So you have picked out your future husband, but fear you will lose him fast as your former bad habits quickly resurface.


We all need a reminder here and there because none of us make the same mistake twice right?


Let him a text first.  Come now, have some control freak stalker.  If he likes you he will text!


Offer to pitch in for something on a first date – even just the tip!  Hopefully, he will decline, but it looks good on your end to at least offer.  The 1950s have somewhat passed.

Save some of the cat talks for a later time. Set your stopwatch for a minute,  no longer!

Hide your disdain for both his wet smelly dogs and mention of his exes.

Look very carefully for  RED FLAGS and run like the wind when you see one.

Quiet on the stories of how badly other men have treated you  (Unless you want him to do the same)!

Show him your gratitude and appreciation for when he does something nice for you.

Consider doing a background check before the first date. Especially those you have met online.  The internet can be a playground for some truly sick and dangerous predators.

Image result for background check image DATING

Do remember that users and abusers WASTE YOUR TIME!  Precious time you could be enjoying with Mr. Right, not some sleazeball who just wants you to come over to his house and never takes you out!

Do go out on many dates and HAVE FUN!  The older we get, our brains will convince us that our choices have lessened.  Not true, we actually have a larger selection of quality men to spend our time with.  Forget the days of when we had our pick of a large quantity of pimply faced shallow “studs” just trying to get laid!  Times in the past aren’t always as fun as we choose to remember!

Stay silent on a bad financial situation until du are well established.  He isn’t looking for a financial burden and doesn’t need to know your electricity check bounced.


Don’t ever go through his cell phone unless you want hurt feelings, misunderstandings and a lost chance with a very possible Mr. Right!

Don’t drunk Text Ever!  They now have cell phone apps for this! Check out

Don’t make videos of yourself stalking him and then send them to him.  That’s just weird!

Never leave him UNATTENDED WITH FEMALE FRIENDS!  It’s doesn’t always turn out to be “ho’s before bros”!  Women are competitive by nature, men are dogs by nature.  Don’t unnecessarily tempt fate!.

Don’t have SEX ON THE FIRST DATE.  He may enjoy it, but in the back of his mind, you have just done every one of his friends!

Squash the urges to reply to his texts without at least waiting 30 minutes. You have a life, remember!

Stop telling him every silly thought that passes through your head during the day! This will just irritate him and kill any mystery.

No feeding him after midnight!  In fact, he shouldn’t even be walking through your door after midnight, Miss Booty Call!

No obsessive googling!   Do you really think you will feel better if you read every comment and examine every female friend on his Social Media!  Again, you will find something you don’t like!

Don’t be jealous that he has a past, remember he also has the present.  You are not his wife nor will you ever be if you start interrogating him on  “who is this girl”,  etc…  Jealousy is not attractive!


Don’t allow him to treat you in any way, you are not allowed to treat him!

Stop messing with your phone around him, it’s just rude and we don’t like it done to us.

Do remember to erase those unflattering pictures of yourself on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t join the thousands of cheap tramps trolling all over the social media desperate for any kind of attention.  Keep with the classy “oops didn’t mean to like a supermodel in this shot” only!

And don’t photoshop yourself to death either.  You are screaming insecurity and he knows you don’t look like an exhibit from the Hollywood Wax Museum!

Don’t let him overstep any boundaries that are important to you.

Don’t let him know you are sitting at home on Friday night watching  Pretty in Pink!  He is probably sitting at home himself watching Kickboxer!

Never admit that you have any kind of normal and unflattering bodily functions.  If a weird smell occurs, Lie, lie, lie!  Tell him you think his dog needs to go for a walk!

Don’t swear like a sailor!  Sounds tacky and cheap.

If you dress like a hooker who found her outfit flinging clothes off the 75% discount rack at Ross, then expect to be treated like one!  If you can only afford half an outfit, then perhaps wait until you can save up for the rest of it before proceeding with a date!


Lose that black liquid eyeliner, Donatella Versace!  Are you are trying to look like an extra from  Night of the Living Dead or add ten years to your age while highlighting your crow’s feet!

Image result for donatella versace black eyeliner

Never let that first date be without plans and at your house!  We all know that guy!  Hate that guy!

Dating should be fun at any age.  Not some kind of entrapment into a dysfunctional lair of the lying sociopathic creep.  Just don’t invest your heart too quickly!  Make sure he is worth it!

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