Stop Snaring Coyotes!




This may not be relevant to the subject matter of my website.  However, I don’t care, I am an animal rights activist.  Love me or hate me, I will never stop defending them!   I started a discussion on a popular website because I was so tired of people bitching about coyotes in the neighborhood.  There are barely any of them, what few there remain are skinny and starving and non-aggressive towards humans.  I think I have seen all of three running around alone and at different times.  Clearly, they are terrified of humans and are frantically searching for ways to feed their young.  The huge houses in this area have taken away just about any space for them to live in peace.

Selfish people just want to be lazy and have them slaughtered instead of actually being responsible and keeping their pets inside.  I made one comment “Please stop over exaggerating about the coyotes, let them live in peace, don’t let your beloved pets run around unattended at early hours of the morning when coyotes are prevalent and understand they just want to live and survive like us!”


World War III broke out on this website.  Most people actually agreed with me and were supportive. They asked for information on how they could actually help stop these animals from being slaughtered.  However, some refused to understand that the world in which we have so greedily occupied is THEIR  WORLD TOO!    What are the coyotes supposed to do, voluntarily commit suicide so not to inconvenience the wealthy?   This turned out to be really sad because I spent three months on this, literally all day and every day!   It was so emotionally draining.  I had just started to make a difference, however, a group of three twits had to ruin it all.  Not even because they cared about the animals, but because they could not stand the idea of a not so wealthy, non-white female who resided in their neighborhood having the nerve to disagree with them.


They tried to flag every suggestion I made, they insulted me and called me illiterate.  They even went so far as to accuse me of climbing up stop signs and posting pro-coyote literature in order to deliberately cause accidents in the neighborhood.  Now how I, a 5,4 female could climb up a stop sign without being noticed or even have the physical strength to do so, I have no idea.  And somewhat laughable! You are seriously accusing me of trying to cause some kind of manslaughter for simply requesting your neighbors to watch their pets!  The fact that people are that ignorant, I found to be beyond ridiculous and sad.  They started saying that the coyotes were hunting toddlers and because of this, the neighborhood politician launched a plan to target five specific coyotes who were problem makers with snares. How are they even going to know which the are the right coyotes to snare?


This whole nightmare of dealing with such selfish cruel people literally put me in a depression and the snaring went ahead.  They got me kicked off the website over a link to my homemade music video that scared them so much  Seriously?  I have done way worse editing jobs than this one before, lol.

Prior to being removed or more like put on probation, I was able to read some of the incoming messages that I received and people asking me who they could call and what they could do.  They really cared.  I will not lie and say I am still not bitter towards these poor excuses for humanity making up ridiculous lies and letting animals suffer because not just coyotes would be caught in these traps so would other species. They forgot to put a large sign on these traps warning other animals and specifying that it was “For the Five Targeted Coyotes Only”!   The world is not a fair place.  But, I plead with anyone who cares to speak up against animal cruelty and have respect for nature and our environment.  If nobody says anything, no matter how little difference you think it will make, then it’s guaranteed 100 percent for sure that zero difference will be made!  And you would be surprised at how many people are thinking the same thing you are!  It’s truly an awesome feeling sometimes that the moment you project your opinion, it will inspire others to do the same!


The Three Stooges there, now that they got their way, will now start complaining about the over-population of rabbits pooping in their back yards and messing with their gardens because they have now they have no coyotes to control the rabbit population.  Next, they will be having a campaign to stop the growing of ugly weeds that ruin the look of their flowers.  Then they will become enraged at the storm of angry insects who relied on the weeds to survive now standing in line knocking at their doors demanding to be fed!  I learned my lesson on where I went wrong here.

Here are a few very good and inexpensive devices to keep them from your backyard



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