Do’s and Don’ts in Dating!

Had a few dates with Mr. Dreamboat and feel some bad habits resurfacing???



 Print this out NOW and Laminate it – SERIOUSLY!!

Click Here!

Put copies of these basic but essential reminders in your purse, on your bathroom mirror, on your computer screen, on your car window, keep a copy in your magazine rack by the toilet etc….

Do Not go through his cell phone!

Do Not DRUNK TEXT EVER!  They now have cell phone apps for this! Check out

Do Not Make videos of yourself stalking him and then send them to him! IT ‘s KIND OF WEIRD!


Do Not Leave Him Unattended with Female Friends

Do Not have Relations on the First Date

Do Not reply to his texts without at least waiting 15 minutes.  You have a life, remember!

Do let him text first.

Do Not feel the need to tell him every silly thought that passes through your head during the day!

Do Not feed him after midnight!

Do Not tell him other men have treated you badly in the past (So he thinks he can do the same!)

Do Not obsessively google him or read every comment and examine every female friend on his Social Media!  Guaranteed you will see something you don’t like and it will create negative feelings.

He has a past, he has a present.  You are not his wife nor will you ever be if you start interrogating him on  “who is this girl”,  etc…  Jealousy is not attractive!


Do Not allow him to treat you in any way, you are not allowed to treat him!

Do Not constantly text or mess with your phone around him, it’s just rude and we don’t like it done to us.

Do offer to pitch in for something on a date – even just the tip!  He should not let you, however, it’s just polite.

Do Not discuss your financial situation til you are well established.  He doesn’t need to know your electricity check bounced or you can’t balance your checkbook!

Do Not put unflattering pictures of yourself on Facebook, nor ones that make you look like ten thousand cheap tramps all over that site – only post your classy Supermodel Shots!  Don’t photoshop to death either.  He know’s you don’t look like an exhibit from the Hollywood Wax Museum.

Do Not talk too much about your cats.  There is a very subtle and fine line at which to stop.  I haven’t quite figured that one out yet, but most people are aware of that delicate border.

Do Not be obvious about your disdain for his wet smelly dogs or his exes!

Do look very carefully for obvious RED FLAGS and run like the wind when you see one.  Trust me, it’s not your imagination.  Your instincts are talking to you, listen!

Do Not let him overstep in anyway boundaries that are important to you!

Do Not let him know you are sitting at home on Friday night watching “Pretty in Pink”!

Do Not admit you have any kind of normal but unflattering bodily functions EVER!  A weird smell occurs, tell him you think his dog needs to go for walk!

Do Not swear like a sailor!

Do show your gratitude and appreciation for when he does something thoughtful or nice for you.  A thank you and some recognition go a long way!

Do be careful and consider doing a background check in the beginning, especially if you have met him online!

Do Not dress like a hooker who found her outfit flinging clothes around on the 75% off rack at Ross!. If you can only afford half an outfit, then perhaps wait until you can save up for the rest of it before proceeding with a date!  


 Do always be tasteful, classy and of course always accentuate your best features delicately.  If they are your eyes, you don’t need to apply that third line of black liquid eyeliner, Donatella!  It still did not distract me from that large crevice in your neck!  As much as I pick on this poor lady, I shouldn’t. If she is happy with how she looks, who am I to say anything!

Image result for donatella versace If it’s .

He will notice what stands out the most about your appearance without you looking like an extra from “Night of the Living Dead”.   Don’t send him the wrong message by saying that your body is all that you have going for you because you will then train him to believe that.   Of course, if you are looking to be at the top of his Booty Call list, then go right ahead!  If you are going to do something, might as well go all out to be the best at it!

Do Not let the first date be without plans and at your house!  We all know that guy!  That’s the kind YOU DON’T WANT TO TAKE HOME TO MOTHER!   Sorry Rick James, but it’s a two-way street!

Do Not let users and abusers WASTE YOUR TIME!  Precious time you could be enjoying with a guy who will be good to you, not some sleazeball who will dump you for a 21 year old, six months later.  As women, we can all read men better than we give ourselves credit for.  The “but I never saw that coming” excuse!  Yeah, we did, we just deluded ourselves into thinking we were different!

Do go out with him and HAVE FUN!



Dating should be fun.  Not some kind of entrapment into a dysfunctional lair of the lying creep.  NO MORE NIGHTMARE MEN!  

 “Let’s be careful out there”!  No matter how nice he is until you KNOW him take him with a grain of salt!



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