30 Day No Contact Rule

Want Him Back?

Anybody, struggling with, The No Contact Rule?  For those who are not familiar with it, is a powerful tactic to either get back that guy you want or realize that he is selfish jerk and get over him! Thinking I am preferring the latter right now, but my moods keep steadily changing. The benefit gained is that this allows you to have control over your own state of mind and happiness! Click Here!


Free yourself from the satisfaction you are giving some loser by be chained to his decisions and whims. Know he is enjoying every second of the power he knows he has over you so long as you continue to beg. Who doesn’t like their ego to be continually fed! This principle does not count by the way if you are freaking him out by stalking him or ruining his new relationship.


Put this image in your mind, there will be two looks on his face as he reads your continual texts – a look of pure disdain and dread or a smug grin as you have just given him a nice boost in his self esteem. One that will further encourage him to confidently start patrolling the internet because with all this begging he is getting from you, he must be the bomb. Remember at one time he had to find the courage to pursue you in fear of rejection. If you want him that bad, imagine the scores of other women who do!


He will know you are home alone, hoping he will call and your value in his eyes will rapidly drop. Why would I want some chick who is not exactly having men line up at her door? Yeah, that’s the girl I want to show off to my friends, and meet my mom. She would probably embarrass the hell out of me!


I can see his point. I wouldn’t want a guy who pining over me who can’t let go after a respectable amount of time. I’d lose all respect for him. Anybody who says goodbye, best move is to be out the door! Figure out what happened later. Remember that weirdo guy from your past (we all have one) who really wanted you and was so desperate you found it to be somewhat creepy and a turn off! That is how he is looking at you!!! woman-65061_960_720

WE DO NOT WANT TO BE THAT PERSON! You are DESTROYING ANY CHANCE you have of being the PLAN A girl! Much less Plan B or Plan H! He’d rather have NO GIRL THEN YOU!!!


Right now a single text is a lose lose situation. This 30 day exercise can do nothing but help you win, regardless of the outcome. If he comes back, great! If he doesn’t at least you won’t feel pathetic and used. The next guy who comes along will immediately pick upon on that sense of desperation like a bloodhound and treat you EXACTLY the same way! Why do you think many of us keep attracting the same kind of guy! They can read us better than we can read them it seems. They may go for us when they get bored or lazy. Again you will be one of possibly a few options when PLAN A GIRL IS BUSY!

Screw that. Not acceptable!!! Remember we can all be Plan A’s. It’s not about looks, age, finances etc… It’s about putting the vibe out there that you are a prize to be sought after and not easy to obtain. Don’t be unreachable, but never sleep with him on the first date. May sound old fashioned, but women decades before us knew what they were doing. It is a bad idea for a reason, and if you start dating this man it may always be in the back of his head, that you are easy or are cheating on him. Today’s society is full of a bunch of FORGETTABLE girls who are ready to get busy before even a dinner date! There are always exceptions to every rule, but my guess is that in most cases they will lose interest in getting to know you fast and put you in the booty call category!



Anyway, whenever you feel the need to call the NC ex, free to post on this site and write whatever is on your mind -distract yourself, let others talk you out of it! Give yourself that 30 days! Remember, every time you slip you will have to start all over again and each time you do you have less of a chance to get him back! If you do slip up, please do not tear yourself down, just go back to NC and keep your cool. We are all human and prone to error!


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