donatella was absolutely horrified when winter arrived and her tan faded.

Her pale skin was starting to wrinkle. A frantic Donatella hopped on a plane to Greece where the beaches were still sunny. As she became tanned again the wrinkles seemed to fade.

Donatella vowed never to lose that color. She became trapped in a vicious cycle of tanning to cover her wrinkles.

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Thus the Donatella Syndrome was born…

Others are following in her footsteps.

This self appointed instagram model seems well on her way to Donatellaville.

Barely out of her teens she is one step away from Lindsay Lohan and barely two away from Donatella.

If that doesn’t scare anybody into covering up in the sun then perhaps this staggering statistic will:


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Can I use a Tanning Bed to look like Donatella?

The answer is NO! Contrary to popular belief tanning salons are even MORE HARMFUL than the sun!

Still one in five Caucasian women regularly pay a visit to the salon each week.

A WARNING before you scroll further, you will see some pictures that are even far more disturbing then shown above.

Image result for tanning bed skin cancer"

A nauseating result of skin cancer from a tanning salon bed.

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Thus the eerie resemblance between a tanning bed and coffin is no coincidence. Aside from skin cancer they are also responsible for causing cataracts and blindness!

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A safer alternative is so simple!

This vegan self-tanner is top-selling on Amazon. Cruelty-free, no orange streaks and actually good for your skin. The results are stunning!

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Beauty by Earth Self Tanner is high in nutrients such as organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, and nutritive Japanese green tea.

It has great reviews and best of all it actually works bringing you the sun-kissed look without the sun!

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Donatella Versace – The Sun is NOT your Friend!

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